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    Known superhuman powers: Able to run fun, safe, and high energy campaigns, the last one still going with the group I left back in 2005 to relocate to Michigan with one of the players there taking over as GM, so the campaign has been going for 12 years now. Able to bring together different people into a cohesive gaming group.
    Weapons: Dice, rulebooks, and a fertile imagination. When the situation calls for it, my Gerber pocketknife and universal tool, or my Glock 19 come in handy.
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  1. A Game Of Questions

    What type of harassment are you talking about?
  2. Size of Super Teams

    Seven is the best number. But running that many is a lot of work!
  3. What's in the Champions book?

    It has a few sample characters (The Champions and some foes). A helpful part of the book is chapter 5, as it has sample templates with power sets and complications for a variety of super-types such as brick, blaster, metamorph, etc. It talks about superhero campaigning in general and gives guidelines for playing in the different comic book "ages", i.e. golden, silver, etc. Here si the table of contents if that helps at all: Chapter One: Truth, Justice, and the American Way: The Superhero Genre Chapter Two: With Great Power: Superhero Character Generation Chapter Three: Comes Great Responsibility: Gamemastering Champions Chapter Four: The Champions Chapter Five: The Champions Sourcebook
  4. Apocalyptic Crossover

    I agree with Opale. With that many players you'll need at least 3 gms. I've run 14 at a time and that was super-tough.
  5. What's the perfect number for your party of PCs?

    I like an odd number so if there is a difference of opinion on something, you can vote and not tie. I've run games with as few as 3 players and as many as 15. My preference is 5 or 7, so we have a good cross section of archetype mixes, i.e. bricks, mages, martial artists, speedsters, etc. without combats taing entire game sessions..of course that happens anyway...
  6. Storn's Art & Characters thread.

    Thoughts and prayers extended to you and your family. My condolences.
  7. Comic elemnts in your game

    The silliest episode of my game was "How Foxbat Stole Christmas". Foxbat captured Santa Claus (the real one) and replaced him with an impostor until Santa made have his elves build Foxbat a magic Foxcentipedebatmobile. The players took it in stride and really enjoyed it. I love running holiday specials.
  8. Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    Thank you sir! Everything is a-ok now.
  9. Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    Okay, I need some help. I am using windows 10. I have downloaded the zip file to C:/users/seanr/HeroDesigner. I have unzipped the file. What is now in the directory is: DefaultPrintTemplate.hde DefaultPrintTemplate6e.hde HD6 (winRar archive is the file type) HDDocs (pdf file) hdlogo (PNG file) herologo (jpg file) HeroSystem_6eLogos (jg file) So..what do I click on to run the program? I don't see the jar file everyone is talking about. I have the most current version of java. Thanks.
  10. GMPCs

    Shadow, I've done the same thing, using a GMPC to teach game mechanics. I slowly phased the character out as the players gained experience. I typically do not enjoy them, as I have plenty to do on the other side of the screen. I feel like I short change my players if I divert my attention too much.
  11. Tropes and Touchpoints of the Bronze Age

    The Bronze Age was also a time for experimentation and the rise of the indie labels. Marvel and DC started and canceled many new titles during the 70s and early-mid 80s, and Pacific, Eclipse, and other smaller publishers began. ONe thing I enjoyed from the Bronze Age was the constant attempt at new things -- New Gods, Shade the Changing Man, Marvel Premiere, Marvel Spotlight, new rise of horror (Tomb of Dracula, Werewolf by Night). I guess what 'm saying is don't tie yourself to one type of adventures. Have characters that cover a wide variety of backgrounds so you do cosmic stories, streetwise stories, supernatural stories...
  12. What inspires you to create game plots?

    I can echo what most here have written already. Anything I run into via TV, movie, novel, news article, even song lyrics, can be inspirational for a plot hook. The skill of active listening is key as well --- as our esteemed colleague above, Christopher Taylor, mentioned --- players will give you ideas as well. The best thing a GM can pick up during conversation at a game table is "it would be cool if". Don't be afraid to use anything as inspiration, and be prepared for plots to take on a life of their own away from what you've planned. One of my life skills at the game table (and in my profession) that is very handy is adaptability -- go with the flow and your games will be so much more fulfilling for everyone.
  13. I'm new to Phoenix and decided to get back into the gming game. I have created a meetup for anyone i the Phoenix area looking for a group: https://www.meetup.com/Phoenix-Superhero-Role-Playing-Gamers/
  14. Prisons and Loony Bins

  15. Prisons and Loony Bins

    I have the Lovecraft Asylum for the Criminally Insane. I haven't fleshed it out much as yet, but it will be located in Massachusetts. Probably near Boston...or maybe Salem...