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  1. Just For Fun Stooge Fu.doc Stooge Fu.hdp
  2. sounds like you have the start to a zany hero or villain to me
  3. backgrounds are always good
  4. seemed alright to me
  5. dice roll...rattle, rattle, rattle..2+3+2-10=-3 I don't know what your talking about.
  6. Have the PDF, been debating on doing the Print-On-Demand thing though
  7. I know that if a Mind Control roll fails the target is aware of the attack. If Cumulative has be purchased on the Mind Control and it takes two rolls to achieve the desired level would the target still be aware of the attack after the first roll?
  8. Focus

    If a player has a character that needs an item to focus and use a power that is within them and not the item, would you use the Focus limitation or Limited Power limitation. Picture needing a steel rod to shoot a lighting bolt that the character create in their body
  9. Actually as it stands right now IMP has 6 members, might be more by the time I finish the CLOWN characters and start on IMPs background
  10. Having trouble making a decision on a item a character carries. So the question is if a character needs an item to focus their power, which is in them and not the focus, would the Limitation Focus apply or would Limited Power: "Need X To Use Power" be a better fit. Basically Character X must have carry a teddy bear to focus & use their power
  11. Well, the CLOWN partition of the show is finished. Well, that is the background and such is finished coming in a little over 10,000 words. Still have to finish up the characters and their backgrounds and such. Of course finished will also mean I will change my mind on one or forty things and edit this and that. Just the way it goes. Then time to work on IMP will be next
  12. yep, just meant didn't see the need to make it a son or daughter for this particular group
  13. True but, Peter Parker & Bruce Wayne have been around since the 60s and still are young. So don't really see the need to change who's who for this project. Am working on another project that will have the son of the original show up.
  14. Dunno if he'll ever get out but Deadman made a awesome image of him in Heromachine
  15. Thing to remember too is that this is the new CLOWN and some of the old group didn't get the call back. I haven't decided if I'll give the new groups and then include those retired, vacationing at Stronghold or not call back as well or just the new group