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  1. 2018-19 NFL Thread.

    "In case you are wondering, here are the QBs shown, in order Joe first blocked for them. See how many you can figure out before you check out the list: Derek Anderson Charlie Frye Brady Quinn Ken Dorsey Bruce Gradkowski Colt McCoy Jake Delhomme Seneca Wallace Brandon Weeden Thad Lewis Jason Campbell Brian Hoyer Johnny Manziel Connor Shaw Josh McCown Austin Davis Robert Griffin III Cody Kessler Deshone Kizer Kevin Hogan " The last one without him is Tyrod Taylor. Don't ask him his favorite; I don't think any of them played long enough for Joe to learn their name.
  2. A Game of Numbers

    16 > 1 This equation has been brought to you by the letters UMBC and the number 16.
  3. The sandwich/not-a-sandwich debate gives birth to a new theory.
  4. Funny pics

    If I had a nickel for every time I mistakenly thought I was in the Penis Museum ...
  5. I was prepared to scoff, but the Chicken Tender Sub from Publix is pretty good.
  6. Funny pics

    I've had to retrieve many of these lizards after Dex has brought them inside to his personal zoo. I've also been bitten numerous times, and it doesn't hurt at all. In fact, there are people who wear these lizards as earrings!
  7. Funny pics

  8. Jokes

  9. 2018-19 NFL Thread.

  10. A Game of Numbers

  11. I love that cat. I like to think that my Dex would hunt down my killers, too.
  12. RIP David Ogden Stiers