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  1. Does dropping a grenade mid-move end your movement?
  2. Stuck on "Loading Plugins" in Ubuntu 16.04

    The solution for Ubuntu 16.04 to create a desktop shortcut. 1. Right click on the desktop, New Document -> Empty Document. 2. Open the "Untitled Document" with your preferred text editor and enter the following, modified to your specific situation. [Desktop Entry] Version=6.0 Name=HERO Designer Comment=HERO Designer Build 20170109 Exec=bash -c "cd /path/to/your/HERODesigner/folder && java -jar HD6.jar" Icon=/path/to/your/HERODesigner/folder/hdlogo.png Terminal=false Type=Application Categories=Games;Application; Path=/home/daniel/Programs/HERODesigner 3. Save the file. 4. Rename the file "HERO Designer.desktop" 5. Right click on the "HERO Designer.desktop", click on the Permissions tab, and put a check in the "Allow executing file as program", close the window You should now have a HERO Designer desktop icon. Double click and it should start up the program.
  3. Stuck on "Loading Plugins" in Ubuntu 16.04

    Work around: Run it from a command line. 1) Browse to the folder with HD6.jar 2) Press Ctrl + Alt + T 3) Type in: java -jar ./HD6.jar It should start up. Will update as I get more solutions.
  4. Stuck on "Loading Plugins" in Ubuntu 16.04

    Interesting. If I run HD6.jar from the command line (java -jar HD6.jar) it works. If I double click on the icon, it does not. Looks like it's an Ubuntu issue. I'll post a solution when I figure one out. Thanks!
  5. This is the sequence of events: 1. In my home directory, created a programs folder. 2. Extracted the contents of the HERODesigner.zip file (freshly downloaded) to that folder. 3. Checked to make sure I had full read/write rights to all the folders and files. 4. Double clicked on HD6.jar. 5. It starts up, but stalls on the "Loading Plugins" screen. I installed the HERO Combat Manager and it's working fine. I'm at a loss, please help.
  6. The first would be great (even one back step), the second would also work (GM could manually make any adjustments), or third, reset to turn 0 phase 12, reloading all the characters (maybe a popup asking if Body/Charges is also reset). From a code POV, I think the second or third would likely be simplest. The first would require you to save all the character objects to allow the rollback. Thaks for your time.
  7. A simple way to reset to Turn 0, Phase 12, and/or a way to set the turn/phase (e.g go back one phase).
  8. A way to reset to turn 0, phase 12 (a new combat), or any other turn and phase would be handy.
  9. Mutants and Masterminds vs. HERO

    Re: Mutants and Masterminds vs. HERO I'm torn. On the one hand I have found as I get older, I start looking at "simpler" systems because that's what my players demand. On the other, HERO is a nice "crunchy" system that lets me tinker. Now, I know many of you say the HERO system is easy, and you know what, I agree. The SYSTEM itself is easy, but, for a new player, there is a lot of it to keep track of (BODY, STUN, END, etc.). ("What do you mean, a low roll is good?!? What do you mean, damage is different?!? I have do what with the damage dice now? I have to roll HOW MANY!?!? Etc. Etc.) My current crop of players are casual players that play D&D D20. They're not interested in learning a whole new system from scratch Sadly, it's easier for me to say, "Just like in D&D, except..." and just hit the highlights of M&M vs D&D. If I could find players who would want to play a HERO supers game, I would all over that. Just my $0.02. (Sorry if this post is a little scattered, I'm fighting a head cold right now)