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    Novice GM who prefers roleplaying the super hero or moderen genre but can be partial to fantasy and horror. collect comics,is a anime otaku and likes video games in general.
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  1. Policy for Fan Fiction

    Just go to the following Fanfiction sites to get some ideas http://www.fanfiction.net http://authornation.com Truthfully if you created your PCs in your campaign then they're yours just make sure that you copyrighted them or they'll be snatched by someone else. There are other fanfiction sites that feature Champions Stories that may or may not be based on established Marvel Characters from the comics. Just Google " Spectrum Comics" and You'll find the site. good luck.
  2. WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Here's Mine: TOYBOX: Young woman who uses toys and novelties to commit crimes or battle crime[depends on which side you put her on] King SLINKY: Body's a human slinky,uses any part of his body to ko anyone who gets in his way .Uses Stoodgitsu to comedic effect with his limbs. SWEETOOTH: Uses explosive candy to commit crimes or KO criminals [Again a switchable Character]. Lady ROUNDUP: Uses Rodeo tricks and cowboy gear to trip up criminals[Out and Out Hero not suited to the shinanigans of CLOWN]
  3. WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    If memory serves me right since I had a copy of CLASSIC ORGANIZATIONS the muscular dude with the "T" is called TAG on the basis that when you touch a victim and say "Tag! You're It!" He comes over and pounds the dude to jello. literally.
  4. WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Hope You include Their HQ and Vehicle.
  5. Deadman's Heromachine Archive

    Hope you included the original Three CLOWNS or Newer Versions of them.
  6. Here is the place where all players in this club intro themselves and their PCs for the TEAM Alpha Campaign game . If you all created your PCs please intro yourselves as you PC or the Characters selected in the main topic. HERE are the Characters you can choose for the campaign: Prince SAGA The Tomorrow Teen: The son of the Tomorrow Man who was kidnapped by the CIA in attempt to control SUPREMOR but was rescued by PRIMUS and SAGA and inducted into TA's Beta program.
  7. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Watched Marvel's Runaways on HULU plus, also The Inhumans, The Gifted and Agents of Shield, also by Marvel.
  8. Retro Styled Campaign

    Methinks He was talking about SUPERFRIENDS than Happy Days,Laverne & Shirley or the Waltons.
  9. Clubs

    Thanks for the info guys. BTW I've created a PBP campaign club here ,feel free to join in.
  10. Hero System 5th Edition

    I prefer the 5th when i'm doing PBP or PBEM on the forums.
  11. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    It's Already in Theaters right now!
  12. The Coming Epic Failure of the DC Movie Universe

    NO duh !Looks like the big cheeses are now a house of cards with all the scandals goin' on.
  13. Hero System 5th Edition

    Homie I'm using the 5th ed in my online PBP campaigns here and in RPonline.
  14. Hi there


    I'm interested in your game, but have never played either PBP or PBEM.


    What are the guidelines for becoming involved?



    1. PhantomGM2602


      go to the club and follow the house rules i've listed on the Team Alpha game board.

      then download your fillable CS that's right below the intro and create your PC using the HERO system.

      join the club and join the campaign by introing your pc.

      That's all oh and enjoy being a Teen hero [make sure you refer to TEEN Champions when you're making your PC]


    2. Amorkca


      I have Champions Complete. Will that make a difference?  

  15. Team Alpha is a teen Champions RPG that will be played PBP or PBEM [Play By EMail] whichever is your preference. There are a few rules to adhere to when playing this campaign: [A] Dramatic rp: This is a Comic book RPG so please keep your opinions OOC when playing your PC In other words post as your PC would speak in the imagined comic series. Player Insight: Don't just play along with the game ,offer your own opinions to the adventure and also, add a few ideas to the game or input them to the GM. [C] IC Dialogue: When the GM speaks in the voices of the villian or NPC please respond, but DON'T Use profanity in this PBP game. This is a PG-13 rated campaign and I want to keep it that way,anyone who violates this rule will be removed from membership and his PC demoted to NPC by the GM. If however anyone have a suggestion please post in the OC column. [D] Above all, HAVE FUN!! We're supposed to simulate the comics so make sure that you enjoy yourselves as your PCs. Above all input your ideas to the GM for every adventure that you play in this campaign. any idea that you input will be inserted into the campaign.