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  1. COH builds

    What was your thought process behind not including Excalibur in the build? Just eye candy?
  2. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154956962436861&id=624951860 Sadly, I have to report the passing of another friend of ours, The Question Man, Eddie Blake. He suffered a cardiac episode in his sleep December 8th.
  3. I was going back to redownload Ultimate Mentalist but there's no download link. I was able to get my other purchases though, just not Mentalist.
  4. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    If you just want the target to be able to take his Recovery, why not buy Stun for the purpose of raising the target's current Stun above the threshold of unconsciousness where they can recover every phase?
  5. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    Perhaps you can take advantage of the Ultimate Speedster book and combine it with an one phase length trip to the Speed Dimension so (s)he had the time to take the Recovery.
  6. Modeling "Take a Recovery"

    Aren't characteristics Self Only requiring the Usable As Attack since the target may not be able to consent accepting the power?
  7. Would Frankenstein's Monster be considered undead?

    Holy water by which religious standard? Do you use holy water from Roman Catholics or some other religious order? Why not Satanist holy water? What if Cthuluites object because their religious beliefs aren't represented? What if the person that returned is an agnostic and objects to the precepts of the religion whose holy water you wish to use?
  8. Would Frankenstein's Monster be considered undead?

    In Mortal Coil on Star Trek: Voyager, Neelix was declared dead yet through technology was brought back to life. Is that really any different than if you were able to do the same with a collection of organs? Would Neelix now be considered a zombie? The same question could be asked of the Nazarene who returned to life after three days. People have been declared dead before and come back. In a world where superpowers exist, should it be so hard to believe there are ways the dead can come back? What if the technology that brought you back couldn't repair all the damage to your skin? Your organs and tissues work, but the decayed skin just needs a few years to grow back. What about people into cryonics, who freeze themselves after death in hope their diseases can be corrected and their bodies restored? Sorry if this comes across somewhat rant.
  9. Would Frankenstein's Monster be considered undead?

    I suppose you could consider them human with many illegal organ donations. How many organ transplants can you have before you are not considered human?
  10. If I understand this correctly, the character has an additional +50 Body which is only used to give itself a lower threshold. This power serves the point of protecting the body from catastrophic damage over and above the normal death threshold. Having the additional +50 Body brings the death threshold to -70 and while the body looks severely damaged, for the purposes of the Regeneration power it'll keep working to repair the damage and either grow new limbs or put the pieces back together if left unmolested. If the Resurrection part of the Regeneration is stopped by preventing his parts from being put together or doing something to the body like burning the pieces, then he'd be dead dead, but only if his Body score was below -70 as he isn't dead yet. Technically, his body would continue to repair the damage. If he took enough Body to surpass -70, he'd be officially dead and any efforts to further obliterate the body or keep its parts separated would prevent the Regeneration from working.
  11. WWYCD: When Disaster Strikes

    My character, Psi-kick, is mainly a combatant but her Precognition would be helpful in rescue efforts.
  12. Gravity and Desolid

    This is based on a question I fielded with Steve @ http://www.herogames.com/forums/topic/92252-use-of-avad-with-tk-and-simulating-gravity/ Can a Change Environment set to simulate gravity affect a Desolid Target?
  13. This Week in MMOs

    2017 PAX West Superhero Panel Discussion They talk about Ship of Heroes, Valiance Online, and City of Titans
  14. Other Characters assisting in rituals

    Well, the idea of a magic circle could be thought of as a focus and the need for multiple casters could be equated to a crew served weapon. Now, I don't remember if it's in the 6th, but historically you could buy crewed weapons as an additional limitation to the Focus limitation.
  15. Eclipse safety, everyone

    The Sun is bought as Images with a Transform Normal to Blind side effect.