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  1. 4th Edition character sheets

    Have them and a bunch of my own too. Although I just use Hero Designer anymore
  2. 4th Edition character sheets

    Have several different images that can used in place of the one on the sheet. You simply save the PDF as an image and modify it in a image program. Have the sheet as an image as well
  3. 4th Edition character sheets

    Finally found the sheet with a image (always my favorite sheets) 4th edition with image.pdf
  4. 4th Edition character sheets

    Found another sheet Hero - Character Sheet.pdf
  5. 4th Edition character sheets

    Understand Here's another version no character image 4th Edition Character Sheet - Long Form.pdf
  6. 4th Edition character sheets

    Here's one Hero 4 ed cs.pdf
  7. 4th Edition character sheets

    I have scans of old edition sheets somewhere
  8. Strange question came up, if a character has LS:safe in intense cold would this protect them from the effects of hyperthermia? With hyperthermia being more than just the effects of cold I can see ruling either way.
  9. Block, Ranged for Magic Resistence

    Damage Negation on a roll can work well for MR too
  10. Tome of Lost Spells I

    Yep. one could even patch a table full of food and instant dinner
  11. Tome of Lost Spells I

    No you cast the spell at an item of a group of items and it transforms in to a small piece of cloth, like a small patch. When you want to retrieve what you have transformed you simply toss the patch of cloth on the ground. Great for adventuring, setup a tent build a fire, turn all into a small patch of cloth. When you ready to camp for the night find a clear spot, toss the cloth on the ground and instant campsite.
  12. Tome of Lost Spells I

    This is perhaps my favorite spell I put in the product. Used it numerous times and just love it. And Now It.pdf
  13. Tome of Lost Spells I

    This is perhaps my favorite spell I put in the product. Used the spell numerous times and just love it
  14. Mental Power Defense

    So they could see you but not target you individually. But, AOE attacks could still effect you which stops you from being invulnerable and other senses could target you as well.. So there is still a balance to the power.