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  1. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    I'd have to second Paranoid, Pretty Hate Machine, and Pet Sounds. All three gave their respecting genres a much needed kick in the head. I'll add Pleasure Victim (Berlin) - Sex (I'm A...) is the one that turned heads, but Masquerade and The Metro are the two gems on that album full of good songs. Pre-Millenium Tension (Tricky) - I don't know if I could actually describe just how fantastic this album is, I consider it one of those Must Owns. Psalm 69 (Ministry) - Or it's more proper title ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ ; This has such a raw, harsh quality to it. And mainly, it's a love affair between Jesus, and my Hot Rod.
  2. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    I'm just going to move onto O... Oil And Gold (Shriekback) - This is just simply one of the greatest albums ever released. On Through The Night (Def Leppard) - their debut, one of my favorites, and part of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement, leading the charge back across the Atlantic to the US.
  3. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    N - A second for Nevermind The Bollocks - actually, this is an objectively terrible album. But it's an important album. And you can thrash around to it quite well. Natural History (The March Violets) - their debut album, and to a great extent the template for mid 80s gothic rock. Nevermen (Nevermen) - this is one of the few supergroup albums that manages to transcend the gimmickiness of it all.
  4. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    M; Couple of seconds: M!sundaztood, the Marshal Mathers LP, and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill - all excellent bodies of work. And to add; Maxinquaye (Tricky) - one of the genesis albums of Trip-Hop music, awesome work. Murder Ballads (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) - one of those nearly perfect albums. Also contains The Weeping Song which I think it one of the best songs of all time.
  5. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    For J Jaku (DJ Krush) - crossing back and forth between ambient, house, and trance; it's a sublime piece of music. Jar Of Flies (Alice In Chains) - it's a classic. And a second for Jagged Little Pill and Joshua Tree as both are solid pop-sphere entries. For K I'll have to second Kind Of Blue as a one of the best jazz albums of all time. Also; Kill 'Em All (Metallica) - one of the original, and best, thrash/speed metal albums in existence. Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (HorrorPops) - They make mayhem, murder, and horror stories sound fun! Also, very good psychobilly. And onto L La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol. 1 (White Zombie) - I am not allowed to drive with this album playing, it's absolute pure energy. The Land Of Rape And Honey (Ministry) - one of the two angriest albums ever written and recorded. Life Won't Wait (Rancid) - I think this album should get credit for keeping the punk-music torch alive in the early 1990s. London Calling (The Clash) - speaking of Punk, yeah, this is way better than Nevermind The Bollocks. Way better.
  6. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    For H I have to agree with How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful from Florence (so much so I bought the 7" Box Set version, I have the album on a bunch of singles... hey, it came with a bonus song.) And add Hack (Information Society) - taking New Wave and Synthpop and smashing in a good bit of weirdness, and house styles. Holy Diver (Dio) - come one, this is one of the best pure heavy metal albums ever put out. For I The Idiot (Iggy Pop) - A masterwork of pre-punk music, David Bowie and Iggy took everything to the next step with this album. Pure genius. Iron Maiden (Iron Maiden) - This is the album that launched one of the single biggest acts in modern music, also I just love them too much to not include it on a list like this. ISDN (Future Sound Of London) - one of those 'perfect' albums as far as I'm concerned, pushing the boundaries of what you could do across the internet (it was recorded with several parts scattered across the globe) for the time (hence the title). Also a masterwork of ambient music. And I have to agree with It Takes A Nation Of Millions, another defining album of its time, and still a powerhouse today.
  7. The Great Album Alphabet Game

