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  1. Dispel vs Gadgets & Electronics (CC)

    Generally speaking Ninja-Bear, when something is broken, it still exists and can be fixed, but can not function. When something is destroyed, at the carry least, it still exists but can never be fixed to function, regardless of how high your skills are (with the exception of impossible skill role penatly or powers).
  2. VIPER plots

    Hay Ninja-Bear. Don't forget to feed your Dragons (Dragon Branch members).
  3. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Ji Nli. A Chinese mutant using his telekinesis powers to set up VIPER in Hong Kong, primarily to protect himself against the Tiger Squad. He can fly, manipulate objects, push things away at high strength, telekinesis shields, ect.
  4. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Next up, Iron Lighting. Operates in South Africa area. I think that calls for a white bigot trying to get the country of South Africa back to apartie. As for powers, a suit of technical equipment which creates magnetic and electrical forces and manipulate them.
  5. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    An natural option. I wonder if he is a Dr. Blank creation, or something else. If he was created by Dr. Blank, the idea of seeing how his mutation serum would work on a already gifted mentalist would be to great. Or what would happen if it is mixed with PSI's serum.
  6. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Freon. Done for me. Gauntlet. Done for me (CVV3, a hierling dragon). Halfjack. Done for me. Hayaijaze. Done for me? (Champions Worldwide?) That leaves Hiss. All we know is that he is VIPER'S pet mentalist. Someone once surgest that he is able to manipulate man's lizard brain, the primitive nature of man. That is all well and good, but exactly what does that mean? Humm...mind control, only to trigger anger, rage, fear, Berserk/Enrage. Beyond that...I don't know. Does he need more?
  7. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Cold Drake? I'll add him to the past edition Villians, protental future dragons list.
  8. Age Manipulation

    Age? Humm. Depends on how the Transformation is defined. If it is "everyone becomes a baby", then partial transformation is only nechanical, just making it easier to use the power more than once. If it is "Twenty years older", then partial transformation adds ten years (half the target age). Or anything the GM thinks is logical.
  9. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Im keeping 5th/6th edition VIPER, and expanding upon it. My rejection of Copperhead as a super agent is because I have ideas of my own super agent (Crimson). If you want Copperhead to be your super agent instead of a power armor guy, be my guest, and remember IYG.
  10. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    5 man teams are no longer a part of VIPER, as of 5th edition. I already have my "super agent" Crimson as a one man five team (kinda a Captain America for VIPER).
  11. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Ok. Diamondback. Done for me. Draconos. Done for me. Epoch. So much can be done with time manipulation. He could "Fast Forward" time (Teleport, among other feats), "Slow Down" time (+OCV/+DCV, among other feats), "Rewind" time (Replay), but should not stop time (he's no Jostar). He could fix objects by rewinding time around them. Cure people doing the same thing. Deflection and Reflection (rewind misses back to whoever sent them). There are a lot Epoch can do.
  12. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Delusion. He has a suit with various light lenses designed to create holograms. His bread and butter, Illusions. He is limited to things he has seen (and scanned), no stuff from his imagination unless he had tons of time programing it. "Shape Changing" to put a hologram over himself. Invisible to, well, put a hologram over himself. Images? Ok. That works. And unlike Copperhead, he was the science skills for his equipment.
  13. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Copperhead. All I know of him is "powered armor". Ok. Snake theme power armor. Should he have a tail? Prehaps. Flight is so sterotypical, so let us not go that way. Running, leaping and swimming as movement powers. Offensively, tail strikes are a given, if we give him one. As "copperhead", we could give him a copper colored energy beam from his helmet. Same with micro-missles doing various things (sticky goop entangle, straight out in out RKA, ect). I don't think he should have any major tech skills (just enough to maintain the armor in the field).
  14. VIPER: Who's Your Dragon?

    Ok. Next up Boa Constrictor. Done for me. Boruto. Done for me. Brute. Brute? Brick. Not the strongest VIPER can put out (that would be Ripper, or Megacrusher under the right situations). He is not exactly the dumbest brick VIPER has. He is not the smartest brick VIPER has (Black Mamba is the smartest, science wise). But a nice 40 STR, Brick Tricks martial arts, either a high defence, small Damage Reduction, combat luck, and your good.