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  1. Good Pulp Movies to watch

    A couple of television series to consider "Relic Hunter" (female "Indiana Jones" type character searches for mystic artifacts, modern day setting) and "Ripping Yarns" (A parody of the "boys own" adventure stories that were common in Britain in the pre war period).
  2. Good Pulp Movies to watch

    Not odd at all . (I.m annoyed with myself that I didn't think of that one ).
  3. I always imagined that, for every superhero who dons spandex and fights crime, there are other people with super powers who have powers that are better suited to repairing things or people, who work in jobs where their powers are useful but shun publicity.
  4. Need Help - Theme Team Member

    I like "Cassandra's" suggestion of "Featherweight". Someone who is not so much of a brick but who has some form of super speed punch. ?
  5. Dear me "Hermit" saying that Trump is "am uncultured swine: is very insulting. Any swine. cultured or otherwise, should feel highly insulted to have Trump included in their ranks !
  6. Trump is still bragging about his I Q . Hasn't anybody told him that REALLY smart people don't have to brag about their I Q, and that I Q tests only measure potential ?
  7. "Old Man" that isn't a super power, more like a disadvantage.
  8. Under employed robots ! It is time to implement an "adopt a Dalek" ptogramme !
  9. And I bet that "Runaways" only screens on ****** "Netflix" or some other streaming service !
  10. Now THAT would be cool !
  11. Why don't you explain this formula for us ?
  12. Well I don't know about any "formula", but , according to figures on :Box Office Mojo" "Justice League " has already made back its production costs. Advertising costs, I don't know about.
  13. Yes , but that was because she gave old Apollo the bums rush when he tried to put the hard word on her and, being a vindictive so and so (like most of the Greek gods) he cursed her so that she wouldn't be believed.
  14. "Box Office Mojo" gives "Justice League" $572 million dollars taken in about a month of release. Not as good as Warners may have expected, but not bad..
  15. And Ollie North is involved ? I think that we have been transported to Earth X (or maybe Earth 3 or earth T). The idiots really have taken over the asylum if this happens !