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  1. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Exactly this. "Deconstruct the Administrative State" = destroy the capacity of the Federal government to regulate, administrate, or operate effectively.
  2. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    This presumes that the public believes that government action is deemed positive by the public. I've come to understand that regardless of fact, track record or evidence to the contrary... a chunk of our population believes as an act of faith in the old chestnut that the most terrifying words you could hear are "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". Has nothing to do so far as I can tell, at this point, with anything but belief. Anything that opposes this belief will be attacked, or ridiculed, regardless of self-interest. It's terrifying that those individuals appear to have control of our government, the very institutions they despise. And shouldn't be a surprise that actually governing isn't of interest.
  3. Get Darren Watts an award

  4. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    “Any insinuation of special treatment is counter to these facts,” Oh really? Tell me another one.
  5. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    That thought had occurred to me as well. "Why would Norwegians want to immigrate here?"
  6. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Goddammit, Trump. Can you and your people go a week without screwing up something that works? https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/health-science/trump-administration-freezes-database-of-addiction-and-mental-health-programs/2018/01/10/ed421654-f577-11e7-beb6-c8d48830c54d_story.html I know they don't have a deep commitment to science or research, but damn. Going from NREPP back towards "beds and meds" (compulsory inpatient medication as a primary front end intervention) is a radical departure from the last twenty years of refinement and treatment focus. Feel like I'm taking in a weird parallel universe. Regardless of party, demonstrated effective interventions being the preferred approach to publicly funded services is something folks have historically agreed on. Guess that's over.
  7. College Football 2017-2018

    Red, a world about to dawn... Black, the night that ends at last. Me too
  8. College Football 2017-2018

  9. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Municipal_broadband There are a number of projects around municipal broadband. Tacoma is the one most commonly used by opponents to show the costs and problems that can result. There are a number of successful projects as well. Pros and cons are listed on the wiki for anyone interested.
  10. College Football 2017-2018

    Well, since the NCAA doesn't actually award a football national championship in the FBS... why not? They have an argument. And a parade in Orlando. Probably a banner on their stadium. And rings.
  11. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    I so want internet provided by local government, like roads and libraries. Make it a public works function and call it a day. If they want a private sector response it can be contracted through a transparent RFP process. Grrr.
  12. College Football 2017-2018

    That's a possibility, but would in my opinion require David Boren to retire as President of the University of Oklahoma. He's been very transparent in his disdain for the SEC, which he sees as culturally antithetical to operating with integrity (basically sees the SEC as the wrong direction for the University - the football program being a secondary or tertiary interest in conference affiliation, he wants academic cache). Given the train wreck that happened with the last round... wouldn't be surprised to see the Big XII keep limping along. The money is good, and there's not much risk for the brand really. A no loss or one loss conference champ if it's Texas or OU will always be in the playoff. Above all else, I expect that OU (and likely Texas) will want to come out of the next round of conference carousel making money and looking good. Lots of ego involved, maybe more than money at this point. The PAC12 snub was devastating. Fans may feel differently, of course. But we don't get a vote in football operations.
  13. Political Discussion Thread (With Rules)

    Not necessarily. You can get fired, but won't necessarily depending on employer policy. Even in local government (excepting public safety positions) there's significant variation ranging from "don't ask and we don't care" to "get caught and you are gone". Factors include consideration of risk (litigation) to deference regarding the state law to regional politics. Still can fire employees for recreational use, but many employers won't.
  14. Happy New Year 2018

    Happy New Year from Napa, California
  15. College Football 2017-2018