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  1. Some of the wording in the breakfall skill description make it appear to apply only to people who are standing up on the ground. After being knocked back in flight and being disoriented, can a flying character use breakfall to right themselves as a 0 phase action instead of a half phase action?
  2. I am sorry I didn't respond earlier, the forum was not letting me know that people were still posting. The 2 slots have been filled with characters. If openings occur in the future, I will grab players from here.
  3. Right now there is a flying brick, a sorcerer/mystic and a precog mentalist. I don't have any particular roles I am looking for, I just would like to avoid another flying brick for instance.
  4. I am just using the CoreRPG framework for FG, but I am mostly only using FG for the map and counters. I am tracking the combat in Hero Combat Manager.
  5. I am looking for 1-2 players for a Champions 6th edition game using Fantasy Grounds. We are currently playing on Thursday nights at 7 PM eastern until 10-11 PM. I have the Ultimate license for FG so all you will need is the free client. I use a Google group for email communications, Hangouts for voice during the game and Google Drive for sharing files and documentation about the campaign, so you will need a gmail account. The game is a standard superheroic game, 400 pts, set in the Champions Universe with the current team in Millennium City in 2010. It is similar in tone to Bronze Age comics from around the mid 70s through the 80s, with mostly clear morality, but some gray areas. The group is a classic team operating out of a base. The sessions tend to be episodic to try to accommodate players who can’t make every game. I do not accept completed characters. I want to first get a general concept of the character to make sure it is doable, fits the campaign and doesn’t step on existing character’s toes. Once we have an acceptable character, we will sit down with Hero Designer in Hangouts and build it. I work from a “tell me what the ability is and we will design the game mechanics” perspective.
  6. Resistant Defence vs. Damage Negation.

    It also subtracts dice from AP, Penetrating and AVAD attacks before they are applied to your defenses, even if you don't have the defense. So the standard +1 NND has dice subtracted (10 AP worth) from it instead of taking it all because you don't have that specific defense. The guy that reduces his dice to put AP and penetrating on his attack is going to be especially affected by damage negation. I don't allow it except as a special effect defense, like vs fire, magic or lasers, especially attacks that can have a variety of modifiers on them.
  7. That's the stage of development that I dislike the most, when you get down to the last bit of fiddling with the UI. 1 pixel makes such a difference in some places. :-)
  8. New Champs Site

    Can you add an RSS feed?
  9. Can an attacker make a mental blast attack if his only targeting sense has been flashed? What effect does it have on the attack roll?
  10. I noticed this for the second time last night. I track END for PCs and NPCs and the fight started with END costs listed for each attack. Some time during the fight, which went for about 1.5 turns, all the END costs changed to 0 for everyone's attacks. I didn't notice the exact moment it happened, so I don't know what might have been the trigger. I will keep a watch for it and look for a trigger.
  11. Another quality of life change I would like to see is that the inner windows on a window or dialog would change size when the outer window is adjusted. I tried changing the size of the main window so I could see more columns because I had made the NPC names too long (rookie mistake :-) and adjusted the name column width, but that pushed the last columns off the screen where they couldn't be seen. I expected the grid to change size with the window, but it didn't and I didn't see any way to manually change it.
  12. Fantasy Champions

    My plan was to have them be more like superheroes than the classic murder hobo fantasy group. They wouldn't be running dungeons as much as assaulting a base of operations of the big bad evil guy. I want to get their feedback on what they would like to do, but either something like protect the kingdom from marauding demons or dimension hopping in a spelljammer ship to stop major threats. Their opponents would be in the same league as they are, evil outsiders, aberrations, etc., along with their hordes of minions.
  13. 4e generator?

    How much of a difference is there between 4e and 5e? I know the costs of a few things is different, but the structure is basically the same. Couldn't you edit the 5e templates and change the costs? Sorry if this is a dumb question. I didn't play at all during the 5e years and picked it back up starting at 6e.
  14. Fantasy Champions

    I was thinking about starting a game of Fantasy Hero, but at a superheroic level. Instead of finding and/or stealing gear, they would pay for it with points. The magic system would be more freeform than the usual FH game. I see them as employees of a powerful patron or freelancers dealing with things that local soldiers can't handle. Has anyone tried this? Are there any pitfalls to avoid?
  15. NND costs in 6e

    I was rewriting some old VIPER weapons from 5e to 6e and came across one gun that was an NND with the defense of force field with ED. When I went to the charts, it would be one step down on the rarity list (+1/2), then -1/2 for being an NND. That would have made a 9d6 blast into a 9d6 NND with the same active point cost, fitting into the same multipower. It seemed like 9d6 would be a pretty brutal NND against anyone who didn't have a force field. I bumped the advantage up to +1/4 because it is a little rarer than just resistant ED, but that's still 7d6 NND in a 45 pt MP slot. Am I doing this right? That seems a bit much, compared to back in the day of NND being half the dice of a regular blast and still being worth it.