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  1. Full Power

    There is also a Limitation, "Must be Used at Full Power" if I'm not mistaken. Lucius Alexander Must be used at full palindromedary
  2. Headlights

    I don't know that I'd go along with "sensible." But some time ago I tried a number of methods and found Images actually is cheapest. Dispel vs Darkness came close though. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says any solution should be sensible - if it can't be sensed it's not really light
  3. Funny pics

    Don't treat me like a potato? Meaning, don't butter me up? Lucius Alexander Treats the palindromedary like a potato and puts sour cream on it.
  4. Headlights

    Illuminating the dark would be one way to let you see what's in it. ' Lucius Alexander More than one way to skin a palindromedary
  5. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    Now THAT"s a scary jack o lantern! I took it for a baby hippopotamus..... Lucius Alexander The palindromedary thought we saw a few pictures of guinea pigless hares.....
  6. Enough zombies?

    You're saying it's irrational to try to make sense of it? Lucius Alexander The palindromedary takes a byte of pi
  7. Can we forgive old movies?

    If you're going to comment, please actually read what was said. Look again. See it now? Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says I have little room to talk and often fail to read as thoroughly as I should.
  8. Mass Producing Pistols

    No. Once the guy you gave the item to spends points for it, you don't have to. I don't understand why you think you do. You don't. If you make it and give it away and the guy you give it to does NOT spend the points, THEN, yes, you get stuck with the bill so to speak. But if they pay their own way, there's no reason for you to pay for them. As for having a pistol factory, if you absolutely have to have character points involved somehow, just buy some degree of the Wealth Perk and say "I own a profitable factory that makes pistols." If someone wants one of your pistols, and it's a superhero game, they can spend character points for one. If it's a heroic game, they can pay you money and get one. Lucius Alexander Palindromedary Enterprises - we sell more than just palindromedaries! (no pistols though)
  9. In other news...

    Given that God hung a big warning sign on Cain and put the word out that he was under protection and any injury to him would meet massive retaliation, the question to me is "Why would anyone think God wasn't completely pleased with Cain's act? He's rewarding it." I wish I had a Deity looking out for me and promising sevenfold retribution to anyone acting against me. But I'm not about to go kill someone for it. Lucius Alexander Anyone injuring me risks the wrath of the palindromedaries, but that's not nearly as intimidating......
  10. Help with Magic Items

    "Ummmmm......why?" Well, let me try to address a possible why.... "I have to wrap my head around this...." Try wrapping your head around this: "I am not looking to have a chracter be able to build a 'cheap way to buy a lot of weapons or gadgets and hand them out.' " You may not be looking for it, but if you could do what you propose that you should be able to do - use a low level of Usable By Others Advantage to create one item after another without having to spend more points - then that is exactly what you find, looking for it or not. "how is a standard pistol ever mass produced by a company?" Well, probably NOT by spending character points on it. If it's in a heroic campaign, points don't even enter the equation - the process of mass producing weapons is pointless, as is the question in that context. If it's a superhero campaign, the only place points enter in is if one or more customers is a superhero or supervillain, in which case, THEY (the player or important non play character customers) pay the points for the guns. The simplest way to create anything is never to use a Variable Power Pool for one thing. But as for how to create a permanent magic item, the simplest way is probably to buy the power using the Focus Limitation and stating "this is a magic item." Especially if you designate it as Unbreakable. "The character Receiveing the power pays CP. Never disputed that. So I am not sure to what you are referring?" Okay. If you really are not disputing that, then what is it YOU have been referring to this entire thread? The title says something about magic items, then you start talking about casting spells, and eventually you seem to be talking about owning a pistol factory. I'm just not sure what it is you are trying to DO. If the question is, "I want some other guy in the game to spend points to have a magic item that my character created, what does my character need to justify that?" then the answer is going to have to be "consult whoever is running your game." It could be as simple as "you have to have an appropriate Power Skill." Okay. As for "mechanics of mass production (in game)" - if it absolutely HAS to be represented with points, buy the Wealth Perk and say "I own a profitable factory that makes pistols." As for "mechanics of creating magic items" that depends on what the item is, what it does, and how it works. "even a Cell Phone requies CP" - actually, no, it doesn't. It doesn't cost character points to have a cell phone, to own an ordinary home, to have and drive an ordinary car. If you want a cell phone likely to survive if you get hit by a villain's energy blast or capable of contacting the Starship Enterprise and saying "beam me up!" THEN you might have to pay points for it. See some of my comments above - yes, do clarify! "how does one create a magic item without losing the ability to use the spell that created the item, or spending an ever increasing amount to create just the same effect." Please give me an example (in plain language, not game terms) of an item you wan to be able to create, and just maybe I can give you a build for it. And it is not the case as far as I know that you ever have to spend "an ever increasing amount to create just the same effect." If you are handing out magic items to multiple people, you are NOT creating "just the same effect" you are creating an ever expanding effect as reflected by an ever expanding cost. Lucius Alexander And an ever expanding collection of palindromedary taglines.
  11. Help with Magic Items

