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  1. Merging

    Going back I'm going with the duplication with a few items tossed in. I'll post it when I can. I'll go hide under my pile of New Universe comics now....oh the humiliation...
  2. Hero System and rolling low saves the day, while rolling high means you lose the city and need a new set of D6

  3. Merging

    I may sit down and write a custom power for it, mixing a few things. I'll post it here in the next week or so and get everyone's opinions.
  4. Merging

    Was hoping for the information from APG. Pages are reversed but hopefully you get the. Both characters are run by a single player (in this case) with the GM stepping in in case of abuse. Both kids clasp hands / bang bracelets and become Valor (male or female).
  5. Merging

    I know it's in APG1, how is Merging down in Hero? I.E. You have two characters (normal) to combine to make the Super? (Firestorm anyone?)
  6. M&M conversions

    Anyone have a full conversion to M&M, any edition? I've seen one but it's just the stats; it doesn't include powers, feats, etc
  7. Bracers question

    Ok, was thinking of how to do this and was thinking bracers. From the picture the Gloves & Boots should give some kind of defense in HTH. Opinions?
  8. San Angelo

    IMHO the book and it's supplements are worth picking up. There is a very high Astro City vibe to the books that allow you to build what you want into the campaign world while still fleshing out enough to work with. I remember one part of Radio/TV stations that list the top 10 with 3-4 slots left open for the Reff to fill in himself if he wants.
  9. 4e generator?

    No CD-Rom...3.5" floppy disk.
  10. GOSH

    When I wrote earlier I meant "merge into" UNTIL or who knows....could be PRIMUS or something else I miss all my books
  11. 4e generator?

    For 4th you'd have to go all the way back to HeroMaker. And that's a DOS-dino
  12. GOSH

    Maybe even a few old GOSH agents are around patrolling things from behind the scenes, maybe secretly behind a villain or hero....
  13. GOSH

    As I said before, I think it'd be interesting to use GOSH as a fill in for the SSR (the per-cursor of SHIELD), now rather it's into UNTIL or something else who knows.
  14. My Power's killing me!

    I'm thinking of how they did Firestar's power in Avengers and New Warriors, and a few other books where the characters power is slowly killing them. I can see it as a Side Effect. What about a small Change Environment (as part of Side Effect) if it damages people and things around them as well?
  15. GOSH

    I know I asked before and I'll be beeped if I can find the post Could someone please post the package for the GOSH agent?