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  1. "Roll Under" mechanic

    It's SuperG or Strange Visitor. I can never remember who is who.
  2. Thanks for the catch. I was confusing Leg Sweep which is a martial maneuver with Trip which is a standard one. Legsweep 1/2 +2 -1 STR +1d6 Strike; Target Falls They are both still based on the STR min of a Throw.
  3. "Roll Under" mechanic

    There is a frequent visitor to HERO threads over on RPGnet that states his house rules for Superhero: 2044 were one of the big influences on the 1st edition of Champions. I can't remember his profile name right now.
  4. Trip like a Martial Throw requires the user to have enough STR including a normal Push to lift the target to succeed.
  5. Trip is a Martial Arts Maneuver. It is not listed under the default combat maneuvers however there is an optional 'normal' non-martial version published somewhere similar to the relationship between a Grab and Martial Grab.
  6. Defense Maneuver

  7. Trip is just a form of Martial Throw.
  8. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    I am debating whether I will delete my last post. Thinking about it some more I think the bigger issue is allowing PSLs to apply modifiers from maneuvers vs conditions.
  9. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    Ok. Mull this one over. If PSL's can be used to counter 1/2 or 0 CV just HOW would it be done? How many OPSL's does it take to offset some or all of the imposed 0 OCV from using a movement ability at noncombat velocity? The penalty isn't a number, it's a calculation.
  10. "Roll Under" mechanic

    My guess is that it provides for a rather simple subtraction system that still allows for making a roll by 'half'. I don't know how that could work in roll over.
  11. "Roll Under" mechanic

    I don't know all the history but hasn't AC and To Hit rolls in D&D fluctuated over the years?
  12. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    So the argument now is that the AUTHOR of the rules doesn't understand how he intended for them to work?! He also has a LAW degree and still takes the tme to answer rules questions but that isn't enough evidently. I'll admit that I don't always agree with his rulings but I would always treat my changes to be House Rules for my games. Wow.
  13. Using held actions

  14. Hi Steve. #1 are PSL's directly part of the OCV /DCV checklist? (As in being affected by any last step halving or reduction to 0) #2 if not, does that mean that for example OPSL's could be used to counter the 0 OCV imposed by using a movement power at noncombat velocity? Thanks!
  15. Champions 4th Edition or 4th Edition Deluxe

    I would get all you can as insurance to wear and tear and to see the minor differences.
  16. Champions 4th Edition or 4th Edition Deluxe

    Yes. There are actually 3 versions in total. The 3rd is a softcover version of the original with erata updates. The deluxe version is a revision with different layouts.
  17. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Unless the framework had the unified limitation.the
  18. I saw JL this afternoon and really liked it. But i am biased since I read my first Flash comic 45 years ago.
  19. Using held actions

    So when should we expect to see the 'Unofficial Cantriped's Champions Complete Rules Forum'?
  20. Hero System 5th Edition

    The halving of the cost of variable advantage when the choices are limited is a limitation on the advantage not the power.
  21. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    Can someone with a PDF copy of 6e2 copy/paste the OCV and DCV checklists please? I only have smartphone access for the foreseeable future.
  22. Hero System 5th Edition

    Also I believe the text says 3-4 specific advantages instead of 4,
  23. Hero System 5th Edition

    I don't think the reduction for a limited group is applied as a separate limitation. Instead, the advantage is directly reduced. I could be wrong though,
  24. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    I've just reread the DCV checklist from 6e2 and it clearly states that halving is always the last step. For the same reason there is no way to purchase a 'positive' OCV when moving at noncombat velocity. For that reason it doesn't matter what the source of the DCV modifier is ( limited dcv, csl, dpsl or maneuver ) the halving will occur last.