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  1. 6th Edition Rulebook Errata

    You previously ruled that the Adding Damage example on 6E2 99 contained errata - but it wasn't included in the updated Errata file. Below is the link to the original post: Take care, TB
  2. Physical Books?

    I went down the same road about a year ago with the 6E. You can get the 6E2 directly form the Hero store but the 6E1 is the one that is hard to find. But fear not, you can find them if you are patient on Ebay for very good prices. I have been able to get 4x copies of 6E1 in great shape for about $40-50/each. It just takes time. But to tell you the truth, while I LOVE the full color of the 6E1/6E2, the weight of them is massive in my backpack. I also bought the POD versions of them and I have to admit, I actually prefer them. Yes they are in b/w, but they are much smaller in thickness and weight. Matter of fact, I have also bought all of the other 6E POD books from DriveThru and been thrilled with them. Unless you are a collector/completest, I wouldn't worry about trying to find physical copies and would just go get what I needed as POD. Can't say enough good things about them.
  3. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Don't be embarrassed. I have been reading the Executioner off and on now for some 30 years. Every couple of years, I get the itch and have to go back and read a batch of them for fun. All total, I think I have 200+ Executioners and all of the Able Team and Phoenix Force lines. Now that I finished watching the Punisher series on Netflix, I think Mack Bolan might be calling me back yet again... Now, Doc Savage - I actually haven't read any of them - can someone give me an idea of what this line of books is like? Where would a newbie start?
  4. In the example of Adding Damage on 6E2 99 (at bottom of 2nd column), it states that the dagger is a HKA 1/2d6, Armor Piercing (+1/4) and that the GM has stated that you can’t more than double the DCs of the dagger. The example concludes by stating that the dagger’s damage is capped at 1d6+1. According to the reference tables on 6E2 101, it appears the doubled DC that is listed in the example is from the +0 column (from DC 2 at 1/2d6 doubled to DC 4 at 1d6+1). But wouldn’t the value come from the doubled DC under the +1/4 column since the dagger was listed as having Armor Piercing (+1/4)? Thus, shouldn’t the capped value be 1d6 instead? Or am I missing something here? Thanks, Todd B.
  5. Western Hero

    Is there any place where I can purchase Western Hero in a digital format? I have previously purchased tons of Hero System/Champions books in PDF but as far as I know, I have not run across the ability to purchase Western Hero. I tracked down a used copy off of Ebay but it is a good deal ratty and I would prefer to read it on my laptop if possible. I'm afraid I already know the answer to this but I just had to ask. Take care, TB
  6. The example on 6E2 109 states: Arkelos hits a goblin (ED 5, PD 3, BODY 15) with his Fire Blast spell (RKA 3d6). He rolls 3d6 to determine Hit Location and gets an 8 — the Arms. He rolls another 3d6 to determine the BODY damage for his spell and gets a 13. Consulting the STUNx column, he finds that the STUN Multiplier for the Arms is x2, so he does 26 STUN to the target. The goblin takes 18 of this after subtracting his defenses. Then the GM subtracts the goblin’s 3 PD from the BODY, leaving 10, which is multiplied by the x1⁄2 BODYx for the Arms, so the goblin takes 5 BODY (reduced to 3 because it’s a limb wound; see Breaking Limbs, 6E2 107). What was once an arm is now a charred stump. My question is on the calculation of the STUN damage in the example above. The attack is a Fire Blast spell dealing RKA so that would mean its an energy attack. The goblin has ED 5 that would apply and PD 3 which as far as I know shouldn't apply (since its not a physical attack). Thus shouldn't the STUN calculation instead be 26 - 5 = 21 instead of 18 as listed? I don't think the PD 3 should apply due to the following combination of rules: 6E2 104 section C in the killing damage summary states: Add all applicable forms of Defense — both normal and resistant — together to determine the character’s total Defense. Subtract his total Defense from the STUN damage done by the attack. The remainder is how much STUN damage he suffers. I bolded the word applicable due to the following rule: 6E2 103 states: Another important distinction is between physical damage (such as punches, bullets, swords, falling, clubs, and the like) and energy damage (such as fire, lasers, Blasts, acid, and the like). Defenses usually only protect against one type of damage or the other — a character’s natural Physical Defense (PD) only works against physical attacks, and his natural Energy Defense (ED) against energy attacks. Thus, the PD 3 shouldn't apply to the Fire Blast STUN calculation - correct? Or did I miss something else along the way? Thank you very much for your time and assistance. Take care, TB
  7. 6E Errata File

    I am sorry if this isn't the correct location to post this but I noticed in my reading tonight the following error: 6E1 114 in the Resistance talent section - it states "If the campaign uses the optional Wounding rules (see 6E1 108)" but the correct listing should be "(see 6E2 108)" instead. I checked the latest posted errata file (1/16/17) and this wasn't listed in the pdf. Take care, TB
  8. Version 1.0


    The original file HS6E GM Screen 1 was created horizontally. Lots of people asked about a portrait edition. So I took that GM Screen and rebuilt it for a 8.5 x 11 layout. I did alter some of the included tables so it is not a direct replacement - but rather my own personal version.
  9. Recently, I noticed the lack of a 6th Edition portrait GM screen as well and set out to make my own. I took the landscape version and cut it up on my Mac and rebuilt it as a portrait layout. Along the way, I removed a table or two (that I never seemed to reference) and added back in several that I felt were missing/more useful. So this is my personal version since it isn't 100% the same as the landscape one - but it certainly works for me. If anyone has feedback, please let me know. 6th Edition GM Screen - Portrait 1.0 https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5AvTFqi4tYSQWVHQ1RiUHpURXM Todd B.
  10. POD Covers

    A couple of quick questions that I hope users that have bought some of the POD books can answer: 1.) Hero System Skills - I read in an older topic that the POD book came with a blue cover (rather than the 5th edition Ultimate cover shown in the store) so that it would fit in with the rest of the 6th edition core books. Is this correct? If so - can someone post a pic of the cover as I would love to see it? 2.) Hero System Equipment Guide - I finally tracked down a printed copy of this book at a reasonable price and when it came in, I noticed two things about it that made it slightly different from my other 6th edition core books: A.) The paper was a little bit thinner B.) The circle/icon on the front cover was white rather than the normal yellow on all of the other 6th edition books Was this the norm for the printed Hero System Equipment Guides - or did I get a POD copy and the seller didn't let me know? Thanks guys, TB