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  1. Stunned without losing STUN?

    Hmm... That was too harsh perhaps. We should feel empowered as Game Masters to make any changes to the system be believe will improve the table's experience. I just want to strongly caution against making any house rules without very carefully examining the ramifications of the proposed changes: That includes comparing the costs and effects of any new game elements to those of existing game elements to ensure your change isn't going to cause yourself problems later.
  2. Stunned without losing STUN?

    If we are just going to be trolls: It could equally fairly be said that there is a puzzling tendency for those inexperienced with their wagons to believe that they can do a better job reinventing the wheel than the people who built the wagon (the wagon being the game system, and the wheels being the individual rules that make up that system). Sadly this is rarely the case, which is why we pay professional game designers to produce higher quality games than we can. I'll admit though, It is often easier to just hit "F**k It", and make something arbitrary up. It looks really simple on paper to just type out: Stun Target (11- Roll) as a power instead of some "obtuse build", and if everybody is one the same page it works just fine... However, every element of one of those obtuse builds you complain about has a defined meaning within the game system, and it's function can be understood at a glance by anyone actually familiar with the mechanics of the system. Conversely, there isn't any RAW defining what "Stun Target (11- Roll)" means, how it works, or anything else about it. So one has to consider if it still a more elegant solution if you are still going to have to write up this new power and its mechanics and keep them somewhere the players can reference (which for most Powers takes up most of a page, even in CC/FHC), or else be willing and able to teach and/or remind your players how this new power works over and over again (potentially from memory, usually in the middle of combat, and sometimes weeks or months apart). Not to mention all the inconveniences that house rules can cause when playing under other GM's using the same base system, or when attempting to seek rules advice from a forum such as this one.
  3. Stunned without losing STUN?

    There are actually lots of methods, you just have to find the ones that best fit the context you need to apply them too. As mentioned above, Stunned is available as a Combat Effect for Change Environment in the Advanced Players Guide. Change Environment is the power used for almost all of the official "Save-Or-Suck" powers, it can be nice and simple, but is admittedly rather vague. Therefore it is not a method preferred by most of this community. Presence Attacks can easily deprive a character of their Actions, and the mechanical difference between being Stunned and PA'd out of your actions is negligible. Mind Control explicitly gives you control over another's actions (and can easily be limited to simply forcing them to take no actions); it natively works against EGO and Mental Defense, but it can be modified easily using just CC/FHC/6e1&2 to target CON or more common defenses where appropriate. Likewise, Mental Illusions can completely cut a target off from reality, effectively Stunning them. But I hazard a guess that this method will end up more expensive than simply using Mind Control. Mental Entangles (especially with a Time Limit) would be mechanically similar to using a Presence Attack (but both more expensive and reliable), in that the victim can reduce the duration of the effect if they've invested heavily enough in it's defense. If you Flash enough senses, a character is basically Stunned... but enemies with Unique Targeting senses will be immune (or less-affected). Plus the rules for being deprived of your senses explicitly state that they don't prevent the character from taking any particular actions (such as moving or attacking), they simply affect your chances of success...
  4. Orcish Martial Arts

    The first thing that comes to mind is a style based on Axemanship and various orcish axe designs. When I imagine orcish hordes, I can't help but put axes in their hands.
  5. I'm about to run a new Champions campaign, and one of my new player's had a Character concept that stumped me a little. If a Computer is integrated into a Character (or an Automaton that can be Knocked Out), can the Computer be Knocked Out too? If not, what actions can a Computer take while the Character (or Automaton that can be Knocked Out) they are integrated into is Knocked Out? These are some of the specific cases I am contemplating: If a Computer is built with control over one or more of the Character's Powers, can the Computer still activate or maintain those Powers while the Character is Knocked Out? For example, a high-tech robot with a shoulder mounted laser turret controlled by a Computer, or a two-headed giant whose second head is built as a Computer. If a Computer is built with one or more Powers of it's own, can the Computer still activate or maintain those Powers while the Character is Knocked Out? For example, if the aforementioned high-tech robot's Computer paid 15 points to have Radar, or if the two-headed giant's Computer paid 105 points to have a full suite of Normal Senses (including Voice) and how ever many more points to have magical Powers of its own (that most likely only require Incantations to activate or maintain).
  6. Damage Negation