    Response to 2) I also am finding it hard to understand you. 2A) "isn't much of a magic item" : can you please explain clearly, in plain language not game terms, exactly what kind of magic item you are trying to make? And should I assume are trying to buy it via a Variable Power Pool? "It can also hit any number of targets, given time." No. It can't. At the basic level you can bestow the power on exactly ONE other character. Not "any number of targets, given time." If you think that, no wonder you're confused. 2B) "If this was a 'spell' for just my character, AAP wouldn't even have to have the UOO, making it far cheaper than AID." Well....what do you expect? The rules weren't written encourage everyone to buy all their Characteristics down to 1 and then buy them back cheaper with Aid. 3A) (6E1 128, 334). I believe you are very seriously misinterpreting this page. Slapping "Persistant" on a Power means it doesn't go away if you are knocked out or go to sleep, not that you can apply it to all the slots of a Multipower or Variable Power Pool and then have them all running full blast at the same time. (6E1 412) You stopped reading too soon. Further down you would find "This doesn’t mean a character can use a VPP as a cheap way to buy a lot of weapons or gadgets and then hand them out to his friends. There can still only be as many powers active in the VPP at once as its Pool allows. Losing a weapon or gadget bought through the VPP doesn’t count as “using” it, but giving the weapon or device to another character does." So if you give a blaster pistol to an ally and then switch points out of it - yes it darn well does stop operating, or more likely, you're told you just don't get to switch those points until you reclaim the pistol from your ally and disassemble it for parts. 3B)(6E1 357) I believe you are correct in your interpretation here, although some Game Operations Directors may find it questionable. So making your item Persistant or a Focus will not allow you to give it to someone else and then switch the points out and have the item still operate, but making it Usable by Others just might. However, you still only get to give it to one person, not a mob of them, unless you buy a bigger Advantage. (6E1 352) I believe you are right again, I don't think you would necessarily need Uncontrolled for an ability bought Usable by Others. Lucius Alexander The palindromedary says in earlier editions there might be a point to buying Characteristics down and buying them back with Aid in some circumstances....
  12. Can we forgive old movies?

    What exactly are you asking? Lucius Alexander The palindromedary isn't sure what "forgive" and "condemn" mean in context....
  13. A Wrinkle In Time

    Kind of how I feel about it....'' Lucius Alexander And an unwrinkled palindromedary
  14. Help with Magic Items

    Basically, a lot depends on what you're trying to do, including HOW MUCH you're trying to do. If you want to raise a number of Characteristics at once, for example, you may find Aid works better. If you want to raise just one and only for yourself you are likely to find that buying that Characteristic with appropriate modifiers is most efficient. Until you get a feel for it you may want to try, each time you are building such a power, to build it both ways and compare them. Lucius Alexander If you want a palindromedary, you've come to the right tagline
  15. Enough zombies?

    Did you have a point to make? Lucius Alexander Hands you back the microphone before the palindromedary eats it.