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  1. Everything about that movie makes it sound crushingly horrible.... And yes, I still want to see it. Apparently I have done something wrong and feel the need to punish myself. (though, thankfully I have not sunk to such depths as to feel the need to see SvB)
  2. Once again the Onion forgets it is Satire.
  3. Alton Sterling; restrained, tasered, and finally executed by Baton Rouge police. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/la-cops-shoot-kill-man-selling-music-baton-rouge-store-article-1.2700548 And to add to the list: Delrawn Small - shot and killed by off-duty cop during a road-rage incident between the two men. Time lines and details are unclear and contradictory, about all that is clear on this incident is a shout match escalated to the point where a cop shot an unarmed man. http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/off-duty-shoots-man-dead-road-rage-incident-brooklyn-article-1.2698074
  4. I think we have to take away your New Englander Card now... (speaking on syrups, I do love me syrups from various fruits for sure - Colorado I've noticed manages some amazing choke cherry, but anyone who puts that grocery-store quality 'pancake syrup' made from corn syrup on their pancakes deservers a lake of fire.) Also, what do we really mean by pancakes - the flour based things you get at IHOP, or proper flapjacks made from corn flower?
  5. Cryptolocker and variants is usually the unwanted excuse admins have for wiping a drive clean and starting over....
  6. They're 5 to 6 year old Latitudes, we tried every trick in the book. Win10 is either unusable, or refuses to recognize even the simplest drivers. We weren't/aren't going to put any more resources into older laptops, so it's a moot point; but the older Latitudes just simply do not run Win10 in our experience. I do have a newer latitude that seems to operate OK on it, bit slow, but nothing overly unbearable (at least, from my POV. Some of the users get down right pissed if a web page takes longer than 10 seconds to load).
  7. Yeah but.... man, she'd be awesome.
  8. We've had OK luck with 7/XP environments, though without NetBIOS, tricking the Firewall on the 7 Side, and a Win7 registry fix one of our guys cooked up has gotten them to play nice most of the time. We look forward to the day XP disappears completely. At least nothing runs 8.1
  9. Funny pics

    That's an awfully optimistic view on the reality of sleep.
  10. The Point Of Sale software we support is supposed to get Win10 approval in October, we're not especially looking forward to that as it will inevitably mean mixed Win10/Win7 environments between server and register.
  11. Most of my Win10 woes revolve around video cards and related issues. Some of the laptops I've had to back the Intel Management Engine back down to 9.5 to get the machine to come out of sleep properly. I feel like the guy I told "don't have six monitors" got what he deserved though (we said we aren't supporting that, you can figure it out on your own). An older model video card flat out didn't work at all with Win10, so we replaced it and trashed the old one. Lenovo model machines seem to hate Win10, a lot. At least, the older models we have in the building do. No one of them has taken the upgrade well. Which is better than a few Dell Latitude laptop models have taken it: which is to say they don't. They don't even pretend. They just die.
  12. The Master List Of Complications/Disadvantages

    That second one was part of what prompted me to finally fix the database issue; it's woefully incomplete.
  13. All of the websites where I knew it was stored are gone to the obliterating tides of time.... and not a small number of people have emailed me in the past year or so asking where the copy I was hosting was, as it returned a SQL Database error. As bigdamnhero has requested one for his new campaign, and as I'm a player I thought it best to help the GM out, I found my original files (3 archive hard drives deep and counting... I need a better system) and found all the backend logins I needed, fixed it all up, and we're back. It was originally built in the days of "Disadvantages" and "Limitations" instead of just "Complications" and so that stands - because this was a quick and dirty fix, not an update; but for new players the terms are functionally interchangeable, don't let that stop you from using them, enjoy. http://www.cellularsmoke.net/rpgs/masterlistdisads.php (you know what I also found... the abandoned Master Index Cross Reference Project... If I get bored this summer the Online 5th Edition Master Index may find the light of day yet.)
  14. I think that's going to be a factor in some of the test group. But the study was over 1400 kids of both genders. That's not going to be a factor amongst most of them, I don't believe. On the other hand, our society systematically tells girls to be constantly on the look out for dangerous boys, basically teaching all women that men are psychotic predators waiting to rape and murder them at every turn. So, you know, it could be the parents.... I doubt it's just that though.
  15. Ultron is my least favorite movie in the franchise (well, I haven't seen Ant Man yet... technically); Whedon did a good job, but the editing felt discombobulated and truncated, and caused more than a few issues I have with how some characters were portrayed.