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  1. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    I'm sure the Kroff brothers pretake in certain weeds. Just look at there work. Singing bugs who live in a jukebox. A friendly sea monster. A dragon who is a mayor of an island where everything is alive. A world where hats live. A superhero team is the most normal of there work.
  2. Focus

    Don't forget, it might not always be "convinant" it "logical" to carry the Focus around all the time. Especially if s/he wants to keep a secret ID. Which reminds me, "OIP", Obvious Inassessable Psudofocus is a -0 limitation or a +0 advantage. It should be taken for something which "looks like a focus, quacks like a focus, but it is not a focus".
  3. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Yes it is. And if you ever seen the Krof show Electra Woman And Dyna Girl and compare it to the original Batman television show with the late Adam West, you get the rest of my comment. "Holly Crossdressing Martial Artist, Batman." P.S: For the cell phone version, click on the "I" to turn itallics on and off.
  4. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    He might never gotten to Jusinkyo, China. Then again, he could of visit at one time. (Batman and Robin = Electra Woman and Dyna Girl?)
  5. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Yes. But Pittsburgh is not Gotham. Then again, nothing prevents Batman and the others from visiting...
  6. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    They can be wherever you want them to be. Gotham has a really dark and seedie past and history, but the average person feals safe... during the day time and away from the crime ridden sections of Gotham. Prehaps the fine citizens of Gotham see the Sailor Guardians as a bright light, singling the future Gotham (a Crystal Gotham, if you will), with an almost non-existent crime rate, and no need for a Batman.
  7. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    How to deal with Tuxedo Mask in the game... 1) He is best used as a NPC Hero. Especially if your going to have him be incapatated, captured, or brainwashed half the time. 2) Don't force the romance between him and Sailor Moon. 3) I would go with the first anime series for charatration. He may.be a bit broody, and romantic, but he also can be a little bit funny also. 4) Don't make the mistake of thinking just because he doesn't outshine Sailor Moon, that he is useless. 5) Make sure he doesn't outbrood Batman. Sure Darien has a dark past with dead parents and memory loss, but dang it, Batman MUST be the dark one.
  8. The Sailor Guardians are in Gotham City

    Catwoman and Tuxedo Mask (if he exist 8n Mark's universe) would be an interesting link between them. One is a cat burglar with a heart of gold, the other is a reincarnated prince forced by dreams to search for a special crystal. Both must of crossed paths at some point. Which begs the point. What would Batman think of a guy who breaks into gem shops in the middle of the night, but after looking at the place's crystal and minarel displays, leaves empty handed (sometimes leaving other burglars tied up and waiting for the cops, like for example Catwoman)?
  9. Focus

    Semi-Personal and Conditional Focus are not official. Much like Personal and Universal Focus, the advantages and limitations involved cancel each other out.
  10. WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    Your free to use Head Stooge, if you wish. Modify him. Change his name's. Make him more crazy. Make him less crazy. Your choice.
  11. WYWTS - Villainy Codex III - Send In The Clowns

    I originally thought him as a member of CLOWN (with no background). Then, I decided to make him an IMP, and thought up a background for him which would make twisted sense to the group. An insain Three Stooges fan.
  12. Supers Image game

    Then you and White Racer gets it. As for the character, his name is some Italian ice treat, and his stand is White Album (after the Beetals infamous untitled album with the all white image). He is only the second of two wearable stands (the other is Osiris). And his stand allowed him to generate ice, and to skate. He is a henchmen of the Pasione crime syndicate boss Crimson King, and one of the assassins after Trish Unn and her stand Spice Girl. Things might of turned out different if Crimson King's owner decided not to send Giovanni and his friends to fetch his bastard daughter so he could kill her himself...
  13. Supers Image game

    One more (at least), and I'll decide the winner.
  14. Kountry Komics Request for help

    Some villains of that universe would be helpful.
  15. Focus

    Come on. I call myself the Misspellion Master. You should expect me using one word over the other cause I can't recognize the correct spelling. It is also why I don't serious write RPG modules and adventures. And it is not like English is a second language or I'm delexous (seeing letters all wired). I just can't spell, am lazy, have fat fingers, and a spell check which thinks I am trying to type this word instead of that word.