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  1. Presence Tricks?

    In my campaigns, both heroic and superhero, players learn quickly that PRE attacks are great way to end a fight. And if you have an amazing reputation and high PRE and make a really good persuasion roll then maybe you get this: https://youtu.be/m-JdSzH3fc4?t=77
  2. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    HD - Hero Designer to create characters HCS - Hero Combat Simulator ... No clue who wrote it or how it is maintained HCM - Hero Combat Manager - uses exported character data from HD to manage a combat. You can't create characters with HCM. Those features will never be available in HCM, that is what HD is for. HCM which I wrote and is sold here does not have source code available to be purchased. Any attempt to integrate with another product will need to be worked out with me.
  3. Find a Game for a First Timer

    Thank you for joining us. Don't know where you live, try posting in the Player Finder sub-forum to see if anyone is in your area.
  4. Dealing with equipement and cost

    Really not a problem. Did the character know how to weld? I am not sure how easy a skill that is to pick up in an apocalypse? In six months to a year he isn't going to be able to drive around in that bulldozer because he won't be able to find any diesel that is any good anymore. A zombie apocalypse should include the reality of not being able to find food, water, fuel, bullets and guns. Plus with most large animals being killed by wandering zombie herds you won't even have oxen or horses to pull things. Hmmm... Maybe you can train a pack of zombies to pull a wagon or plow for you.
  5. Dealing with equipement and cost

    In my Heroic game the PCs can get equipment by spending money on the equipment if they can find it. In my Superheroic game I will let the players pick up an agent or bad guys generic OAF and use it in a single adventure. After that they need to spend points to keep using it. None of the villain equipment has been worth spending XP on.
  6. Dealing with equipement and cost

    Are you playing a superhero or heroic campaign? That makes a difference.
  7. Thank you for purchasing HCM. Sorry to say but HCM is not capable of doing what you are looking for. I hadn't intended to have it handle custom stats.
  8. Champions Character Creation Cards Kickstarter Project

    Please take my $s now ;-) If there is artwork please try to mix up male/female and ethnicity - it helps to sell to a younger generation and women. Also ask the artist to not create a bunch of female pinups. My wife, daughter, and other women I game with hate that.
  9. Physical Books?

    You can get things like the Champions Complete and Fantasy Hero Complete are sold as paper and PDFs which covers the current version of the game, 6e. Those two books will give you everything you need to get started playing. If you want an older version then you need to be prepared to spend lots of $s for hard copies.
  10. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    I didn't write HCS so I have no concerns about how you use it. On the other hand I created HCM and I do care about who wants to integrate with it.
  11. The Magic of the Black Company

    I have been reading the series off and on (currently on) for the past year or two. For PCs I would go with: VPP 40 active points with the possibility of growing to 60 active points RSR, Gestures, Incantations, and Extra Time (bare minimum of full phase for al spells) Focus - not sure about this one Defensive spells in the books seem to take the most time to set up and they seem to be layered. Also mages seem to be able to combine powers to get a greater effect than any single mage could (Aid?). The Taken and Lady are definitely in a league of their own. They all seem to be almost invulnerable to any non-magical attack. Magical attacks also seem to barely impact them. In their case I think they would have damage resistance + lots of rPD/rED + a giant sized PRE because they can presence attack huge groups of people into inaction or full blown retreat. I think their VPP would be 60 to 90 active points.
  12. Villain Minifigs

    Here is a tutorial on how to do it yourself http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-Paper-Minis/
  13. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    We should talk if you are somehow thinking about integrating with HCM.
  14. Site Upgrade

    Really like the look and feel.
  15. Michael Satran in the Hospital

    Rest in Peace. Much too young to die. My condolences to his family and friends.
  16. Goodbye Balabanto

    This is so very sad to hear. Condolences to his family and friends.
  17. It was suggested that maybe we create a thread for new people who are posting and especially for lurkers. So here is what I would like to suggest everyone post as an introduction: How did you come up with your 'handle' (forum name)? What was the first tabletop RPG you played? What was the first tabletop RPG you GMed? What are you currently playing/GMing? I hope this thread gets pinned.
  18. I would recommend the following to increase how lethal combat in your campaign is. This is based on many years of playing/running heroic Hero Campaigns. Limit the ability to heal. No "healing potions". Limit the ability to heal by someone 'laying on hands/casting spell' Limit the maximum resistant defense a character can have. If killing attacks in your game will average 3 to 5 points of Body per roll (1d6 to 1 1/2d6KA), then set the maximum resistant defenses to 5 points. That means most characters should have 3 to 5 rPD/rED. Limit the maximum OCV/DCV Allow players to buy combat levels Allow players to buy penalty skill levels, especially for 'called hit locations' Include martial arts skills that can be combined with melee weapons to increase damage potential Use Hit Locations If you do just those things you are going to have a much more lethal campaign. It is unlikely will end up with a TPK situation, since Hero leans towards characters being stunned/knocked out vs. being killed, but it could happen. Also you won't add that much additional bookkeeping or time to a normal combat (potentially extra roll for the hit location). If that isn't lethal enough I would add the max damage rule.
  19. In my heroic campaigns I will allow players to get up to +3 PSL vs. Hit Locations and +3 PSL with Range Offsets. One of the characters in one campaign was a marks woman with a bow. Many adventures were in outdoor environments, much to her advantage. She would typically find a place to hide (stealth), set/brace and pick off targets 1/2 to 2/3 of the way across a 6' gaming table (how many ever inches/hexes that is). If she thought she could get away with it, surprise out of combat (for instance), she would take a head shot. The big thing with placed shots in the assurance of how much Stun the target takes. Other players had +3 PSL vs. Hit Locations with their favorite melee weapons. That also applied to major villains. And all the bad guys had 'random hit locations' when they tried to hit the players.
  20. Is your Fantasy gaming stuck in time?

    My campaign world spans a long period of time. We have only played in one period of time, There are time periods in the past where technology and magic have been more advanced/prevalent. The opposite is also true.
  21. Deduction skill

    If the players have a whole bunch of clues but don't seem to be able to put them together (because I haven't done a good job laying them out) I will ask anyone w/ a 'real' Deduction roll to make the roll. If they just make the roll I will point out a connection, if they make the roll very very well then I will point out something really hidden but still in the clues. This comes up more when the session is oriented around investigation/detective work.
  22. WWYCD: When Disaster Strikes

    I just ran a game on Sunday. We hadn't played in a while and we didn't have all our players. So I told the players that were there that their characters had gone to Houston to help with search, rescue and some clean up (they can either fly, teleport or have create survival skills). I told the players that the other part of the team was in FL doing heavy lifting, literally since that was the brick and other character has high telekinesis. I have never played out a disaster w/ the characters - just used it as backstory.
  23. Hero Virtual Tabletop > Progress

    As the creator of HCM - not that I know of....
  24. Why are you wearing that?

    Basically I use the setting and social norms drive the players towards appropriate behavior. If they wander around with armor/weapons - the city guard will assume the PC is looking for a fight. They will be confronted and generally be disarmed. The PCs will also find out that shop/inn/taverns don't take kindly to heavily armed people coming into their establishments. Usually there are parts of town where weapons and armor are strictly forbidden and people entering are searched.