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  1. Armor Encumbrance

    In my current campaign the world is hot and very wet. Metals tend to corrode pretty quickly and so you have to constantly be maintaining your metal armor at a level you might not have to in other games. Also did I mention it is hot ... Finally no one knows how to make plate armor. Armor found on Nyonia Shields Finally I encourage the players to take on level of combat luck and let them know that they can wear armor that provides an additional 3 rPD/rED which can stack with their combat luck.
  2. The Power Of Presence

    In my game PRE attacks are used often by the players and at times by the villains (especially Supervillains). I do require that the player state what they are going to say before they roll their PRE attack. If they have Oratory they can roll that ahead of time to add the appropriate dice to the roll. I do use the table to determine if there are any additional dice to add into the roll. In my game the players often use PRE attacks as a way to stop a fight with a bunch minions after killing the leader. In one case the characters were dealing with a large number of bandits and one of the characters had stunned the leader with an excellent hit. The player got to move before the Stunned character and decided "I am taking a called shot for his head", which resulted in the bad guy's head being separated from his body. In the next phase the character could move he picked up the head and said "Surrender or run away otherwise we will kill you". He made a great PRE attack and at least 1/2 the bandits gave up and the rest ran for the hills. Good thing too because the players had some wounded characters and if they had been pressed by the bandits the PCs might have lost the fight. On the flip side Black Paladin used a PRE attack on the players to cause them to hesitate long enough for him to trigger his NPC death trap ;-)... That caused a bunch of characters to act outside the plan they had for taking out Black Paladin and his cohort ....
  3. Character Theme Songs

    My daughter's very first character was searching for her lost love. He had gone on a trading mission and never returned. She didn't find him until years later after he had been turned into a mindless slave for the big bad guy in the campaign. For her character I used "I will find you" Clannad from the movie The Last of the Mohicans.
  4. Many 6th Edition villains too tough?

    I did use Black Paladin in a game where he fought the entire team of superheroes. He is nasty. Characters got hurt. Well until someone decided to pick up a semi truck and smash him with it. I think that stunned him and buried him under the wreckage. The character then used semi's axle to beat him into oblivion. This was after he had take a pedal pub full of people and lifted it up with a crane above a bunch of rebar that was sticking up and released the cable. The team saved the innocents of course. I think the only thing I changed was turning his KA into normal attacks. They were still very nasty but not quite as deadly.
  5. Presence Tricks?

    In my campaigns, both heroic and superhero, players learn quickly that PRE attacks are great way to end a fight. And if you have an amazing reputation and high PRE and make a really good persuasion roll then maybe you get this: https://youtu.be/m-JdSzH3fc4?t=77
  6. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    HD - Hero Designer to create characters HCS - Hero Combat Simulator ... No clue who wrote it or how it is maintained HCM - Hero Combat Manager - uses exported character data from HD to manage a combat. You can't create characters with HCM. Those features will never be available in HCM, that is what HD is for. HCM which I wrote and is sold here does not have source code available to be purchased. Any attempt to integrate with another product will need to be worked out with me.
  7. Find a Game for a First Timer

    Thank you for joining us. Don't know where you live, try posting in the Player Finder sub-forum to see if anyone is in your area.
  8. Dealing with equipement and cost

    Really not a problem. Did the character know how to weld? I am not sure how easy a skill that is to pick up in an apocalypse? In six months to a year he isn't going to be able to drive around in that bulldozer because he won't be able to find any diesel that is any good anymore. A zombie apocalypse should include the reality of not being able to find food, water, fuel, bullets and guns. Plus with most large animals being killed by wandering zombie herds you won't even have oxen or horses to pull things. Hmmm... Maybe you can train a pack of zombies to pull a wagon or plow for you.
  9. Dealing with equipement and cost

    In my Heroic game the PCs can get equipment by spending money on the equipment if they can find it. In my Superheroic game I will let the players pick up an agent or bad guys generic OAF and use it in a single adventure. After that they need to spend points to keep using it. None of the villain equipment has been worth spending XP on.
  10. Dealing with equipement and cost

    Are you playing a superhero or heroic campaign? That makes a difference.
  11. Thank you for purchasing HCM. Sorry to say but HCM is not capable of doing what you are looking for. I hadn't intended to have it handle custom stats.
  12. Champions Character Creation Cards Kickstarter Project

    Please take my $s now ;-) If there is artwork please try to mix up male/female and ethnicity - it helps to sell to a younger generation and women. Also ask the artist to not create a bunch of female pinups. My wife, daughter, and other women I game with hate that.
  13. Physical Books?

    You can get things like the Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete are sold as paper and PDFs which covers the current version of the game, 6e. Those two books will give you everything you need to get started playing. If you want an older version then you need to be prepared to spend lots of $s for hard copies.
  14. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    I didn't write HCS so I have no concerns about how you use it. On the other hand I created HCM and I do care about who wants to integrate with it.
  15. The Magic of the Black Company

    I have been reading the series off and on (currently on) for the past year or two. For PCs I would go with: VPP 40 active points with the possibility of growing to 60 active points RSR, Gestures, Incantations, and Extra Time (bare minimum of full phase for al spells) Focus - not sure about this one Defensive spells in the books seem to take the most time to set up and they seem to be layered. Also mages seem to be able to combine powers to get a greater effect than any single mage could (Aid?). The Taken and Lady are definitely in a league of their own. They all seem to be almost invulnerable to any non-magical attack. Magical attacks also seem to barely impact them. In their case I think they would have damage resistance + lots of rPD/rED + a giant sized PRE because they can presence attack huge groups of people into inaction or full blown retreat. I think their VPP would be 60 to 90 active points.