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    too mean to die
  1. A Game of Numbers

    4 is always the answer.
  2. I challenge you!

    Na'Toth was less annoying somehow. Talia Winters vs. Lyta Alexander
  3. Longest Running Thread EVER

    "Stop wasting food!" --Galactus
  4. Funny pics

  5. Longest Running Thread EVER

    No, quantum.
  6. Longest Running Thread EVER

    I wonder where we can find a good astronomer online.
  7. Black Widow

    I'm pretty sure that kicked off Wolverine's long bone-claws run. I forget who put the adamantium back in.
  8. Black Widow

    The other thing about the adamantium bullet is that (one assumes) the healing factor can't deal with it. In other Wolverine films we've seen the healing factor literally push bullets back out. But we also know that it can't get rid of the adamantium bone lacing, so the same probably holds for the adamantium bullet, which is a problem when that bullet is rattling around in your adamantium laced brainpan. I also shudder to think about what that bullet did to the inside of the gun barrel.
  9. Thor: Ragnarok spoiler thread

    I kind of liked it. I mean, she did conjure dozens of them out of thin air and project them at high speed with perfect accuracy. That's better than I can do.
  10. I challenge you!

    Bixby, for nostalgia's sake. Bana Romulan (Nero) vs. Hardy Romulan (Shinzon)
  11. Black Widow

    What matters is that you have two objects of the same material, not how tough they are relative to other things. A .44 magnum bullet of [metal] will penetrate 1/8" of [metal]; this sentence is true regardless of which metal you put into it.
  12. I challenge you!

    I've only seen WKRP. And flying turkeys. Murphy Brown vs. Anchorman
  13. A Thread for Random Musings

    Some days I am simply overwhelmed by man's capacity for evil. Yesterday was one of those days.