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  1. Full Power

    Have the warheads blowup 1 inch or 6 inches from the target for less damage then a contact boom?
  2. Animated superhero movies.

    MegaMind and Big Hero 6 are also fun ones.
  3. "Roll Under" mechanic

    Also if you have a set of... um 'HOT' dice that always 'roll good' you um lose a bit with this system.
  4. Stretching and Neck as Limb

    or +5 PER with Normal Hearing (5 Active Points); Concentration (1/2 DCV; -1/4), Extra Time (Full Phase, Only to Activate, -1/4) rather then Clairsentience
  5. In other news...

    The VIPER is not the running some (or most) of the politicians and lobbyists?
  6. Diving Into 6e - Book Suggestions

    Also look at getting HERO Designer.
  7. Site Upgrade

    Thank you for the update, looks it was not a bad one, stress test time?
  8. Opioid crisis?

    is that hours or days? I hope for the best, 2-4 hours and there back. and not days and rollback
  9. Good fast food?

    Burgerville runs in to SE Washington. Yes, really good food, pricey thou.
  10. Good fast food?

    Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen - good fried chicken, I like it more then KFC
  11. California fires

    I have heard Australia's fire season is flopped from the US's. we send crews to Australia in our winter/spring and can get crews from them in the summer/fall.
  12. as per the CC Complication do not add points, but if you do not pick up Complications you lose points by buying them off
  13. Who should be the Nest Leader of Campaign City?

    The Respectable Businessman with more then a bit of Ruthless Bastard, that would be my call on the leader. Lower end of upper class.
  14. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Looks like +200 lbs of lapdog
  15. Irma frontline

    how is the storm going?