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  1. Terran Trade Authority Books

    I've heard rumblings about a TTA rpg; has anyone seen it?
  2. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Another GOP seat may be up for grabs. Who didn't see this one coming? Aside from Congressman Nunes, I mean. https://shareblue.com/failed-memo-stunt-leaves-nunes-in-danger-of-losing-his-seat/
  3. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Trump never gets tired of reminding us all how superior he is. Mainly because he isn't.
  4. Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    That would be pepperoni. I nuke it for about half a minute to remove excess grease before it goes on the pizza.
  5. Foods for those that just don't care anymore

    I used to tell people who asked what I want for Christmas that I don't need anything, just get me a pizza. Now we make one from scratch every year because my wife understands me. Merry Christmas!
  6. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Update: the robots are now unemployed. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2017/12/after-outcry-non-profit-stops-use-of-security-robot-to-oust-homeless/
  7. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    When I went to Canada, someone thought I was Quebecois because of my hat.
  8. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Sanity points notwithstanding, I'm gonna have a look at this on my day off.
  9. Daylight savings time?

    Tinkering with the clock doesn't really change anything, and it's a huge inconvenience. I say get rid of DST, and then fire the bureaucrats who perpetuated it this long. Also, no severance pay for the dinks who kept changing the start/end dates. They're a menace. Just let me get my precious hour of sleep back this year because somebody owes me for that, and then let's be done with it.
  10. Site Upgrade

    This looks to be quite an improvement for the Hero forum. Many thanks, and congratulations.
  11. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Urban Legends of the Fall of the Roman Empire Records Strikes Back to the Once and Future King of the Hills Have Eyes Wide Shutter Island of Dr. Moreau
  12. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Aren't we all?
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    This is why we have laws. This is corrosive effect of having a class of citizens who are above the law. And this is something everyone should have seen coming decades ago. Now it's probably too late to change course.
  14. Good fast food?

    The other thing about Five Guys; I've been going in there (different locations all over the country) for close to 10 years now, and not once has my order been wrong. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement; there's simply no other establishment that can match that kind of performance.