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  1. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Ohh, no did not take it that way at all...The books were motivated by a project I did YEARS ago where I wrote up every bat gadget in B:TAS....Just can't get motivated on it at all... I had a trilogy planned The Fox's armory (gadgets) The Fox is dead (adventure/campaign setting) The Fox's Files (Character book)
  2. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Yah, I think those books are going to never happen...I have been toying with including the content from them (especially the armory). Thanks for the idea Doc
  3. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Not a bad idea at all...would you prefer the low power setting (think Batman/Spiderman level) or the more Avengers/JLA level?
  4. So been slowly working on content for my webpage. I recently posted The Heroes of San Corona, a group of 6 low powered heroes. What would you guys like to see next? been toying with putting my notes for the Armory up there, also of including the premiere team of the world (called the Centurions). Also content could be in other areas...I want to put a new thing up every week... take a look and tell me what YOU want to see... http://jawedel01.wixsite.com/kountry-gaming
  5. My ordeals

    Well next project is my son's DE Blood Bowl...Will post when done (probably a few weeks)
  6. My ordeals

    You asked for it...Finished them today
  7. My ordeals

    Mostly the new necromunda stuff...will see about taking some later
  8. Can we please expand it to include death? Seems we lost a lot of good ones recently, and often it is the first word I think of... Specifically of board members...
  9. My ordeals

    Sorry guys. It got bad for me, and then work got bad, and well I have hid under my covers alot recently... I have got back into painting miniatures, no I have not been able to see a councilor (problem with living in the middle of nowhere)...Sorry I have not checked in recently...
  10. Heroes of San Corona

    Finally got the last Hero of San Corona up http://jawedel01.wixsite.com/kountry-gaming/copy-of-heroes-of-san-corona-midnig-1
  11. Heroes of San Corona

    No update this week...worked on some ideas for a Necromunda/Mordheim mod instead...Coral will go up next week
  12. My ordeals

    Thank you for the support...It is just very...painful/hard/draining/don't really know the word each day. I do appreciate the support, and Old-man thanks for caring enough to keep it on page 1
  13. My ordeals

    They changed the name to persistent depression disorder...that is what I have
  14. My ordeals

    I was over the summer, but due to location and scheduling.... I am on "happy pills" that make me feel like a liar (don't, just don't...I know they help, but I feel the way I do about them)....
  15. My ordeals

    I was so desperate for the help I needed that I let him say and do a lot of things like that... I also had and still believe it was HER responsibility to say "That is not right, apologize to him"...that is what ALOT of the fighting has been about. He has an attitude of "why should I"...It's been two years sense he said it...My depression has gotten a lot worse in that time (1 failed suicide attempts)...the comment was made a month and a half after the first suicide attempt, the second time I got to that point was when I checked myself into the Psych ward...It was after a big fight where I was begging her to do some things I feel are just basic human curtisies (Answer my calls, stand up to him, appreciate the pain I am in, be honest with me)