    late to the party... I see lots of stuff revolving around the rock/pop arena ... lets go further out; A Accelerator (Future Sound Of London) ; the work that does come closest to mainstream tastes, not their absolute best, but it bridged an important gap between early ambient, (pre Goa-) trance styles, and mainstream house/rave styles. It proved you could dance to light rhythms. Adore Life (Savages) ; this is the best album of 2016, possibly the entire decade. Channeling parts punk-aesthetic and a healthy dose of Nick Cave, Savages up the bar of modern rock-albums with this one. B Bad Brains (Bad Brains) ; Washington DC hardcore punk, this is as American as hardcore ever gets, they set the pace and tone of East Coast punk for a decade; even more so than Minor Threat. Beyond The Infinite & Bible Of Dreams (Juno Reactor) ; these pretty much defined the mid-90s era House and Big Beat scenes. C Concentration (Machines Of Loving Grace) ; This is where underground Industrial and Main Stream Heavy Metal crossed, in the best of ways. Cozza Frenzy (Bassnectar) ; An earlier, and certainly heavily influential dubstep album, and it's probably not going to sound how you think it might. D Dead Inside (Golden Palominos) ; this is one of the darkest albums ever put out, in some parts just brutally dark. Deckanddrumsandrockandroll (Propellerheads) ; it's just fantastic, beautiful. Dr Octagonecologyst (Dr. Octagon) ; an Early Kool Keith, this one spun hip-hop around on its head when it dropped, forever changing the genre. E Empire (Queensryche) ; arguably their peak, and just a damn fine piece of rock music. F Fallen (Evanescence) ; their best, and frankly only good, album. More importantly it ushered in an entire era of female lead vocal gothic rock, nearly ending the Darkwave genre all on its own. First And Last And Always (Sisters Of Mercy) ; even more so than Floodland, this one is defined the very idea of 80s Goth (and I don't care how much Andrew claims otherwise, he can stuff it) G The Good Son (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds) ; this is the album with The Weeping Song, that alone makes it one of the greatest albums ever released. Going To Hell (The Pretty RecklesS) ; currently one of my favorite modern hard rock bands, their second album is just solid.
  8. Everything about that movie makes it sound crushingly horrible.... And yes, I still want to see it. Apparently I have done something wrong and feel the need to punish myself. (though, thankfully I have not sunk to such depths as to feel the need to see SvB)
  9. Once again the Onion forgets it is Satire.
  10. Alton Sterling; restrained, tasered, and finally executed by Baton Rouge police. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/la-cops-shoot-kill-man-selling-music-baton-rouge-store-article-1.2700548 And to add to the list: Delrawn Small - shot and killed by off-duty cop during a road-rage incident between the two men. Time lines and details are unclear and contradictory, about all that is clear on this incident is a shout match escalated to the point where a cop shot an unarmed man. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/off-duty-shoots-man-dead-road-rage-incident-brooklyn-article-1.2698074
  11. I think we have to take away your New Englander Card now... (speaking on syrups, I do love me syrups from various fruits for sure - Colorado I've noticed manages some amazing choke cherry, but anyone who puts that grocery-store quality 'pancake syrup' made from corn syrup on their pancakes deservers a lake of fire.) Also, what do we really mean by pancakes - the flour based things you get at IHOP, or proper flapjacks made from corn flower?
  12. Where can I post questions on a new Skill I came up with

    The only probably I see with trying to use Flight is that it adds a Turn Mode, and parkour most definitely does not have that as a restriction. You would either need to add "No Turn Mode" to the build, or just go with Skills & actual Running (No Gravity Penalty may also be appropriate).
  13. Where can I post questions on a new Skill I came up with

    This is the proper forum.... general Hero System discussion and idea hashing.
  14. Cryptolocker and variants is usually the unwanted excuse admins have for wiping a drive clean and starting over....
  15. The Viking Road To Byzantium

    No, but if you're a young trader and you encounter another trade coming from the other direction with a bunch of goods you know you can turn around and sell at home for profit it also makes sense to trade out good right there, and go home saving yourself a bunch of time and money in the process. On the other hand, if there are no major trade cities on the route then yes, you'd have to go all the way out to trade your goods. I'm less familiar with the Viking Road, but I do know that the Silk Road had a whole bunch of points along it that traders met at, exchanged goods (instead of money) and then turned around, shortening their trips considerably.