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  1. Superhero Images

    Here are a few characters created with modified art (not my original art). They're from my Epic City game. A long time ago I had a huge thread about Epic City. I'm sure it's archived somewhere, but I have no idea how to reach it. AMP Bastion Corona The Badger Freon If you want to see more, let me know. Oops, looks like I posted some of these already here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/134-superhero-images/?p=2490834 Sorry
  2. Am I missing something? Isn't it as simple as loose a turn (action) from both Speeds then use the new Speed?
  3. In addition to what Rather reports below, there are other indications that a) we were there supporting Russian interests for some bizarre reason, and forces from Chad, which has been a valuable ally against terrorist groups, had been removed from the area because the administration attempted to put Chad on the travel ban list. From Dan Rather re: Niger: "While everyone is so busy talking about Trump's #fakepresidenthandling of his call to the widow of the soldier killed in Niger, you're all missing the important part of that story -- the part about what happened that night in Niger. Here's what we know so far: These soldiers went to a meeting in an area near the border with Mali. This is a well known hot spot for ISIS activity. Our soldiers were not backed up by US Military air support. No, they were backed up by the French, who were not authorized to intervene or even fire a shot. Our soldiers did not have armored vehicles. They traveled in pickup trucks. Our soldiers were given faulty intel that said "it was unlikely that they would meet any hostile forces." Of course, they walked into an ISIS ambush. It was chaotic and they took three casualties. It took the French 30 minutes to arrive. When they did, they were not authorized to help. So, a dozen of our Green Berets fought a battle with more than 50 ISIS fighters, without help, for 30 minutes. Finally, a rescue helicopter arrived, but it was not a US military helicopter. No, we apparently outsourced that job to “private contractors.” So, these contractors landed and loaded the remaining troops, the injured and the dead. Here's where this gets really bad .... Because they were not military, they never did a head count. That is how Sgt. La David Johnson was left behind. That's right .... they left him behind. According to the Pentagon, his locator beacon was activated on the battlefield, which indicates that he was alive when they left him there. They recovered his body 48 hours later, but are refusing to say where. According to his widow, she was told that she could not have an open casket funeral. This indicates that he was mutilated after being left behind on the battlefield. This is what led to the nonsense we're obsessing over. This is the real story. As usual, you're allowing it to be about Trump's distraction. The Trump Pentagon gave these men bad intel, no support, outsourced rescue people and then tried for more than a week to pretend it never happened. In that time, Trump spoke on many occasions and never mentioned it. He tweeted attacks on many but never mentioned these men. Only after pressure from the media has he bothered to even acknowledge these men and their service." Please COPY & PASTE to share
  4. I challenge you!

    Chocolate Captain Atom vs. Firestorm
  5. NEED Character Help!

    BTW: I've already checked out Cassandra's 250 pt. builds.
  6. NEED Character Help!

    Does anyone have any 5th or 6th (preferably 6th) edition DC villain write ups??? I'm currently looking for: Bane Killer Frost Weather Wizard But, honestly, anything will do... Flash's Rogues, Batman Villains,The Crime Syndicate, Red Lanterns, The Monster Society of Evil, The Injustice League, Fearsome Five, Sinestro Corps, Suicide Squad... Anything! I have a game tonight, but no time for write-ups! PLEASE HELP!!! P.S. We are currently playing in the 400 pt range, but any point total would be helpful! Below: EPIC CITY'S... EPIC ALLIANCE!
  7. The look of your scifi campaign

    Actually he was a doctor that happened to be Chiss:

    Our PC's ship: THE SUNSTRIDER The Sunstrider.pdf THE SUNSTRIDER2(sm).pdf

    Here are some of the game aids/rules we use... Take a look: SHIPS Ships of theTGU.pdf Starship Propulsion Systems.pdf Stasrship Combat in the TGU 2.0 (REVISED).pdf How To Kill Some Shit in TGU Space.pdf

    ...As the ruby-striped consular-class cruiser fills the viewport, suddenly on your ship’s viewscreen, in all his preposterous glory, is a pointyeared, male near-Human with sharp, dark eyebrows, a patch of fur on his jutting chin, and a razor-thin mustache that would be the envy of any holodrama villain. He’s wearing an open crimson shirt, strapped down at the waist by a gold sash, and he brandishes a menacing vibrorapier. His gloating smile says it all. “Let’s not waste time, you starforsaken spawns of space slugs,” the man says. “By the authority of the Red Fury Brotherhood, you’re now Captain Reddjak’s prisoners. Cut all power to your weapons and shields, and the Blood Brother won’t blow you out of the stars. Prepare for the pleasure of being boarded.”

    Sure is... One of 3 in the TGU (the only one mapped out in such detail thus far)

    PC's DO die. Not too often, but it tends to happen in clumps (two or three at a time). That happens when you combine things like the Force and Warp in one game. In fact, tonight at 7:00 they will be tasked to ward off a Space Pirate incursion! Unfortunately, this game isn't currently open to new players. But you're more than welcome to visit this page (and the soon to come 2 other Epic Universe threads) whenever you need inspiration or to borrow something for your own game.
  13. Aliens: A Collector's Thread

    I just started a thread about the stuff above: http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/94376-epic-star-hero/?p=2544883

    Place holder for more!

    On to the modern TGU... As I began to expand the old NEMESIS game I realized one thing... 3 galaxies is a TON of space!!! So I decided to focus on one for the time being. THE AURON GALAXY And a closer look at The Feudal Demesne (an area devoted to Dune & MechWarrior) The Feudal Demesne.pdf