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  1. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    In your example teleportation is the special effect but probably not the best mechanic.
  2. Help with Magic Items

    Re: the new Justice League movie I think it very likely that Flash's self made uniform will get a Wayne-Tech upgrade before his next movie appearance. Heck, one was shown in BvS. That's just the sfx explanation. Flash must actually pay the character points for any improvements to the defenses or other tech.
  3. Help with Magic Items

    A common theme in many published super teams are 'team gear'. Examples include unstable particle uniforms created by Mr. Fantstic or Edna from the Incredibles, access to secure communications earplugs, bases and vehicles. Bruce Wayne's wealth is the sfx but in many cases the entire team shares the HERO real cost. Same with the members of the FF and their unstable uniforms (I believe the tech was shared throughout the Marvel Universe). Champions Universe has many similar examples.
  4. Help with Magic Items

    I see that I need to update some links. Here is the best http://www.herogames.com/forums/profile/2288-hyper-man/content/?type=downloads_file
  5. Help with Magic Items

    I'm not sure you have it yet. Batman pays for everything in his Utility Belt even if it might be otherwise mundane. John Wick pays for the Perks to have equipment and far more on the skills to use it. You can find links to my version of both in my signature below.
  6. Help with Magic Items

    Like I said elsewhere the item creation rules are in Fantasy Hero but for a superhero setting anything better than mundane needs points. It's why Mr. Fantastic or Tony Stark aren't partners with GM producing flying cars for the masses. That would be a LOT of equipment doublings.
  7. Help with Magic Items

    Whatever version of the rules you have I suggest rereading the sections detailing the differences between heroic and super heroic.
  8. Help with Magic Items

    In a heroic game if a character wants to create a permanent 'magic item' to give to others they either spend the Real points and then give away the item (losing the points permanently) or find the item creation rules in Fantasy Hero.
  9. Mass Producing Pistols

    I think the question is regarding character points. In the case of mundane items points are only important if Dispel or Equipment Pools are being used. They are otherwise obtained with money.
  10. Can we forgive old movies?

    And here I thought we were going to critique blazing Saddles 🙃.
  11. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    FWIW, Steve's new Gun Fu PDF has a great example of Dispel being used as the mechanism to take a semiautomatic pistol apart while still in an opponent's hand.
  12. Help with Magic Items

    If you want some examples of self-only buffs using a variety of mechanics take a close look at these 2 character's VPPs. https://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?795840-HERO6E-My-rookie-JLA-builds&p=20707008#post20707008
  13. Help with Magic Items

    Since the question was for superhero play the real limiters are what the GM is comfortable with especially if they have Caps, whether hard or soft on active points and combat values. Buffing characters are for the most part an artifact of MMORPG'S and not really represented in the core source material - comics. Blue Lanterns are the exceptions not the rule. Remember that the job of a GM in creating npcs and deciding power levels for encounters is already a balancing act without buffer PCs. Some GMs want to focus more on good story than variable combat algebra.
  14. Help with Magic Items

    If the intent is to make relative low active point 'buffs' CSLs w/UOO and a Continuing Charge should work. Differing Modifiers are another tool you should take a look at.
  15. "Roll Under" mechanic

    It's SuperG or Strange Visitor. I can never remember who is who.