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  1. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    True. But the player would also like to use the sling normally, ie throw lead shot at people. I could make him pay points to add an RKA slot outside his VPP, but it seems simplest and cheapest to just take a 1pt WF. That's a fair point. The alchemist has described it as a coat-of-many-pockets-type thing, but it might be worth clarifying that in more detail. I'm not quite sure what you mean here? The sfx is still: alchemical potion/item. Good points. But I don't think the Range By STR is as big an issue for the player as the lack of accuracy. Sorry if I didn't make that clear before. Yeah, we talked about that too, but that would mean either reducing the Base Cost of the attacks or buying up the VPP Control Cost. The player doesn't want to do the former, and isn't yet ready to do the latter. Thanks again for the comments, everyone. Sorry I've been so spotty is replying.
  2. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    Yeah, I think that's the one the Alchemist's player was trying to remember.
  3. Galactic Champions-eque material?

    (Longer reply when I have more time, but for now...) Actually I’m enjoying the discussion, so derail away.
  4. Galactic Champions-eque material?

    Speaking of Marvel's Cosmic stories, I did come across this:
  5. Galactic Champions-eque material?

    I'm thinking of running a Galactic Champions-esque game for my next campaign. I say "-esque" because I'm not sure how much of the actual GC/Champions Beyond setting I'll be using; like most games I run, it'll likely wind up being a mishmash of stuff from whatever source material strikes my fancy. In terms of tone, I'm thinking of a somewhat tongue-in-cheek game ala Thor Ragnarok & Guardians of the Galaxy. I've never run a GC game before, and aside from this thread last year there really isn't a lot of GC discussion here. Any suggestions for material from other games/systems that might have some useful stuff? (I already have all the relevant Hero books.) And in terms of source material, any good suggestions beyond the obvious: Legion of Super-Heroers, Green Lantern Corps, and the various Marvel "cosmic" titles?
  6. Improved Alchemical Sling - Does This Make Sense?

    Thanks all for the comments, and sorry to open a thread and then ghost it. Yeah, you're right that's probably the most accurate description of a sling. Not what the character needs most, tho. True, but not in the 11th Century. Actually a staff sling was specifically what the player & I were thinking of. I went with the more generic "sling" for discussion purposes because...reasons? Reasons that may or may not have made sense at the time? (I honestly have no idea.) Good point about Fast Draw. Although Ultimate Skill (p179) does specifically state that a character with a strung & readied bow can use Fast Draw to draw & fire an arrow. And I've been letting the archer use Fast Draw that way, so it would seem to make sense to allow the slinger do the same? Spot-on about the CSL - thanks! Yeah, I hear you. Tho personally, that's one fight I gave up on looong ago. Oddly, despite playing Champions since 3ed, I had never even heard the phase "CON stunned" until I started hanging out on these boards. [shrug] The main "throw it at the target" attacks the PCs has are: Cocktails of Molotav: 1d6 RKA, 4m Radius, Uncontrolled & Sticky Phantom Wound: 4d6 Mental Blast, ACV (OCV vs DCV) Flash Bomb: 7d6 Flash vs Sight & Hearing Smoke Bomb: Darkness vs Sight, 8, Radius
  7. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    It's not a quote per se, but throwing miniature cow patties at the Antichrist's emissary while he's trying to speechify was definitely the best "statement" of the evening.
  8. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Thanks. I always try to make such things memorable!
  9. Hi Gang. Looking for a sanity check/2nd opinions here. A PC in my low/historical fantasy campaign is an alchemist, whose attacks mainly consist of throwing potions, etc at people. The alchemical powers are built as a VPP. Her effectiveness has been somewhat limited by her having a low Range By STR, and a not-terribly-high OCV. She could of course buy some CSLs, and we'll get to that, but the player thought it would be fun to have the PC build some kind of sling and use that to throw her potions etc. I like the concept because 1) funny, 2) it should make her more on par with the other PCs, and 3) the other PCs would love the idea because it means they're less likely to be hit by one of her missed throws! (Which are also funny, but...) So, a few questions. Keep in mind this is a heroic game where the PCs do not pay character points for normal weapons. 1. Assuming the character bought 1pt Weapon Familiarity with slings, would you let her use a regular sling to throw her alchemical potions and the like? If so, what effect would that have? Obviously it wouldn't add damage, so does it add range? OCV? Subtract from Range Mods? Or if the sling has to be modified somewhat to be able to throw potions - so that she couldn't just pick up any sling, but would have to work on it for an hour or two - would you charge points for that or just handwave it as a roleplaying beat? 2. The player wants to be able to modify an existing (normal) sling so that it's optimized for throwing potions, and also makes it more accurate at range. I could do this as a Naked Advantage, but I'm thinking the easiest way is to buy PSLs vs. RMods, with an OAF: Sling. Does that sound kosher? 3. The character also wants to buy Fast Draw so she can reload the sling as a free action. Would you buy Fast Draw with slings, and then could she use Fast Draw to hand-throw potions? Or buy Fast Draw with her Alchemy VPP, and then could she use Fast Draw when reloading regular sling stones? Or would you lump them together under one Fast Draw? 4. Lastly, the character has just enough XP left over to throw a CSL on top of the pile. So is that a 2pt CSL with a single attack (sling)? Or a 3 point CSL with a tight list of attacks (her Alchemy VPP)? Just looking for some thoughts. Thanks in advance for the input!
  10. I think that's precisely the point.
  11. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Lastly, if anyone ever needs some longships, here are the maps I made. The large (40-oar) and medium (32-oar) ships spread over 2 pages; the small (20-oar) ship fits on one page. And then I have some "fleet scale" longships. I can't remember where I found the actual clip art I used for those ships. Longships.pdf
  12. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Last pic shows the Danish ship. The Danish crew is mostly gone at this point except for one last, badly hammered squad. King Olaf himself is here, having just cut down the Danish captain. Thyri, in full Berserker mode, has charged ahead of her allies and is caught between two squads of Olaf's troops. (Don't worry, she'll be fine!) The Turkish sorcerer is seen in the top left. At the top is the ship of newly-arrived reinforcements. Note the reinforcements are already wounded from previous fights they've been in off-camera.
  13. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Two shots of Olaf's ship. The PCs' forces have mostly swept the rear (right in the picture) of the ship clear of enemy troops, except for one squad of Olaf's Berserks (grey), and a squad of Danes (brown disk) whose minds have been fogged by an enemy spell and have turned to attack the PCs' troops. In the bow (2nd pic) Geralt comes to the aid of some of his troops who are being cut down by one of Olaf's barbarian captains. Behind him, two of the few remaining Danish squads hold off the young Russian Prince Yaroslav and some of Olaf's forces.
  14. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Close-up of the PCs' ship. You can see where Abida's "oopsie" has set the ship on fire, but it hasn't started to spread yet; Abida and the Welshmen are trying to put it out, but with no luck. Aeddan, Father Edmondo, and a squad of Swedes stand amidships, waiting for a clear space to jump across to Olaf's ship. At the bow, three squads of the PCs' Swedes just polished off an opposing squad and are getting ready to also jump forward.
  15. The Battle Of Jomsborg (skirmish rules)

    Zooming out, here's a view of the 4 lashed-together longships that formed the PCs' battlefield. And yes, in hindsight I should've folded the edges so the ships were actually adjacent, but you get the idea. This is just about in the middle of the battle described above. The PCs' ship is at the bottom; above it is King Olaf's larger ship; above that is the Danish ship; and at the top, a smaller ship of Olaf's men has come to reinforce.