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  1. Adult Dessert Flavors

    The cheeses with blue mold (bleu, Stilton, gorgonzola, ...) are adult taste, at least here in the US. But that isn't a dessert, though with an after-dinner drink they go just fine.
  2. Adult Dessert Flavors

    Cardamom is used much more in northern and eastern Europe; its use there is closer to cinnamon's use in standard US cuisine. Currant and gooseberry are the same way. Here in the US I encounter currants only in scones, and more or less never in products aimed at kids. Gooseberry, I think, isn't cultivated much here, because it is a host for a fungus or something that's pretty destructive to some more significant crop. I remember encountering plums more often in Europe than in the US, too. I know there are similar differences with the other side of the Pacific. I do not like lychee or red bean paste and avoiding those in desserts gets difficult in some cuisines. Differences in nut use are also cultural, which can get masked in the adult/child question since children tend to be much more conservative in their tastes (by that I mean, they will only eat what they are used to), and people tend to give their kids what is common and cheap. Back in the '60s I found it jarring that the nuts in German ice cream bars etc. were usually hazelnuts, rather than the peanuts, almonds or walnuts I was used to (one set of grandparents had several walnut trees, both English and black, in their yard, so we got a lot more walnuts than most folks, though). Back on topic as given, mushrooms often feature in adult foods but not kids', possibly because of texture. Grapefruit also seems to be more of an adult taste (sometimes hiding under the codeword "dacquiri"). If your "burned sugar" includes molasses, or rum, or sorghum, I dunno. I have liked the molasses taste all my life, but sorghum only met my approval after I encountered it again in my 30s after a 15+ year hiatus. In the US canned tuna is ubiquitous, but fresh fish isn't. Cheap fish is usually bland white fish, something that IME kids tend to dislike. jeff
  3. A Thread for Random Musings

    The glare fixed upon you by an annoyed hummingbird is quite something.
  4. The Last Word

    ... unless the tuba solo is a really good prank.
  5. The Non Sequitor Thread

    *Two* varied thrushes. Our yard must be a bounteous place.
  6. I challenge you!

    Waffles if they are hot off the iron. Otherwise, the dipped bread. Chinese navy vs Russian navy
  7. The Non Sequitor Thread

    OK, reading tvtropes makes me depressed.
  8. Answers & Questions

    Q: What goes in the George Thoroughgood song with "One Snort"? A: Substance abuse: it's not just for breakfast any more.
  9. In other news...

    Enhanced difficulty: recognizing the crazy.
  10. In other news...

    OTOH, you'll have to deal with insurance. And if you hate insurance companies as a patient, you have no idea how much they are hated by the practitioners.
  11. Funny pics

    For the record, I think I have eaten Pop-Tarts exactly once, and that was because I left responsibility for that meal to someone else. I have committed many dietary sins, but that one is not in my repertoire.
  12. In other news...

    It's full contact. Just watch games in Mexico or Italy. It'll make you wish you could purchase stocks in orthopedic surgery clinics.