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  1. Can we forgive old movies?

    Yes, we can forgive old movies (and books, and plays and comic books). What we can't do is insist that other people other people forgive them as well. For example, I love Will Eisner. The man was genius at visual story telling and created a large swath of the storytelling techniques that are used in comic books today. Beyond his talents as a creator, based on the stories that he chose to write, I believe he was a compassionate and honorable man. Unfortunately, he was also a product of his times, and without even being aware picked up the blatant racism of his day. So, yes I can love Will Eisner's work, but I can't ask anyone else to overlook the extreme racism in his depiction of blacks and Asians. If others find these portrayals as insurmountable obstacles to enjoying his work, I should not tell them to give him another chance, or to be more open minded, or to look at in historical prospective, or any garbage like that. I just need to acknowledge that they have a point and not try to foster my love of Will Eisner on them or judge them over our different perspectives.
  2. Perhaps, but while I am only a little ways in, so far Punisher is rocking it. No regrets.
  3. Well, the reviews are out, and Justice League has Rotten Tomatoes score of 38%. So, binge watching The Punisher it is.
  4. Well, I guess those are weakness that I can live with. I mean, I prefer my plots coherent, but I have noticed that comic book movies that I have had no problem following the plots have often been called incoherent. I think it is because comic book story lines tend to have a lot of moving parts and fantastic elements, and I think that makes it hard for people not use to them to follow everything. Doh! Why would they use Steppenwolf when they could use Darkseid unstead!?! Still, slightly relieved that the underwelming villain wasn't Darkseid. If you have Darkseid as your villain and he is not intimidating as all get out, then story telling just clearly is not your thing.
  5. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    The later is a sore point with me. Not so much there killing, but that Thor never even asked about them when he got back to Asgard following Hela's conquest. Yes, I know that they had settled on making the movie a comedy, but some of the best comedies that I have seen have had sad and poignant moments. Thor could have taken a moment out to mourn his friends and we still would have laughed when the Hulk attacked Surtur. Indeed, taking time out to observe the sad moments would have made funny moments even sweeter.
  6. Is my memory playing tricks on me, or did Wonder Woman have a bunch of early reviews before it came out. Justice League comes out Friday and there still hasn't been a single early review. That doesn't seem like a good sign, I want this movie to be good. Heck, I want it to be awesome, but I am not going to go see it unless it has a Rotten Tomato score of at least 70%. I have Friday off and I could certainly take in a movie, but I have this uneasy feeling that I will spending Friday binge watching The Punisher on Netflix instead. Hope I'm wrong about that.
  7. The heptathlon is a track and field competition. Maybe, Amazons don't spend all that much time running away. Have you looked at the physiques of female boxers and MMAs. A lot of them have some serious muscles.
  8. The former. The guns aren't absent because everybody felt so safe that they weren't buy them. The guns are absent because they put serious restrictions on gun ownership. Now, it is very possible and even probable, that because US citizens live in a land with a lot guns and gun violence, they have a stronger desire for the protection that guns offer. Still, make no mistake, the reason we have so many murders is because we have so many guns. Not the other way around. International Comparison Of Mass Shootings The above linked article is imperfect that it focuses specifically on mass shootings and not other types of murders. However, it is still informative with regard to other theorized causes of US gun violence and why they don't stack up.
  9. You do know that in first world countries with strong gun laws there are far fewer murders than here in the US, despite the fact that they still have cars, right?
  10. Actually, that is the one statement that the article never makes. So, if that statement is to be believed (and if not then why believe any of the rest article?), then Hillary owned the butcher shop, but never put her thumb on the scale with respect to her primary with Bernie Sanders. From the sound of it, Hillary was inheriting a bankrupt DNC and goinginto vigorously contested primary. She had to bail out the DNC because she knew that she would need it in the general election, but couldn't just give away her money because she knew she might need it in the primaries. So, she acted like a lawyer and gave the money but attached strings to it. All fairly rational. My question is why did Obama leave the DNC in so much debt. Is this normal for a re-elected president? It seems the debt would have been fairly easy for a charismatic fund-raiser with no future elections of his own to worry about like Obama. Why leave the organization bankrupt that way?
  11. Black Panther

    Actually, it is only about 4 months off now. I am really psyched.
  12. Blade Runner 2049

    Very good movie. I recommend seeing it in the theater. From the very beginning of the first shot until the end of the film, it made me feel that it was set in the same universe as the original film. A review I read picked up on whereas the first movie posited what makes a human human is empathy, this movie looks more a free will. Still, like the first movie the sequel asks some deep questions and leaves viewers with much to talk and argue about after they leave the theater. Iuz is correct. The is Deckard a replicant question is not answered in this picture.
  13. Marvel's The Inhumans

    I haven't watched episode 3 yet either, but in episode 2 had not completely secured his hold on power and was still portraying himself in a custodial position following the fleeing of the rest of the royal family. Not being officially in charge, he can't release the humans from bondage, and he can't declare his rule until he is sure that his palace coup extends beyond the palace.
  14. Marvel's The Inhumans

    Com links that can communicate from the dark side of the moon to earth and back is one clue.