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  1. But the Flashpoint premise takes time to set up. At this point . the DECU Flash doesn't have any history or character development. Basing a movie around a character with about 40 minutes of screen time can be done and done well(see Wonder Woman and Black Panther). I don't see how Flashpoint can work without an established history to undo and no motives for the characters.
  2. Negative END and charges

    Or you build all robots as ninjas.
  3. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    No one has ever been tagged for the third time. If I was Cousins, I'd sign it as fast as I could find a pen. The 3rd year tag for him is 34.6 million. If I was the rest of the NFL, I'd lose the Washington's phone number after they did it and let them play a season with 50+ million committed to just 2 QBs.
  4. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    And all of these things are failings of this piss-poor version of the Batman character, not an affirmation of Luthor's genius and not an indication of Superman provoking Batman. Snyder's Batman has fallen into despair, and I get that he is exhausted from years of fighting a crusade that he feels himself losing but that will never excuse the murderous tendencies he shows in this movie. Batman has endured the seeming deaths of Jason and Stephanie and the maiming of Barbara without going on a murder spree. Miller's Batman retired rather than become a killer in a world ruled by villains. Even in his come back, in his 50's, he never resorted to killing as an option in Dark Knight 1 or 2. He's not a killer in the Injustice Universe or the Justice Lords version either. It all comes down to failure of the DC writers to understand Batman. The character the comics portray is a combination of James Bond, Sherlock Holmes, Bruce Lee and Bond's tech guy Q. Bale had Bond and Lee but punted the brainy stuff. Affleck also has Bond and Lee without Holmes or Q. Bale's Batman is led by the nose in all 3 movies and the only thing he personally outwits is Scarecrow's fear toxin. Affleck is shown with some Holmes in him in Suicide Squad but his lack in BvS is telling throughout and the only real way the plot advances. I also despise the trope that has the hero or the authorities go bad and their first target is another hero because "they're a bigger possible threat than the villains". It always ends in hard feelings between heroes after the error is realized and our confused hero being nicer to the villains after seeing the error of his ways. Heroes go after threats, they shouldn't attack those who aren't but could be. Otherwise you'd have to take out everyone with access to nukes and shut down all the CDC's of the world for fear on a rogue action by someone who's been law-abiding for years.
  5. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    I didn't . I said that Batman, the World's Greatest Detective, should know he didn't. It was your suggestion that the bomb was what caused Batman to implement his kill Superman plan. And then I repeated your quote while citing how it came into the conversation .
  6. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Hmm, I wonder how I linked the bombing and Batman's decision to kill Superman, Hmm, oh yeah it was from this: Pretty ludicrous huh? I am not disputing that a senator wouldn't be able to get Lex a tour of the ship as a consultation. I'm arguing that Lex wouldn't have clearance to come and go as he wills at all hours of the night, and definitely wouldn't be allowed to take samples or perform experiments without accompanying guards, observers and documentation( Case in point, Trump can't fill posts because his appointees can't pass background checks and this base requires a much higher classification). And do you really think that Lex would be the first and only person among the countries best security people , researchers and scientific consultants to think of holding Zod's fingerprints to an obvious scanner? In 18 months , no one but Lex is smart enough to think of this? You're also assuming the government doesn't have cameras , motion sensors and trip wires set up to monitor if the door was opened or guards posted to see if anything comes out of inaccessible parts of the ship. This is an alien spaceship surrounded by a base on its crash site in the middle of New York City , it would set new standards for security and be overseen by someone at least as hard as Waller. Lex may have gotten the fingerprints(assuming the giant idiot ball somehow applied) with permission and under the eyes of observers and armed guards but as soon as that door opened, he'd have been shown off the base with a "Thank you sir, you've been an invaluable aide , We'll call you in if we need further insights."
  7. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    Ok, he made a contingency plan, why use it when anyone with Batman's supposed intelligence would know Superman didn't cause the explosion. He was filmed flying in empty handed by every news organization in the world. Also Superman wouldn't need a bomb to kill a roomful of normal people and an explosion fits none of his powers profile. Nice deductive skills there Batman. Hmm, Batman doesn't know who Superman is at Lex's party and Superman"s ultimatum came after he saw Batman cruise through a major metropolitan area at high speeds, firing machine guns and missiles so he could hijack a truck. Upon being stopped Batman does not explain but makes threats that anyone but Superman(and he should have) would have taken as a last straw and hauled his but off to jail for(Batman is actually wanted). Yet Waller did not activate the Suicide Squad until there was an actual threat to respond to, there were no preventive assassinations. Batman ignoring the world outside Gotham was an acceptable thing until ya know that alien invasion thing 18 months before. I kinda think his priorities should have changed somewhat. And not only Luthor had more info on metas than Batman, Waller did also. Safer for who? Not for the citizens of the city he fired off missiles and machine gun fire in. Maybe you mean the thugs he was shooting at or whose car he dragged at high speed and crashed? Do you seriously think planting a tracer and then following it wasn't a better option. Batman never loses control even in deconstructionist works like Miller's Dark Night or the Injustice games. The senator could get Lex access but not at the level he needed to take bio-samples , remove artifacts(the key) or come and go unsupervised and unobserved.
  8. Black Panther with spoilers

