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  1. I concur with Kharis in that Hamilton and Liz are as good as hosed if the others fail to save them. As for Randell, Bill, and Lili, their best bet would be to run for the exit, and regroup on the surface to come up with a plan (assuming it's daylight out). With a 10 STR Automation going after three character's with 15 STR, 15 STR, and 20 STR, it would come down to them getting out of the tomb before they were out of END (again, if it's daylight outside). Maybe it would depend on how deep into the tomb the group were when they came across the Bandages? The GM would have to drop some clues on them as to Bandages' weaknesses (fire and sunlight in this case, they don't have a mystic with them to exploit the weakness to Dispel Magic).
  2. A Creature Write-Up I Did Recently...

    With the MA removed and the extra STR for Grabs reduced to +10 STR, it seems a little more fair. Overall, however, it still looks like Heroic Level characters would crap themselves if they had to fight something like this. It may only have 1 PD/1 ED, but the Damage Reduction from its Swarm Form, its regeneration, and the fact that it's an Automation and all its abilities are bought 0 END (!) means this thing is damn near unstoppable and relentless. Unless someone in the party speaks Ancient Egyptian and can order it to stop, or someone figures out its weakness to sunlight and a way to exploit it, the PCs would still be screwed if they go down into a catacomb where that monstrosity is lurking.
  3. Answers & Questions

    Q: Dude, have you been watching nothing but nature documentaries all day? A: Unfortunately, Booker and Elizabeth are too busy playing Bioshock Intimate to be much help at the moment.
  4. A Creature Write-Up I Did Recently...

    An interesting concept, but BlueCloud may have a point regarding the monster's STR. Also, if a PC gets captured by this thing, it looks like they're pretty much screwed; any rescue attempt would be more likely to get the would be rescuer(s) captured rather than succeed. About the only sensible thing most characters could do upon encountering one of these bandage monsters is make a mad dash for the exit and hope it's still day outside.
  5. How about Mental Illusions, Erotic Illusions Only (-?)
  6. Jokes

    Re: Jokes So, two guys run into each other in the afterworld and strike up a conversation about the circumstances of their deaths. The first one, Bob, said simply, "I froze to death. It sucked." The second, Greg, nodded sympathically then recounted his tale: "I was a rich man, and an insanely jealous husband. I was always paranoid that my wife was cheating on me. One day, I came home from the office and found another man's clothes thrown over the couch in the den. I tore through the entire house top-to-bottom looking for the bastard, screamed at my wife, and eventually collapsed from a sudden, fatal heart attack in the kitchen." Bob shook his head. "that is a shame, really. Hell, if you had only looked in the walk-in freezer, one of us might still be alive."
  7. Answers & Questions

    Re: Answers & Questions Q: Is the service really that slow around here? A: Ouch! My Dragonballs!
  8. Answers & Questions

    Re: Answers & Questions Q: Dude, is that a Fnord? A: Quite simply, the CEO is MIA, the CFO is AWOL, and we are all SOL.