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  1. Endurance and spells

    Here you go. http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/93703-magic-system-comments-welcome/ http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/93884-divine-magic-system/
  2. Endurance and spells

    I use a modified LTE system. You can find details in a couple of posts in the forum addressing my magic system for current FH campaign. - E
  3. Movement as a zero phase action?

    Just going to address the "effects" you list in order as well. 1. Full Phase actions remove the ability to use a zero phase action (6e2, 18). 2. Same with attack actions (6e2, 18). 3. Aborting allows the use of defensive powers, so if the GM ruled that your power was defensive you could abort to it. 4. Not so, because the full move would end your phase. And just in case someone was wondering about the rules that govern this beyond the Trigger rules, see 6e1, 14: (more detail can be found on 6e2, 18 as well)
  4. Movement as a zero phase action?

    Aside from the issues that Cantriped (munchkiny) and Chris (still takes time to execute move, no matter how it is triggered) brought up, leaping can also be problematic in combat since it requires an attack roll. Even over relatively short distances (17-20m) a character with a base OCV of 7 will miss over 1/4 of the time. With a OCV of 5 you miss 50% of the time. Players generally don't think Leaping is such a good buy for combat movement once they realize that. Non-combat movement also takes an extra phase for each doubling, so other forms generally end up faster and more accurate at the base level. - E
  5. Cannot Heal Magically (+??)

    nods. You would need a Suppress Regeneration for that. I don't generally include regeneration as a healing spell option in FH campaigns, but some folks do. - E
  6. Cannot Heal Magically (+??)

    The limitations (Self only, etc) would be -0 (6e1, 358). Other than that I like it, although it is probably more expensive than the UAA PowerD. - E
  7. Cannot Heal Magically (+??)

    I favor keeping it simple, but see that as staying within the rules as published. Power Defense UAA fits the bill and does not violate the basic precept of Hero that nothing is absolute and everything has a defense. If you want it to be near absolute, just make the PowerD high enough that there is no healing in the game that can exceed it. While you are at it, make it difficult to dispel and add a few levels of Hardened and Impenetrable. For defenses, if you want it absolute you set the defense versus some effect (Psych Lim: Holy Warrior, Priest of Good, etc) or if not absolute you use Power Defense or a Divine skill roll or the like as a defense. The points are already balanced, so you don't have to worry about guessing the value of an advantage or custom adder. - E
  8. Magical roll and attack roll

    It will for sure increase the value of DCV. I would also tend to favor spells with Change Environment that cause -Range Modifier, since all they have to do is move it up 1 level to save 1 body and 2 stun on the average 3d6K attack, in addition to the normal possibilities of generating a miss.
  9. Alternate Long-Term END rules

    I actually use LTE in my Heroic games. Thus far the battles have not been long enough for it to make a huge difference, but they just finished a medium length one and will not get rest before the finale, so it will probably impact this combat more. I think you could achieve the same effect by just having each Poke power cost N LTE. Maybe their basic attack is 1 LTE per and their special is 5 LTE per or varies on AP or the like. Seems like the tracking would be easier to me. But otherwise I see nothing mathematically or thematically with what you are proposing. - E
  10. Anti-Targeting DCV

    I can think of a couple others. Teleporters with who create random small "gates" between them and their enemies. A force manipulator with floating deflector shields. A fire user who creates a "heat haze" that makes it more difficult to target them. Another way to model it would be Change Environment using Range Modifiers. You could also look at triggered missile deflection, but it gets wonky for multiple attacks. - E
  11. Alternate Long-Term END rules

    This will highly favor 0 END and Reduced END abilities, I assume you have accounted for that? Also, very high END will be more desirable than high REC. Lastly, END reserves will be popular if allowed. - E
  12. Well, in games with NCM you can make it count against that, so 6 points per level or whatever it works out to when you double the PRE cost. Also, PRE defense is pretty cheap and can be made cheaper by limiting it to work versus striking appearance.
  13. Wound/Stress Thresholds

    I wish I could like that more than once, Lucius. - E
  14. Questions about HD file format

    I don't export to PDF unless I am printing or need to send someone a character sheet view. Since they are often 2+ pages it's just easier to view things in HD for me. Or to export a combat record that summarizes what I am after for the party / group. - E
  15. Wound/Stress Thresholds

    Just giving you how this sounds from behind my keyboard... "I don't really have a why other than tinkering for tinkering's sake". Which is fine, but not something most of us engage in much. We like to have a reason. You have given a very specific example that is almost exactly what everyone here wants. What are you trying to solve that makes the normal usage of Body and Stun not the integral solution for "Other Hero". Many of us here are not mainly Champions or exclusively Champions players. I most play/gm low to mid level Heroic in Fantasy, Urban Fantasy and Pulp / Agent genre. Body and Stun work fine for me in all of those as well as my occasional Champs game. So it's not "why can't we change this" as much as "what is to be gained from changing this". It is interesting that you equate Body / Stun with HP. Most players from HP style systems do not. Maybe you are trying to replicate a particular feel from another game (you mention several that you like) and there is nothing wrong with that. But you should understand that Body / Stun is a fairly ingrained concept in Hero so changing it is going to have wide reaching effects. For that to be worth the time and effort, generally people want more than "Let's tinker and see what happens". - E