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  1. Farewell, Lady Le Guin. You were metal.
  2. More space news!

    I very strongly suspect that a strong Goldilocks effect is at play. Just the right temperature, just the right amount of water, plate tectonics, one tidally locked satellite, one large asteroid-deflecting gas giant, very few cosmic-scale disruptions. Either that or all the other civilizations burned too many fossil fuels and gassed themselves to death.
  3. More space news!

    I'm reminded of third grade, when the rest of the kids saw that one awkward kid coming, and hid until he went away.
  4. If it makes you guys feel any better, I did some googling on the question of whether Starfleet is a military organization or not, and... this isn't the only place where the question has come up, without a clear answer.
  5. Longest Running Thread EVER

    I thought you would just eat them as a snack.
  6. I challenge you!

    Spam wins. Spam always wins. Spam and eggs vs. Spam musubi.
  7. Again, the point is to destroy the U.S. government from within, so that it can't interfere with multinational corporations, oligarchs, and Russia.
  8. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Not to you, I'm sure.
  9. Longest Running Thread EVER

  10. The cranky thread

    You went to bed, that's what! You were their best player!!
  11. I challenge you!

    Honestly I find the leather is uncomfortable. It chafes, and I have sensitive nipples. Nose ring or nipple ring.
  12. It worked perfectly, didn't it? The Dems are caving after less than 72 hours, for "assurances" that a solution will be drafted for the Dreamers.
  13. Black Widow

  14. 2017-18 NFL Thread

    I was expecting a letdown after last week's miracle, but sheesh.
  15. Get Darren Watts an award

    голосуйте раньше, голосуйте часто!
  16. Get Darren Watts an award

  17. Longest Running Thread EVER

    Be sure to ask for the arc reactor upgrade.