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  1. And they are back! 4e all over the place! AWESOME! THANK YOU!
  2. Hm...now though, with Champions 5e and Fantasy Hero in PDF, perhaps it could come back to the store? Space Hero 5e PDF? Please?
  3. Welcome! I loved the novels and the rule book and all the extra PDF's (scenarios, monsters, etc) that came with it! The MHI rule book is awesome in that it has fluff to get your through, specifically it has some pages of original fiction from the author of the novels in some places and even in the charts and racial descriptions the prose shows obvious collaboration between the author of the novels and the author of the game system. The note, for example, on the PUFF Chart that shows how much you get paid for the bodies of the monsters you have slain where it mentions that gnomes and orcs are worth the same and both races are aware and annoyed at this... The flexibility of the system invites experimentation too. One thing I worked on but never got around to running was a Monster Hunter campaign set in the Roman Republic, with the player characters all employed by a reclusive, rich patron who was actually a vampire providing a paid service to the other rich families and eliminating competition. I was calling it, Monster Hunter Imperium. The elves were basically the Celts. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/monster-hunter-imperium/categories I really don't know how well the license worked out commercially for Hero Games (the Kickstarter was the highest funded one they've ever had, but they sure do have a lot of the MHI books left in their warehouse), but it has been my dearest wish ever since that Steve Long and Larry Larry Correia would collaborate again to do a licensed Hero Book for Grimnoir Chronicles. Seriously, Steve Long is a huge Pulp era fan, it would be great!!!
  4. Hello, is the 5th Edition PDF for the Star Hero available in the store? I see the character pack for it and a bunch of 5th edition Star Hero supplement books (i.e. Alien War, Terran Empire, etc)...but I only see the 6th edition Star Hero rules
  5. Hero System 5th Edition Core Book Available in POD

    Thank you! This is excellent and much appreciated!
  6. I had been waiting for it! Thank you! It's been exciting seeing the older version material become available in PDF!
  7. Any PBEM or PBBB hero System game need a player?

  8. Any PBEM or PBBB hero System game need a player?

    Awww, I miss Harper Ross! I liked her alot! I'd actually like to give her another shot (with some "steel in her spine"), but color me "tentative" because I have a LOT less time for reguarl posting now, and I seem to recall you were looking for more lengthy descriptive prose filled posts in your game?
  9. Any PBEM or PBBB hero System game need a player?

    Good to know, Anaximander! Please do check it out when you have time. I actually really like 6e and would like to run a game with it, but all the players I had at the beginning of the game were 5e hold outs.
  10. Pre-Kickstart Thread for Golden Age Champions

    I want to pay for a hardbacked book! Please?
  11. Any PBEM or PBBB hero System game need a player?

    Sure! If you mean my Ravenswood game as opposed to the two games Phantom GM is running out of the same Google group, I would be open to another player! Either way actually, just click the link in the top post and apply.