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  1. In other news...

    ‘No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens
  2. Do you wish Led Zeppelin was reborn in the form of three brothers and a drummer? Have I got good news for you.
  3. Oh we're fire at will here as well. I'm not saying he had power. As I've found out. That's pretty much the norm.
  4. Yes. The Price for Freedom is occasionally money. I'm sorry for your friend, but he did have his day in arbitration, and he won. That's how it's supposed to work. He didn't spend 38 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. He didn't lose his job He didn't have to sign Non-Disclosure or pay out on flimsy evidence. (though payouts are usually payed by company insurance? I may be wrong there) It was a terrible thing to happen to him but that doesn't change my opinion on the matter. As to accusers facing penalties - Don't know, probably.
  5. Your friend's co-worker should have had their record expunged as a matter of common sense, but company guidelines are often arcane and cryptic to make management more empowered. My sister had her behavior reported by a rival HR employee because the other woman didn't like the way she went about her business. She was successful in her defense the other woman left the company in a huff. This was in 2015. HR is still weird.
  6. That sounds horrible. I'm glad he was exonerated. But he wasn't fired so the "What does the fired guy do" questions doesn't fit here, he got due process. His accusers made their case, he was able to respond. That's the system working, that's not an attack on dudes being nice. I just don't think industry reforms should be abandoned because "some bad women did stuff once." to borrow a phrase.
  7. I think many of them have avoided it by using Forced Arbitration and Corporate Structure that Favors harassers.
  8. You're correct of course, and I say that in my argument out of habit of not wanting to seem immune to the reality that bad behavior doesn't only come in penis shape. I should stop hedging my bets. It's also a great excuse never to change anything. Basically, if some men feel nervous about working around women for fear that what they say will be misconstrued as an advance, well congratulations you now know how many women feel. Only they have the additional concern of being nice enough that they don't wound a heretofore unseen fragility that leads do violence.
  9. I'd like to inquire with equal respect as to what the retaliation was over? What is the industry with such a zealously swung new work environment? A new risk factor? To what? Talking to co-workers? There's always been some. Heightened now or not I don't know. There's always been people who take advantage of rules to their benefit at the cost of others, no one said that wasn't the case, considering the whole problem arose from men using their power to harass women at the work place, the idea that some women would use the heightened awareness to do similar only makes sense. I'll wager that there's less of it though, considering the power structure has traditionally not favored them.
  10. Encounter another man who doesn't know the difference? I'm assuming you mean a woman who screams sexual harassment when a gentleman says hello? Given the way harassment is handled, the chances of anything happening to a man for speaking to a woman in the office in a professional manner are exceedingly slim.
  11. From what I've heard, read, and such. Sexual Harassment leading to firing is a relatively new experience in employment circles. It takes high profile public outcry, Harvey Weinturd had sexual harrassment suit payouts written into his contract - how much he'd be responsible for and how mcuh his company would pay. Most Workplace Harassment (Sexual or otherwise) (in the United States) is dealt with via "Forced Arbitration," in which a retired judge hired by the company in question hears the case and if it is proven to their standards a payout and non-disclosure agreement is set up. Accuser is payed and then can't discuss the issue or be sued. Traditionally, this also leads to the accuser losing their job and the harasser remaining (see Roger Ayles, Harve Weinstein, Bill O'Riely, Senator Soul-Mate, More service industry grabby guys than you can count because they don't harass or aren't visible media figures) All this "I'm afraid I can't even talk to women at work anymore," hand wringing seems to be coming from people who don't know the difference between professional discourse and flirting at a bar. From Personal Experience: My dad's school district brought in a guy from another state who in his second year there allegedly threw a kid down a flight of stairs. He'd had a complaint file a mile long (that only materialized long after dad's school district had hired him) and apparently just moved to avoid losing his teaching license. The kicker here is, he never got arrested for any of these complaints because it was generally no witnesses to corroborate the kid's story so it was adult v kid but eventually you get enough parents angry and you send the teacher away. This was in the late 80's. A teacher at my high school had a habit of marrying former students (like shortly after graduation) (At least twice) He was later made dean of students. And retired when he felt like it. The institutions in my anecdotal and researched experiences act to protect themselves, they set rules to protect the institution and those in power. An individual fired for harassment generally has committed the sin of being: 1) A Financial Liability (Too much bad press, too much spent paying off their accusers) or 2) Not in a position of power (You're a lot less likely to fire Upper Management over this but a guy in the warehouse is gone) And finally in conclusion a long-winded and rambling answer: I couldn't care less what happens to them. I assume, given the lengths most have to go to to get fired for harassment (again sexual or otherwise) they're not interested in changing their outlooks and behaviors and thus the punishment of social pariah is a pretty good one until they do something that clearly breaks the law and are proven not wealthy enough to get preferential treatment.
  12. '17-18 NBA Thread

    I don't give Dan Gilbert enough credit to think either. And the Irving trade was the best they could do at the time. They got a #7 ish pick in this draft (projected) And Thomas's payday wasn't happening anyway as everyone knew he was damaged goods. He didn't leave Boston, he was traded. Because Ainge is a good GM but that sometimes means being a bad person (at least from Thomas's point of view) He didn't leave millions on the table. He had it taken from him.
  13. '17-18 NBA Thread

    The Cavs exploded and then reformed like a younger, hipper Voltron.
  14. 2018-19 NFL Thread.

  15. 2018-19 NFL Thread.

    yeah that happened Sunday. The article said the cop that stopped hit one of the two who was still lying in the road. Horrible.