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    Engineer, slacker, story teller, ne'erdowell and those are my good points.
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    Lead Electrical Engineer, Odds & sods, bits & bobs, this and that.
  1. Sound track from 'Banshee'. All these months and that opening just will not leave me alone.
  2. Won? There are many who would use other words... hard words... words filled with angst, bile and a dreadful desire for a savage bloody revenge! Luckily I am not one of them. Honest. NURSE! Need more medication!
  3. Ahhhh, I missed this witty banter, discussing modern philosophy with the avaunt guard intelligentsia and Badger. Xmas came, went and left me nothing. But I'll be home in Feb and doubtless my beloved family will have left something for me... or be removed from the will.
  4. Complicate the Person Above

    It's a little known fact but L.Marcus spent 3 years as Scrappy-Doo's stunt stand in.
  5. Longest Running Thread EVER

    But way better than by a coca cola enema.
  6. A Game Of Questions

    Not really, but then I personally believe that the kidney is over rated, don't you?
  7. A Thread for Random Musings

    June 15th - Waterloo! Busy throwing screwed up post-it notes at the only Frenchman in the office. He knows better than to retaliate, but I can sense the simmering rage... The Kazakhs don't understand it which, as I'm still sitting on the banks of the Caspian Sea, surrounded by other Brits, is leading to some odd conversations.
  8. Larger Than Life! Real people who could be pulp heroes.

    A man who invents a NERF gun has way too much time on his hands and would be better used advising SF film writers why laptops can't really inject computer virus' into alien computer systems.
  9. Quote of the Week from my gaming group...

    From my 13 year old daughter during an introductory game - She's playing a Supergirl-lite character vs a bunch of agent level thugs. "But Papa, they're being silly. Why don't we just sing them a song and become friends?" Next stop, Napoleonic figure gaming... Maybe I'll have more luck.
  10. Complicate the Person Above

    Bazza can often be found in DVD rental stores drawing moustaches on Gillian Andersons face. He keeps muttering about a 'date that went wrong'.
  11. Longest Running Thread EVER

    If a Cadmium green girl was good enough for James T. Kirk, then it's good enough for me... Mmmmmmmm... Cadmium!
  12. Complicate the Person Above

    death tribble once auditioned for the role of 'Barney Rubble' on a proposed live action Flintstones remake. I've no idea what happened after that.
  13. Blame the person above

    I think I'm going to blame death tribble for this new forum look. I assume all the DDos attacks which caused this revamp can be laid at his pedal extremities?
  14. A thread for random attacks

    Flings Lemon Curry at NGD users while considering how horrid the new forum design is...
  15. Blame the person above

    Re: Blame the person above Both myself and Corsica have joined together to blame death tribble for Napoleon... all of him and his history.