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  1. New Series--The Orville

    I dimly recall there was half a page on it in the TNG technical manual. I'd look it up but I haven't seen it for 15 years and have no idea where it is. Anyway, it's all holograms and force fields, even the part you walk on, and maybe some matter replication for foodstuffs. Like half the Ent-D's computer processing power was devoted to running the thing. No, it makes no sense.
  2. I challenge you!

    Who? Alan Parsons vs. Dennis Hopper
  3. In other news...

    Time to turn in your Cobra Kai uniform, Jeff. Maybe you can go train with that old Miyagi fellow.
  4. New Series--The Orville

    This has been true for decades. Since before Blair Witch. It takes almost nothing to film a horror movie--an abandoned house, a couple of cameras, half a dozen reasonably attractive unknown "actors", and a 55 gallon drum of fake blood. You don't even need lights!
  5. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    Like many teams the Chiefs have been victimized by key injuries, on defense in their case. On top of that Andy Reid is doing a better than usual job of outcoaching himself lately.
  6. Funny pics

  7. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    What I saw of Eagles-Cowboys almost made me feel sorry for the Cowboys. Almost.
  8. Meanwhile, funding for children's health insurance expired 45 days ago, and net neutrality expires in less than 30.
  9. I challenge you!

    Zanuck. Hard decisions: Vibranium vs. Questonite.
  10. In other news...

    TEPCO knew the Fukushima seawall was too low and that its backup generators were vulnerable to flooding years, if not decades, prior to the tsunami. In a country with a long history of earthquakes and tsunamis.
  11. In other news...

    Having ridden the trains in Tokyo, I can say that everything claimed about their punctuality is 100% true. Admittedly that was thirteen years ago, and I never experienced the pushers, but I recently read that the train company there issued a formal apology when one of their trains was 20 seconds late. Even the buses in Kyoto were that punctual, and they were operating on surface streets in traffic. Inconceivable. If only the Japanese could run nuclear reactors with the same precision and attention to detail.
  12. Best Gun Fu, Sniper and Western Gunslinger films

    There's some decent gun fu/gunslinging here and there in the Kingsman films. The sniper character was the best part of the terrible '90s Navy Seals movie. Hurt Locker and American Sniper need to be included in any sniper movie list, though they hardly glorify the violence.
  13. Sorry to have fallen behind; funerals are very time consuming. Remind me not to die. Anyway: Holiday: Thanksgiving Villain: Hannibal Lecter (Silence of the Lambs) Setting: Pankot Palace (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom) Hero: Talisman (Alpha Flight) Hero: Solomon Kane (Weird Tales) Chef des Cuisine: Remy the Rat (Ratatouille) Sous Chef: Swedish Chef (Muppets) Poissonier and Cutlery: Hattori Hanzo (Kill Bill) Maitre D' and Butler: Cogsworth and Lumiere (Beauty and the Beast) Expediter: Mr. Ping the Noodle Shop Proprietor (Kung Fu Panda) Dessert: Willy Wonka (as himself)
  14. I challenge you!

    As if I had time to play either. I do some Fire Emblem Heroes on my phone when I'm waiting in line for things. That's about it. Wireless vs. Bluetooth.
  15. Musings on Random Musings

    Evil Beard of Evil™ is quite nice. Better than the one I grew in July (and am still sporting).