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  1. Hero System 5th Edition

    I wouldn't say COM did nothing. It did plenty, that just wasn't codified. It was there to give your normally fluff-only good looks some small bit of mechanical oomph. For instance, considering 20 COM to be the Normal Characteristic Maximum, COM is exactly twice the "1-10" scale. COM is also a Characteristic from which one can derive its Characteristic Roll. There are lots of things for which CHA Rolls aren't necessarily codified; one I recall specifically is in a science fiction game, when gravity shut off suddenly, the GM said "Everyone make a Constitution Roll or vomit." Quick, easy, and not codified anywhere. Comeliness was there to be used similarly; in any instance where Striking Appearance would apply in 6e, you could instead make a complementary Comeliness Roll for a potential bonus. On the other hand, Striking Appearance applies always. It's essentially an automatic bonus that you never have to roll for. I recall asking Steve Long once, privately, what his rationale was for making the change. It was something like, there aren't any codified functions for Comeliness; any non-codified functions it might have would be as the aforementioned complementary Characteristic Roll. Anything that provides a bonus to other Skills, rather than having its own codified uses (i.e. COM-based Skills) would be considered a Talent. Fortunately, Comeliness is forward-portable to 6e, and Striking Appearance is backward-portable to 5e. In Hero Designer, COM can be done as a custom Characteristic, while Striking Appearance can be built as limited PRE.
  2. Site Upgrade

    Try logging out and back in. I had to do that to get some of the settings to change even after I toggled them.
  3. HKA & added Str?

    I'm going more by the general rule that you can buy a Power to add to another Power, as long as they're meant to be used together. For instance, Blast 10d6, plus Blast +6d6, 2x END. In this case, one might buy Blast, +6d6, No Range, and define that as adding to a punch (which, now that I look into it further, wouldn't have the option to take either the Unified Power or Linked Limitations). Seems easier to me to just house rule the HA Limitation back to -1/2.
  4. HKA & added Str?

    That changed in 6e. That's effectively a GM option, strongly recommended but still optional rule.
  5. HKA & added Str?

    Oh wow, there's one of those gotchas. So now HA costs more than Blast, No Range. That's less than ideal, IMO.
  6. Site Upgrade

    Excellent. Thank you kindly!
  7. Site Upgrade

    Hi Dan, is there any way to change any of the behavior of the message editor? Under the new version, a carriage return inserts a double space, where it used to insert a single space. If not, it's okay, I'm just wondering if there is.
  8. HKA & added Str?

    The reasoning was to make the adding damage rules a lot simpler to use in play. Champions used to cap it at 2x DC. Then came Martial Arts DCs, maneuver DCs, prorating for Advantages, conditions, exceptions, and so on. I could build 3d6 of "HA" using the same rationale and Limitations as the above "HKA" and get the same cost. Except that we already get some of those dice from STR; in practice, HA should look more like the more tightly limited version, at 6 2/3 points per 3d6 (6.6666666...) or 2.2222... points per d6. Huh. I guess an argument could be made that at 3 points per d6, HA is overpriced.
  9. HKA & added Str?

    1d6 RKA, No Range: 10 Real Points plus 1d6 RKA, No Range, Linked (above RKA, -1/2), Unified (w/STR, -1/4): 6 2/3 (rounds to 7) Real Points Total cost: 17 points for 1d6 of "HKA" built in this fashion. If we give a small discount per SETAC guidelines, we can call it 15 points. PS -- I am extra terse because I am on my phone.
  10. None of the boards are showing any sticky topics. It seems like something like that happened, or else I accidentally changed a setting for myself. It's not a huge deal; I'm more curious than anything.
  11. [New Product] Champions Complete

    Here's one (used though) in the UK for GPB 35.00 with 4.90 shipping in the UK: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Champions-Complete-Super-Hero-System-Roleplaying-Adventure-Superhero-Rule-Book-/142514523536?hash=item212e870d90
  12. [New Product] Champions Complete

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/158366145X/ref=tmm_pap_new_olp_sr?ie=UTF8&condition=new&qid=1508519657&sr=8-1 shows two: one from the US (that's probably the one you mentioned) for GBP 30.65 with 5.23 UK delivery, and one from the UK for GBP 57.98 with 2.80 UK delivery. I've been poking around Google for British game stores but the ones I'm finding don't seem to carry Champions Complete. I saw the 6th edition Basic Rulebook, at which one I can't remember; I don't know if having that on paper and any of the corebooks in PDF would work for you. There might also be print on demand solutions. Drivethrurpg seems to have a UK print on demand source, and while you can't get Champions Complete through POD you can get the 6e1, 6e2, and Champions: the Super RPG genrebook in that format. That might be more money than you were looking to spend, though; $105 total for the three books in paper and PDF combined. Still looking, will post again when I have more info.
  13. Two way communication devices.

    How about Equipment? That's what Hero Designer uses.
  14. Two way communication devices.

    Hence my suggestion of a Perk or a no-cost piece of equipment. We all know what a cell phone is and what you can do with them; do we really need a writeup?
  15. Two way communication devices.

    If they're not common in the setting (like it's a typical low magic medieval-type fantasy world) I'd build it as a power. If they were as ubiquitous in the setting as cell phones are in the modern real world, I'd maybe call it a Perk, or maybe it's like a normal piece of equipment that anyone can carry for free.