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  1. Decorating the VIPER's Nest

    so, have you added some ED-209s? (from Robocop)
  2. More space news!

    the moon buggies https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lunar_Roving_Vehicle
  3. "Neat" Pictures

    that looks cold and cool
  4. RIP: Mort Walker

  5. What Should the Arc finish next?

    any or all of them ?
  6. thou the US Coast Guard is part of the United States Armed Forces. Under the Navy too like the United States Marine Corp.
  7. Could be... Shotgun: Multipower, 50-point reserve, 4 clips of 8 Charges (-0) (50 Active Points); OAF (-1) Blast 10d6 (50 Active Points); 8 Charges (-1/2) Blast 5d6, Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4), Attack Versus Alternate Defense (ED; All Or Nothing; LS: Self Contained ; +1/2) (44 Active Points); 8 Charges (-1/2) Blast 8d6, Armor Piercing (+1/4) (50 Active Points); 8 Charges (-1/2) Blast 8d6, Area Of Effect (32m Cone Explosion; +1/4) (50 Active Points); 8 Charges (-1/2) oops, you are using 5th. the numbers will be off
  8. Funny pics

    only room for 2 digits on the night temp?
  9. well. you could make a 'clap' of 'thunder' type of attack for your brick. that may use STR
  10. Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    Batman goes on vacation. No need to fight her sense she is not going to loose.
  11. Help with a supervillain design

    another way would be shape shift, say Shape Shift (Smell/Taste, Touch and Hearing Groups), Cellular, Costs END Only To Change Shape (+1/4) (37 Active Points); Extra Time (1 Turn (Post-Segment 12), Only to Activate, -3/4), IIF Expendable (Easy to obtain new Focus; (a body); -1/4)
  12. Psychic Backlash

    The damage shield is zero range, but hits any one who hits it. so no need for LOS. not even a OMCV vs DMCV. Just bam vs rMD
  13. Psychic Backlash

    0 END and always on, and for some real fun make it a killing attack too
  14. Add ranged to Killing Attack - Hand-To-Hand -Ranged (+1/2)