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  1. The absolutely worst story I read online was the brother and sister who decided to have sex since they were about to die. For the sake of sanity, I have chosen to believe that this story is fiction. Otherwise, check back around October 13.
  2. I'm reminded of the time we were about to be walloped by some major hurricane and a mainland news reporter asked someone here what they were going to do about the looting. They just laughed.
  3. This Earth: ...from They Live.
  4. Black Lightning on CW tonight

    Just caught most of this. I liked it. It's not Shakespeare but it's decently written, acted, and shot. Costume is a little over the top, but people here constantly whine about costumes being too daaark and why can't it be bright like in the comiiiiiics, so maybe this time no one will complain.* One wonders if BL has anything like a code vs. killing. *
  5. Weapon Types vs. Armor Types

    I've always wanted to implement something similar, but never got around to trying to stat it out. LoneWolf is right in that many weapons have multiple damage modes; the solution to that is to stat out each damage mode and let the player choose which one he wants to use. Then you have to turn around and figure out the DEF for each type of armor against each type of damage. It will be hard to keep this from getting unwieldy, but it can probably be done. Personally I'd limit damage types as much as possible. Slashing, piercing, and bashing damage covers all physical weapons I can think of; variations can be defined using armor piercing and/or reduced pen.
  6. I get that software development is hard, and public sector contracting doesn't help. I have been uncomfortably involved with both. But FFS space out the links, or change their color, or something. Jesus.
  7. Really? Faced with public threats on your life by the head of a state with a history of invading other countries (e.g. Putin), you would unilaterally disarm? Okay.
  8. Nothing you quoted is a threat, merely a statement of defensive resolve. Contrast those with directly calling Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man", "maniac", and "sick puppy", famously threatening "fire and fury", or promising that he would get China to make him "disappear in one form or another very quickly". The difference could not be more plain. Looking at Trump's statements, you can't even blame North Korea for going balls out with their nuclear program; they have almost no choice.
  9. More photos from HIEMA are coming out. It doesn't look good. Passwords on post-its on the monitor. Skype and web browsers running on the systems. False alarm might be a blessing in disguise if it puts a spotlight on an area that needs cleaning up, and this situation needs cleaning up. Anyway, the problems go way beyond the low level staffer here.
  10. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Currently that would be very difficult. Expect some resistance to that demand.
  11. In other news...

    We should be able to criticize any U.S. president without bringing up conspiracy theories or "aid and comfort to the enemy" BS. Slamming the president's actions and policies is a fundamental American duty. It just needs to not go off into the weeds with birtherism or other flat earth nonsense.
  12. I wouldn't call this a massive improvement. I give them some credit for adding the false alarm button but clearly nothing has been done to address the confusing UI in the first place. It also looks suspiciously like the whole thing is being run out of Firefox (or Internet Explorer), which is making the IT security voice in my head cry.
  13. I agree that someone probably needs to be fired or fined for what happened, but I'm against summary firings for the sake of public relations, and I'm not cool with at-will employment in general. As it is the flunky who clicked the link has been reassigned, but as the image you posted earlier shows, this is much more of a UI problem than anything else. Even phosphoric acid guy deserves a little due process. Was the phosphoric acid tank clearly labeled? Is he really the one who hooked up the hose? What is a tank of phosphoric acid doing on the dock? Was every reasonable precaution in place, or is powerful acid routinely entrusted to the lowest paid guys in the org? Not that I think your company is run poorly, but handling toxic fluids is exactly the kind of thing that private companies are notorious for fumbling and covering up. I'd love to have been able to vote out the CEO of BP in 2010, for example.