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  1. Need Adventure Recommendations

    Thanks! Yes...I had seen that site.
  2. Need Adventure Recommendations

    Where do I find The Crossroads Blues?
  3. Need Adventure Recommendations

    Great suggestions! [ John updates his list. ] GAME ON!
  4. Hi Hero Gang! I am currently using Hero to run a campaign similar to the TV show Supernatural but maybe a bit more serious... Can folks recommend some products from ANY system that I could buy that I could lovingly convert to Hero? Yeah...not MHI specific but I thought it best fit this forum... *GAME ON!*
  5. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    I second the want of weapons and vehicles. It would be great to be able to use this as a resource for WWII Heroic level games as well.
  6. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    Hey Darren! My biggest fear was that you would not be writing big chunks of it...but it sounds like I won't have to worry. This sucker is squarely in your wheelhouse. Some thoughts that come to mind...in random list order cause that is how I think...in random lists. My opinions only... + PDF and softcover/PDF options are a must. + I personally could care less about custom hardcovers or limited editions and such but I do like signed copies. + I think it would be cool to have GM screen inserts in landscape and portrait modes as stretch goals. + More artwork as a stretch goal might be fun. + Would love to see artwork from Chris Cloutier but I have no idea if he is even alive anymore. + Would love to see discussions about various power levels in the book. + Stretch goal for Hero Designer support? Forget what they are called but a sheet plus the background rules mod files. I could probably do them but pay and have someone do them right. + Icon and M&M support? That would certain expand the audience quite a bit. Anything to have more chance of getting this sucker into my grubby mitts... + Jess Nevins...he somehow needs to do something for it. Higher tier and you get his book too? Thinkin' out loud... + Cool Golden Age Of Champions WWII style recruiting poster for my gaming cottage. <- Ok that last one is a pipe dream. There ya go... John T>
  7. New Product! Realm Of The White Worm PDF

    How many pages is it?
  8. New Product: The Lost Castle PDF

    How many pages is this product? It does not say or I cannot find it in the store listing.
  9. Blackwyrm Update: Larger Than Life In Layout

    Really looking forward to this book. I am thinking about an American folklore based horror campaign similar to something like Supernatural and I want to use Hero.
  10. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    I recently read the 19XX strips.
  11. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Thinking this will be the new cover...
  12. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I agree. Hec, I wrote an adventure in Digital Hero #9 called Infectious Enthusiasm that is intended to be used to introduce Hero. It includes all of the PC and villains and the artwork for them is stellar!
  13. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I'm not 100% sure I agree because there might be some subtle name changes and such that I would want to see in HD...eh...no biggie...as long as there is HD support that would be good.
  14. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete Has anyone mentioned Hero Designer support for Champions Complete? I know I use Hero Designer religiously...
  15. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Re: [New Product] Champions Complete I think I like CC better. Would there be confusion with C-Squared vs Champions 2?