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  1. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    we were still teens playing a High level AD&D game, new DM had us take on an "army" of magic users... we really didn't believe there would be 100 spell caster's marching in formation... but there were... when they saw the party they cast 100 fireballs at us, how they all knew to cast the same spell at the same time was pretty funny... but one character survived... the monk was high enough level where he took no damage if he made his save, and had enough protection items that he rarely failed... 100 saves and he did manage to survive... the DM seems very angry there was one character he couldn't kill... he then says "CAN YOU TAKE 100 MAGIC MISSILES THEN MR SMARTY PANTS?!?" his response... "uh... no? so uh did you have fun running your first and last game ever?"