    That thinking in a more conservative and nationalist viewpoint . There a good and valid reasons to think this way but the message of the movie is more optimistic . That message to me is that globalism is the way of the future. It portends a world where tech will be shared for the betterment of man. Yes there will always be people who misuse it, but think about the world the MCU could be if all the super-tech was available to the public. Stark has effectively created a near infinite energy source and has tested it to the point it passes mil-spec standards so it will be as safe as anything being used today, Wakanda has advanced medicine and computer tech, Pym has created the ability to tame the insect world (and his size changing tech is probably the most world breaking while also being the most dangerous IMO). Using the engines they build for the heli-carrier with materials science from these alone would get us into space and open up the resources of the solar system. Orbital elevators, solar power stations and even Gundam-style space colonies would be the norm in a hundred years assuming we could cooperate rather than falling back on the same old self-destructive infighting. I want a positive future even if I'm not around to see it and I certainly want my superhero fantasy to be positive.
  9. Luthors Masterplan in Batman vs Superman

    I don't have a problem with Luthor's plan so much as I have a problem with this version of Batman. Batman, the ultimate Code vs Killing character, deciding to kill someone who has debuted stopping an alien invasion and then spent the next 18 months flying around the world doing good deeds because "he could go bad." Then acting on the decision without having even met the man. Even Waller would meet him and have "We're watching you conversation" before trying to sanction him. Batman, the most prepared , best researcher in the history of comics, having no knowledge of any other meta-human's existence and having to steal the information from Luthor, a man who has not discovered any hero's Secret ID in 60 plus years on comics. Batman, the ultimate stealth hero, who instead of tailing the Kryptonite to the warehouse and sneaking in to steal it, initiates a running gun battle through a major city using 50-cal machine guns and missiles. Batman, the world's greatest detective, not having a clue that someone was manipulating him or figuring out Luthor's plan faster than Lois did. So yeah given this incompetent Batman, Luthor's plan has a chance to succeed but it still shouldn't. No way does one senator get Luthor access to the Kryptonian ship without jumping through a lot of hoops and a background check from Hell which would probably show him as a risk. And even if he got access, he would never be allowed in without an escort or left unsupervised at any time. This is an actual alien spaceship that crashed to Earth as part of an invasion in a major metropolitan area. the security here would be so black, light would warp near it.
  10. Stunned without losing STUN?

    As Hyper-man cites, Change Environment has this as an optional effect. You can also do this as an Entangle that deteriorates rapidly. But I think the best way would be as a Presence Attack.
  11. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Mazinger Z: Infinity, 50th anniversary of Go Nagai's mecha series. All the good and bad tropes of those early show but with gorgeous animation.
  12. '17-18 NBA Thread

    He didn't leave Boston, they traded him for Kyrie when the opportunity presented itself.
  13. In other news...

    I think you're underselling pigs and chickens somewhat especially the pigs.
  14. You're not part of the superhero movie audience? I'm so confused. The cultural significance may be lost on you but that doesn't mean it's not there for others.
  15. In other news...

    But how do they taste? I see a large potential food source here.