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  1. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    So why would Batman figure he has to kill Superman for something that he knows Supes didn't do? At least it wasn't another goofy real estate scam.
  2. Focus

    You keep that Hocus Pocus out of here!
  3. Expose your Superhero ID!

    The Snuffler, with the mucous production of 10 normal people.
  4. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Our Heroes: Amon-Ra: Archaeologist who found an artifact that is a conduit to an ancient god. Diamondback: Exposure to a strange crystal gave her immense strength and durability. Double-Time!: Given incredible running speed during a lab accident. Faceless: FBI agent with the ability to assume the shape of any person he sees. Ka-Pow!: 17 year old boxer and mechanic who's a bit more than human. Professor Polar: Discoverer of "cold energy". Shard: Exposed to the same crystal as Diamondback, but instead has the ability to grow and control similar crystals. Tarraingteacht: Agent Carter's skills with Polaris's powers. Zoltan the Magnificent: Stage magician who also knows real magic. ****** Diamondback [to Faceless] -- I just want to say that I am more comfortable with you lying than with you stripping corpses. *** Shard -- I'm not going to make anything explode. . . again. [not much later] Shard -- If I keep the explosion well-contained, we should be fine. *** Prof. Polar -- Shard's a good test animal; she regenerates. ****** Full session write-up here.
  5. Focus

    In my current campaign, one of the characters generates cold. By himself, it's a generalized field that's simply colder than the surrounding area (Change Environment plus some Resistant Energy Defense). He also carries a "pistol" that allows him to focus this energy into various types of beams. All of those were built OAF because he can't generate the beams without the specially-designed "pistol".
  6. Not sure how to rule on this power

    Well, yes. However, he may be banking on the Stun Lotto (which, if he's playing 6E, is going to sorely disappoint).
  7. Not sure how to rule on this power

    The campaign has a 40 Active Point / 8 Damage Class limit (with some exceptions allowing a 50AP/10DC attack). The player in question appears to be trying to circumvent the spirit, if not the letter, of that cap (thus 2x 7 DC attacks as one power).
  8. Not sure how to rule on this power

    If I'm understanding the effect being described (something like a pair of conjured lashes), then I'd probably build it as an HKA with Autofire (2) attack rather than as compound power consisting of two HKAs. To fit into the 8 DC cap, that would make it a 2d6 HKA rather than 2d6+1. Still, the compound power can work, I'd just rule that it requires the use of the Multiple Attack rules to attack with both at the same time.
  9. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Golden Age Champions Zoltan the Magnificent: I didn't know there were rules to car bowling.
  10. Restrainable overload?

    He has to explain how it's restrainable. Presumably it would be evident from the SFX of the power, but as they aren't shown here, there's no way to make that call. If he claims it's restrainable due to the Gestures, the would be double-dipping. Also, did he really buy his characer's base running all the way down to 1m?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    A file I created to make running groups of minions easier. I calculated the odds of all, some or none of the agents hitting a target for groups of 2-5 agents. This allows the GM to resolve multiple agent to hit rolls with a single 3d6 roll and still maintain the same approximate odds of the various outcomes. Of course, this only works if all your minions have the same OCV and attack the same target.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    My home-made GM screen for 6e. This is designed to be used with a landscape oriented customizable GM screen (the kind that has pockets for inserts).
  13. Version 1.0.0


    A player-handout I originally created for 5E and updated for my 6E champions game. It contains commonly-referenced tables and charts along with explanations of how to do basic things like rolling to hit, rolling damage, complementary rolls and so forth.
  14. Not sure how to rule on this power

    On the idea of these being two separate attacks (assuming I allowed this power at all in an 8DC game) I'd adjudicate that using the Multiple Attack rules (CC pg 151). So, he'd take a Full Phase and be at 1/2 DCV to make two attacks of 2d6+1 at -2 OCV with each. I most certainly would not allow a 4d6 killing attack into an 8DC game unless the character had some very serious penalties in the areas of OCV or a really hefty Side Effect or some similarly large penalty. If he wants to be 1.5x the damage cap, he has to effectively be 2/3 the norm in some other way.
  15. GM brainworms

    I refer to it as "GM A.D.D." As for how I deal with it; not well.