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  1. In other news...

    Flat Earth Researcher To Launch Himself In Steam-Powered Rocket I am reminded of the quote by Mark Twain--"A man who carries a cat by the tail learns something he can learn in no other way."
  2. In other news...

    BIH Charles Manson It might be possible that someone in this world could shed a tear for the "loss" of this man. I'm not sure I'd care to meet that person.
  3. The Incredibles 2

    I think the producers have said something to that effect--that babies represent unlimited potential, that they can become almost anything. Does make me wonder what Dash and Violet were like as babies--were their powers already defined, or did they havie unlimited potential like Jack-Jack?
  4. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Save that one for next Easter.
  5. The Article At Livescience Interesting that they didn't have an entry for artificial gravity--that's a concept found in many, many science fiction movies and TV series, so much so that it's almost a surprise to me when it doesn't appear.
  6. A Thread for Random Videos

    I remember seeing this at GEN CON 1991. For something that likely would have gone direct to VHS back then, it wasn't too bad. It was on a continuous loop, so there were plenty of opportunities to see it. At one showing a guy standing next to me said, "Now why didn't the guard shoot them on sight? They were inside the perimeter--well, those may not have been his orders--" I countered with, "Well, why even have a human guard? Why not something like a cyborg attack animal, or a floating metal sphere that shoots laser beams?" He responded with, "Naah, human guards are fine." I don't remember the rest of the conversation. I figure he meant human guards are cheaper and easier to replace than a cyborg attack animal. Then again, you can't drop a cyborg attack animal with a sleep spell. I have to admit, I was pretty astounded at FASA. Back then, the last time I went to GEN CON was in the early Eighties, and all FASA had was a double booth where the sold their licensed products for the original Traveller game. In 1991 they were so big they took up one corner of the exhibition hall, with huge displays for Battletech, Renegade Legion--and Shadowrun. I think there's a story that can be told there, Usually when the subject of the history of RPGs and "hobby gaming" in general comes up, it focuses on the rise and fall of TSR. While TSR certainly deserves--and has received--a generous share of attention, there are other game companies and designers that have left an impact on the hobby as well, and I would hope they also would receive a measure of attention--companies such as Game Designers Workshop, Fantasy Games Unlimited, FASA--and of course, HERO Games.
  7. Funny pics

  8. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Therapy Giraffe.
  9. Jokes

    Man Uses "Vet Card" To Win Every Argument Ever
  10. You win a movie studio! What movies do you make?

    Would it be based on the Marvel comic series, or would you give him an all-new story?
  11. It's time for Christmas.....

    The movie I linked to is all new for 2017, and does not appear to be at all horrible. Check it out for yourself.
  12. VIPER plots

    Here's a more adult VIPER plot--agents impersonating local police officers (or infiltrators in the department) begin harassing minorities and street people with the intention of casting the police in a bad light. The heroes being keeping an eye out for such incidents, and when one develops in front of them, they are attacked by a VIPER Five-Team disguised as the local "Super-SWAT" unit, or one or more mercenary super-criminals. The player-heroes have to resolve the situation while maintaining good relations with the authorities--assuming such relations exist in the first place. Hope that helps.
  13. It's time for Christmas.....

    I liked Scrooged myself, especially the parts with Karen Allen. Most Christmas Carol adaptations--especially the ones sitcoms do--seem like lazy writing; this character will be the Scrooge, this one will be the Bob Cratchit, and so on. I didn't get that sense with Scrooged, and I enjoyed it a great deal. I also like The Polar Express, and do not understand why it was so ill-received. I thought it was a great movie. A Christmas Story is pretty good as well. I can understand why some people hold it in such reverence. Same for the original Miracle On 34th Street--I especially like the scene where the store manager is asked if he believes Kris Kringle is the actual Santa Claus, and he flashes on the faces of all the smiling, happy children, and he says, "Yes--I believe he is Santa Claus." This movie shows a great deal of promise--I shall have to look into it. Just my thoughts on the subject--take them as you will.