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  1. Retro Styled Campaign

    So, Wonder Woman, season one?
  2. Retro Styled Campaign

    When given a choice, that choice is always Golden Age.
  3. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    The Doom Patrol precede the X-Men by several months. (Doom Patrol: June 1963; X-Men: Sep 1963).
  4. Champions Villains Index?

    Back in the 4th edition days, there was index in the back of Classic Enemies that categorized the villains by a bunch of different criteria (Mastermind, Mercenary, Loner, Alien, Magical, Mutant, etc, etc). Has anyone put together anything similar for the 6th edition villains?
  5. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Enjoying the book so far. Lots of cool info - particularly the timeline (love a good timeline). Ties nicely into Champions Universe continuity, but not so much that breaking it out it is difficult. So far my only real complaint (if you can call it such) is that I wish it had a few mostly fleshed out scenarios in it (seeds and hooks are nice, but I'm a lazy time constrained GM sometimes).
  6. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    It was a face palm "really".
  7. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Mine arrived this weekend. Still working on chewing through, but.... Bohica? Really?
  8. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    Canada? I'm not feeling the love here on the US east coast...
  9. Golden Age Champions Discussion Thread

    No sign of it on my doorstep yet (nor any kind of tracking notification so I have no idea when to expect it).
  10. I Hate the USPS!

    It actually arrived. Packaging looked like it had been through a war zone,. but the book inside was mostly ok (one corner got crunched a little - but I can live with it).
  11. I Hate the USPS!

    It arrived at the Post Office that services my neighborhood this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  12. I Hate the USPS!

    I buy a large amount of stuff online, so I've dealt with most of the major shipping outfits on many occasions - enough so that I've experienced problems with most of them. UPS and FedEx have had as many issues as the USPS has had (regarding my stuff) but almost every time those two companies have attempted at least some minimal form of service recovery - even if nothing more than an acknowledgment and apology ("owning" your mistake and appologizing for it goes a long way in customer relations). Nothing from the USPS though - not even the time they ran over a package (board game) with their truck and delivered the soggy, crushed remains in a plastic bag.
  13. I Hate the USPS!

    Update! Oct 9 - It arrived at the USPS distribution center in Reno, NV (perhaps it got homesick?)
  14. I Hate the USPS!

    I'm in the Winston-Salem area (actually, the surrounding Forsyth County)
  15. Traits of an Emerging Powers Campaign

    My intention is to very much NOT go dark - but I'll incorporate ideas from a variety of sources, and even ideas from dark concepts can be used in non-dark games. In the case of this campaign there is not particular "the government is E V I L" vibe. It's just a big bureaucracy, neither good nor evil. The heroes work for a apartment that acts in tandem with the Metro Police, and they are definitely positioned as the Good Guys (rather then the Not A Bad As The Bad Guys Guys). Certain background plot elements require that they be working "within the system" - but not in a darkly depressing "there's a huge evil conspiracy within the British government that the players need to defeat", but more that there are secrets the PCs will need to uncover, and the very existence of these secrets will only become apparent to people within the system. Plus, it provides a framework for financing, equipping, and organizing heroes who have no other reason to be together.