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  1. Funny pics

    "I say there, my good man--have you a light?"
  2. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    He doesn't need money to build another Fortress. He can do it himself.
  3. WWYCD: Negator

    I say-- "I'm rubber you're glue, whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!" (You're not the only one who remembers MTV's Liquid Television. )
  4. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    I've always thought that Superman should have two Fortresses--one in the Arctic and one in the Antarctic. It would make sense, what with him being a solar-powered hero--he could spend time at the Arctic Fortress during the six-month day, and when the sun sets he can fly to the Antarctic Fortress. He could enjoy round-the-clock sunshine all year long. He can do it. He's Superman.
  5. Classic Movie Plot Holes (Spoilers)

    Begging your pardon, Cassandra, but don't you mean Captain America: The Winter Soldier? They were also fomenting chaos and discord, to the point where people would be willing to give up their freedom to attain order and security. And darned if they didn't come close to achieving their goal. If not for Captain America, the United States would have been Hydra Nation.
  6. Funny pics

  7. Con survival pack

    I don't have a laptop or a tablet, so I take pencils, pens and paper for writing stuff down. Dice, of course. Whatever rulebooks I need. A travel-sized roll of toilet paper, in case the bathrooms at the con run out. (Don't laugh--it's happened at a couple of GEN CONs I've attended.) It's also good for wiping erasable marks off battlemats, and other stuff like that. Food--that depends on where I stay. If the hotel has a free breakfast, I eat as much of that as I can. If breakfast isn't free, I will bring milk and cereal with me, and have fast food for dinner. Hope that helps.
  8. Funny pics

    I think Donald makes a better Sith Lord, myself--
  9. Could this be adapted for HERO?
  10. Six Teenagers Are Running For Governor Of Kansas
  11. Golden Age Champions wins an award

    Only one thing I can say to that--
  12. I'm Still Shocked

    I'm sorry to hear this. That should not have happened. My Condolences to you, and to the couple's families and friends.
  13. Funny pics

    I prefer him as a Jedi Knight, myself--
  14. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Since you brought it up--I didn't think the commercials were that great this year. I liked the one with the clergy of various faiths attending a game together, and the Jeep ad with Jeff Goldblum reliving Jurassic Park was pretty good, but the rest were just so-so, including the Tide ads. (At least they didn't attempt to tell people to "use detergent responsibly"--that would never have worked out.) For once, the game was better than the commercials--and I didn't have a problem with that. EAGLES WIN!