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  1. Agents Of SHIELD!

    Yeah, it has been a strong season. The time travel aspect has been particularly interesting since AoS has been taking the stand that the future it set in stone. Because while this the first season which has actual time travel, there have been people who could see the future since season 2, and their statements about the future have always come to pass. Now, they are in a place where they absolutely have to change the past/future and the fate of the planet is riding on it. I'm certain that they have figured a way out for of the whole destruction of the planet thing. but I doubt they do it by ignoring the rules about the time that they have already established. So, I'm very curious how they are going to pull off this trick. Also, since we are talking about A0S, didn't Ming-Na Wen give a strong performance last episode? It is always cool to see the softer sides of Melinda May's personality. IMHO, that was one of the best episodes in the entire series.
  2. Well, it is Friday night ...
  3. Who wins Squirrel Girl vs Batman

    Squirrel Girl works as a solo title because the she is just so likable, and because they have created an engaging supporting cast for her. It is not rocket science, but so many aspiring titles forget to do these things.
  4. Perhaps, but not soon. Downs syndrome is an entire extra chromosome. That is a lot harder to work around than a single bad gene.
  5. This chart is a good look at how the tax bill would effect income groups collectively, but I was curious what it would do to average individual tax bills. Unfortunately, the Joint Committee on Taxation's report didn't have a chart addressing individual average tax payers. However, it did have all the information that I needed to make my own. Here it is. Notice that while there are some nice take breaks in the beginning, nobody is coming all that far ahead by 2027. If you are making over a million dollars a year, that $13,506 tax break is going to be virtually unnoticeable. On the other hand, if you are earning between $10,000 and $20,000 that $318 dollar tax increase is going to devastating. People making between $10,000 and $20,000 are usually watching every dime and don't have an extra $318 laying around. Really, this bill is a huge amount of pain for very little gain, and is going to add over a trillion dollars to our national debt. Just a colossal turd sandwich no matter how you look at it.
  6. The Gifted has pretty good production values, but I wasn't able to maintain interest in it. OTOH, I have been really enjoying The Runaways, though I am getting a little impatient for they to actually, you know, runaway.
  7. I came across this article also. I couldn't figure whether the decree was coming from outside the CDC, or if it was CDCs leadership making the decree to avoid having budget items shot down summarily by congress. It is tempting to say that self censorship is as bad or worse than external censorship, but if the CDC wants to do the research but wants to spare it from Republican law makers' budget cutting at least research still gets done. On the other hand, if the administration has simply decided to nix all such research, valuable time and data could be lost, and the American people lose out. So, where this decree is coming from matters.
  8. Here is where the matter of viewing differently that I mentioned comes into play. Perhaps I have a significantly higher view of politicians than you or maybe I have a lower view of people in general and don't view politicians as harshly as a result, but whatever the case, Nixon and Trump are the only top party nominees of my life time that I consider to be bad people. All the elections not involving one of the two of them have been matters of choosing the greater good. Ford - Good man. I have nothing negative to say about him. Carter - An extremely good man, but a poor president. Reagan - A good man (or an actor who did a good job playing one) but who fell in with a bad crowd Mondale - Good man. Dukakis - Good man. I have nothing negative to say about him. Bush Sr - Good man and tireless public servant, but due to a life of wealth and privilege held a very inflated view of the importance of rich people. Bill Clinton - A complex figure. I believe that he really did his best to make the world a better place, but had a deep rooted insecurity due to abandonment by his father and a serious zipper problem. Bob Dole - Generally a good man though as Speaker of the House he had obviously had to make some compromises over the years. Al Gore - Like all politicians enjoys the spotlight, but a good man nonetheless. Bush Jr - A good man, but not really smart enough for the job and his vice president/puppet master was a piece of work. Kerry - Very ambitious and probably did exaggerate his Vietnam heroic, but still a tireless public servant and a good man. Obama - Good man. Perhaps better than we deserved. Romney - See description for Bush Sr Hillary Clinton - A complex figure like her husband. She has fought hard for the people and has done much real good, but life under partisan attack has left her very secretive and guarded. I have little doubt that your mileage differs considerably, but that is my take on the presidential candidates of my life time.
  9. Before Doug Jones can be sworn in, the election results must be officially certified. This is normal and it takes time. When McConnell said that Strange would serve until the end of the session, he wasn't making some big, unconstitutional power grab as your article writer asserted. He was just looked at the calendar, and stated the realistic facts. Please avoid linking to articles that are long on hyperbole and short on accurate facts. All elections are an effort to chose the lesser of two evils or viewed differently chose the greater of two goods. People are never black and white, they are always shades of grey and this includes politicians.
  10. At the time Qaddafi was talking about exterminating, his Arab Spring uprisers like cockroaches. The massacres in Burundi taught the Clintons that inaction could have consequences just as dire as those of action. That is why she advocated for the US to take an active role in the struggle. Ultimately, it turned out very badly, but a good case can be made that the fault was in the US doing too little rather than doing too much.
  11. Considering that Judge Dredd is a parody character, his shoulder guards are perfect.
  12. Can we forgive old movies?

    Well, that depends a bit on who you are doesn't it. Maybe some people get to find these to be distasteful opinions, but if are black, Asian, Jewish or homosexual these movies aren't merely distasteful. They are direct spits in the face of you and yours. Just because an insult or an injustice took place a long time ago does not mean that it no longer requires forgiveness, particularly when a physical embodiment of that injustice is sitting right in front of you.
  13. Can we forgive old movies?

    Yes, we can forgive old movies (and books, and plays and comic books). What we can't do is insist that other people other people forgive them as well. For example, I love Will Eisner. The man was genius at visual story telling and created a large swath of the storytelling techniques that are used in comic books today. Beyond his talents as a creator, based on the stories that he chose to write, I believe he was a compassionate and honorable man. Unfortunately, he was also a product of his times, and without even being aware picked up the blatant racism of his day. So, yes I can love Will Eisner's work, but I can't ask anyone else to overlook the extreme racism in his depiction of blacks and Asians. If others find these portrayals as insurmountable obstacles to enjoying his work, I should not tell them to give him another chance, or to be more open minded, or to look at in historical prospective, or any garbage like that. I just need to acknowledge that they have a point and not try to foster my love of Will Eisner on them or judge them over our different perspectives.
  14. Perhaps, but while I am only a little ways in, so far Punisher is rocking it. No regrets.