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  1. Change Environment Area

    AWESOME! That's just want I needed. Your timing is perfect gents.
  2. Change Environment Area

    OK, so page 91 of NON-Revised Edition. The Revised Ed moved things around quite a bit. Any idea where it is in the Revised Ed?
  3. Change Environment Area

    Astromath, is this documented someplace in FRed?
  4. Change Environment Area

    How is the line calculated, count the number of hexes the radius covers and put that into a straight line? What about if taken with Mega-scale? Monstrous!
  5. Sweet! Good choice of forum software! Now everyone can continue their political bashing while I attend to more computer stuff! LoL!
  6. Not bad. Wonder if there is a future option for the detailed suspension coming later. I was looking over the Invision features and didn't see a 'coming soon' section. I'd love to see that someday. How do you set the timed interval of suspension? Is it calendar based or a drop down list like week, month, 3 months, etc?
  7. Strange that it should have a place in gaming, but for the sake of testing... Also, does the Admin rights allow banning from a discussion group or topic or is it for the whole forum? That type of granularity would be amazing!
  8. Hero Designer - Latest Version?

    Is there a change log file? If nothing else, let me say that the recompile seems to have sped up loading and some functions such as the battle charting with multiple characters. It does seem to be on and off again with mapped drives, but that could be something on my end. Did you do anything to take advantage of any of the newer features for JAVA to speed things up?
  9. Hero Designer - Latest Version?

    What are the fixes?
  10. I advise searching out Dan Simon's answer as he shows the correct construction of the batch file. I'm running Windows 10 Pro 64 and an Umbutu Unix box and the fix worked for that. If Dan's post doesn't supply what you need, I can do a copy/paste of my batch file and a screenshot of the shortcut I made. Both work. Unfortunately, I'm on my phone and won't have access to any of my systems until Friday.
  11. Dan Simon is the one to thank. I take no credit for cross posting. I'm only here to serve.
  12. There is a recent post that relates to this! If you are starting from a batch file (RunHD6.bat) or something like that, just add a space and a number like 18 after the HD6.jar and save. If you start it using just a shortcut to the HD6.jar file, just add the space and number after the HD6.jar and save(Apply). Start the application and see if that is big enough for you. If it isn't, repeat the process making the number bigger until you are satisfied. 28 worked for me, but I could go just a tad smaller. Hopefully, having this solution in the original place it was brought up will help.
  13. Looking for resources

    As I recall, there used to be tons of characters that were in packs based on the books they came out of. I don't see those anymore. Did they get moved?
  14. In other words, until mobile apps and Chrome-compatible browser apps support a full Java installation, the answer is no. But, if you can run Linux off a thumb drive and use HD from that... the world is amazing!
  15. Password Recovery Not Working

    In the case of forgotten info and starting a new account, does this mean that all the purchase history and ability to download your files of stuff you've purchased, is not possible to match up with the new account? I am not sure how this particular database system tracks and if it's possible to associate one account with another, but it seems like a pretty standard SQL script for most. I've done something like that for Exchange and MS SQL servers. I've seen that function for boards before. It could be too intertwined to be an included feature and may require the folks who designed the guts to write a new script or two. That tends to run a pretty penny. In this case, I am very glad CC got things rolling again. Yay! Also, thanks again Dan for nudging the solution forward. Some of us 'older' peeps need a memory kick-start every now and then.