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  1. Champions Character Cards KS Project Now Live!

    I threw in my support a couple of days ago as much as I'm financially able at this point. This is a neat idea, and would love to see it implemented.
  2. Laundry Detergent Pods... Really?

    You know, not that I've been looking, but I haven't seen one article citing specific incidents of this happening. Usually, stupid stunts like this are recorded for YouTube. I watch a lot of YouTube (A LOT), but I have yet to see a video titled "Bill eats a Tide Pod!" Maybe I'm missing the article, but I'm beginning to strongly suspect that this is an urban legend. (For the record, Snopes believes it happens: https://www.snopes.com/tide-pod-challenge/ )
  3. Man, I'll give you a like for that.
  4. Changing "Member Title" in Profile

    Yeah, any posts made in the NGD do not count toward your post count total. If it were, my count would be in the thousands.
  5. Character Help: This time, grenade belts

    Yeah, we used one of those, too. Funny, isn't it, that the Army would have multiple solutions for the same problem?
  6. Character Help: This time, grenade belts

    Yeah, that's the one I remember.
  7. Character Help: This time, grenade belts

    What Kharis said, and his reply jogged my memory. My experience was similar; it was a vest with pouches large enough for a hand grenade or the ammo for a M203 Grenade Launcher.
  8. iOS Dice Roller

    Pretty cool. I just picked this up. I love it. Some notes/suggestions: It would be great if it "remembered" what I had put in: if I go from the Damage tab to the Attack tab, for example, and go back to the Damage tab, I have to enter the amount of dice again. It would be great if the app remembered this. Input it once and not have to worry about doing it every time I have to switch back and forth. There seems to be something with the Attack tab where it doesn't seem to matter what I touch, it rerolls the attack roll. I hit the "Attack Roll" button, it rolls. I touch the output area, it rolls. I hit "Done" on the keyboard, it rolls. A touch annoying. It would be great if I could turn the sound off.
  9. I am not a wealthy man, but I think I could throw in a few bucks for such a thing.
  10. I would love it if it would allow me to track my own PCs stats: END, STUN, and BODY without having to load "dummy" characters in. I think fixing the "GM Attack" interface would go a long way to doing this (there are topics on this subforum about it--if you want me to go into details, PM me). I have a spreadsheet to help with this, but it's cumbersome to use.
  11. Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    I had this problem a couple of weeks ago and was banging my head on my keyboard trying to figure it out. I eventually uninstalled Java, re-downloaded a fresh version, and installed that. It worked fine after that. Alternatively, I could have come here and perhaps have saved myself some hassle. :/
  12. Dean Shomshak Update: Super Sorcery Goes Galactic

    I'm about 1/4 through it, and I'm loving it (I'm a busy guy!). Well worth the $3. Unfortunately, this is just a morsel--I would like to get the entire cake.
  13. Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    You could also define spheres that a particular arcana belongs to, and which ones are restricted to it. For example, the Bardic Conservatory could have the Mind and Spirit spheres but cannot have Elements sphere. The Hermetic College can have Primal (the sphere of magic itself) and Knowledge, but cannot have Spirit. Each spell would then be given a sphere or two it falls into: fireball would be Elements and Scrying would be Knowledge and Correspondences. Of course, I could be accused of stealing the idea from Mage: The Ascension...
  14. Looking For Input On Potential New Fantasy Product

    I agree to a point...but the best way to get people to play a new game is to GET THEM TO PLAY A NEW GAME. What that means is going into environments where the gamers are and letting them get hands-on with the system. You've got to find good people to run games using the system at the various gaming conventions and even at local gaming stores that provide gaming tables. I went to Gen-Con in Indianapolis a few years ago, really hoping to get an opportunity to play in a couple of HERO system games with people who really knew and loved the system and could explain the ins and outs to me, so I could take that knowledge back to my gaming group and get my group started with the system. Unfortunately, I only found 1 reference to HERO game, and that was for the first night of the convention (Thursday night), which I was unable to attend because I had to work and could only come up on the weekend (Friday night through Sunday). Outside of that one game, there was HERO was represented by a booth selling the books. There may have been other HERO games being run/played there...but, I wasn't able to find them. The point of all this is that if you want more people to play the game, you need to take advantage of every opportunity to enable people to play the game. I'd almost say the best scenario would be 3-person teams to run the game: 1 GM and two "plant" players who understand the mechanics, role-play well, and are willing to help explain the system to neophytes to help "get the mechanics out of the way". (Assuming the game would be run for 6 to 8 total players.) Another interesting idea for gaming conventions: Create a bunch of pre-generated characters, print them out (no dups), and just give them away to anyone who wants them (or have them included in the typical bag o' goodies)...Then have a couple of people at the convention ready to run some sort of "pick-up" games for HERO in the various gaming rooms. Since character creation tends to be the most time-consuming part of the system -- particularly for new players -- you've eliminated that hurdle to getting started with the game. There will be challenges to this approach (consistency of power level, what type of adventure to run, whether the characters are supers, fantasy, sci-fi, etc.); but not necessarily insurmountable. Another option would be to do more of a tradeable card thing...do a higher-quality card run with a depiction of the character, a basic stat-block, etc; but have each card map to a full character sheet that the people running the "pick-up" games would be able to provide. The cards could be tradeable (collect the complete set!) and would help generate interest in the system... ...but, I'm just thinking out loud at this point... You really need to see what Darren does: not only does he print out his character sheets (and they're of KISS from "Phantom of the Park") in color, he lets you keep them. I have a copy of Gene Simmons around here somewhere...
  15. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Co-signed. Congratulations, Derek. While I'm saddened that Steve's work on the 6th ed is kinda sorta (I know it's not really; that's why I said "kinda sorta." I didn't fall off a turnip truck, you know) being pushed to the side/replaced, I think this is a good direction for Hero to be going in.