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  1. Sad (for Cygnia): Rush Retires

    I discoverd them in the 6th grade, in 1983. Limelight and Freewill resonated with me the most at that time as they reflected my shyness issues, "I can't pretend a stranger is a long-awaited friend", and my feelings on faith/religeon. Like Pariah, Subdivisions was a major touchstone for me as well. They're the only band that getting thier complete catalog mattered for me.
  2. Sad (for Cygnia): Rush Retires

    Yeah, I figured this was coming when, last year, they announced they weren't touring anymore due to Alex and Niel's health issues (arthritis and carpel tunnel as I recall). I'm bummed because every time they came through town I was either dead broke or sick as a dog. My wife even bought my tickets for the Time Machine tour for my 40th birthday present and I ended up with an abscess that required surgery. Heck, I even had tickets to see Thunderhead (a Rush tribute band) last year and managed to get sick on the night of their concert.
  3. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    I know there is some proofreading to avoid posting of offensive materials. Mostly, I suspect it's the backlog of articles, reviews and forum moderation, though.
  4. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    It varies but typically a few weeks.
  5. National Science Fiction Day

    oBSG vs nBSG, I like both and think they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I know, I know... burn the heretic. Yada-yada. My movie list: Star Wars The Martian Alien & Aliens Akira Gattica Dark City
  6. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    Teleport is called out as an exception because teleport ignores all barriers and obstacles. It's just the same as teleport being a trump against Entangle and Barrier. Other forms of movement require a way to circumvent or overcome the obstacle, thus the grab must be defeated in some way. In the more detailed HS6Ev2, there is this paragraph under Grabbing a Moving Character: In this case, Champions Complete chose brevity over trying to cover all the contingencies that HS6E does.
  7. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    Ah, I think I see the confusion. It's the "keep moving" part that needs to be focused on. You're having a problem with movement always coming to a sudden halt upon being grabbed and failing to make the casual STR breakout roll. By way of example, if the Hulk grabs Iron Man mid-flight, Iron Man comes to an immediate halt even though the armor is easily capable of bearing the additional weight. I think the rule is a matter of 1) game balance and 2) genre emulation. On the genre emulation front, I'm sure we can come up with plenty of examples of grabbed characters being stopped in their tracks and not, but it does seem that grabbing usually stops movement in the comics (especially for super-strong grabbers in the silver and bronze age comics that the game was originally designed to emulate). On the game balance front, allowing movement to continue in spite of being grabbed, it invalidates one of the grab manuever's primary functions, to restrain the target, in far too cheap and easy a fashion.
  8. Grabbing someone around the waist?

    Depends on how heavy the grabber is or if they manage to anchor themselves in some way.
  9. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Eh, the third movie was an okay retelling of the first. After that...
  10. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    They have a submission form on their web site for "formal" reviews. It's pretty straightforward but can take a couple weeks before the review will appear on the site. So, if you want a review to be seen quickly, a new thread is the best bet. If you want to to remain easily found, submitting it as a true review is the best bet. I haven't written one myself simply because I haven't had the free time. Too busy actually running a GAC game in what little free time I have.
  11. National Science Fiction Day

    1. The Expanse 2. Firefly 3. Star Wars: Rebels 4. Stargate (all the various series taken as a single whole) 5. Dr. Who
  12. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    I've always maintained that Lucas is great at ideas but mostly mediocre with execution. IOW, he should have written up the prequal outline for better writers and directors to flesh out (like he did with ESB).
  13. Too hot to touch

    First thing that comes to my mind is a power that does damage with Constant and Area of Effect (Surface) [Champions Complete pgs 101 and 97 respectively]. If the dropping is the truly important part and not the damage from the heat, then I'd probably go with a specialized Telekinesis build only for Disarm, possibly with Works Against CON Not STR (based on "Works Against EGO Not [Characteristic]"; Champions Complete pg 121) to represent holding on in spite of the pain.
  14. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    I was just addressing the idea that we need some sort of backstory for Snoke. I'm not saying that he's a well realized character.
  15. Star Wars 8 complaint box

    Especially considering how little background we had on the Emperor or Yoda in the OT. Heck, the Emperor's name isn't even given in the OT.