    There aren't very many adders one might want to switch around. It would be easier to houserule that you can also buy Adders with Variable Advantage if you have enough APs worth of effective advantage available to pay for the Adder. For example: 6d6 Blast, Variable Advantage (+1/2 worth; +1) (60 APs) could purchase up to 15 APs worth of Adders, a +1/4 Advantage and 8 APs worth of Adders, or +1/2 in Advantages. That way a traditional Variable Attack power can buy Reduced Negation alongside Armor Piercing and other combat Modifiers as needed.
  7. Damage Negation

    I don't think I can recall any of the official examples I've seen using Reduced Negation. To be fair though most of them were converted from editions where Damage Negation and Reduced Negation didn't exist yet. So it isn't something I think about very often. In theory, Reduced Negation being so cheap, and Damage Negation being so expensive (relative to its counter at least) is one of the biggest disadvantages to using Damage Negation. There is a much bigger gamble in using Damage Negation as your primary defense over Resistant Protection. Almost every Master Villain comes with an Attack Framework that could easily have a slot loaded with enough Reduced Negation to render a character reliant on Damage Negation defenseless, and still have a sizeable Attack Power that isn't prorated against a huge Stack of Advantages: Negation Negation Gauntlets: HA +1d6 (Physical), Reduced Negation (15 DCs) (+/-1 DC per 5 APs) (35 APs); HA (-1/4), OIF Universal (-1/2). Total Cost: 20 points Note: Since this gadget is adding Reduced Negation to an HA via an OIF, you end up paying just ~1.14 CP to negate 5 APs of Damage Negation. You also get to add all of your Strength (without proration) to the attack, and none of it gets negated either. It is a bit too expensive to buy at full price on the off-chance a character has a lot of physical Damage Negation, but it will easily fit into most Frameworks.
  8. Damage Negation

    Like the OP I don't particularly like Damage Negation. However I do see it's place in the toolkit that is Hero System. Instead of trying to 'fix' the tool, I only use it for those few things I consider it to be good at. For example, I use Damage Negation in my version of Seat Belts to reduce damage to the passenger from Collisions. I'd also use Damage Negation to reduce damage from G-Forces in lieu of the defenses suggested for starships and the like in Star Hero.
  9. PSLs in my Dark Champions Campaign

    Using Defensive Attack is also going to be more cost effective than using PSLs (if your GM allows them) for characters with very high DCVs because it changes the penalty from a relative penalty to a flat penalty. However there being an alternate method available in an optional rules supplement is not a "good" argument against the legality of other methods.
  10. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    I dislike how the bolded section is doesn't actually say what it explains itself to mean. Being restricted to only teleporting whole objects or persons has nothing to do with whether or not you can teleport a person separately from their carried objects, or an object separately from the person carrying it. Further, and to be entirely semantic, the supporting text for that bolded nonsense never actually says I cannot teleport armor off of a person, it merely explains that I cannot teleport a person out of their armor. So it is still entirely legal in 6th edition so long as you target the armor, and not the person wearing it (just like you would target a weapon and not the person wielding it in the parenthetical section after the section you've bolded). Although this may seem mechanically identical, it is not. The former would allow me to not only deprive a character of the object, but also potentially expose them to a Hazard they now have less/no defense against (For example, teleporting Defender out of his armor and into a vat of acid), while the latter only allows me to deprive a character of the object (and possibly expose the object to a hazard, such as teleporting Defender's armor into a vat of acid).
  11. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    I don't think anyone was overlooking that Foci can be damaged by Attack Powers, per say. There are nice, explicit rules for how Foci respond to BODY Damage. Most of the arguments revolve around which Attack power to use, and which ones work on what kinds of Foci how well. For "Teleporting A Target Out Of Their Armor" (preferably in one shot): Transform works fine, but requires the GM assign a Transform value and approve a recovery condition (also being cumulative by default is a bit odd). Teleport works if you make it an Attack Power (by using UAA), but that requires the GM approve a "reasonably common defense" that doesn't break his campaign (good luck with that). Dispel only works if the GM requires that their armor is built differently than the RAW requires/suggests (by using Extra Time to represent how long it takes to equip a suit of armor), or else house rules it. Whichever option the GM approves should be cheaper than simply using a Penetrating RKA to destroy it in one shot I don't think the description for Foci ever actually says anything about how an Inaccessible can be taken away (that is left to be determined by SFX)... However it does explicitly say that an Inaccessible Focus "cannot be Grabbed, Disarmed, or removed while the character is in combat or resisting" (CC 105). So a "reasonably common" defense for UAA Teleport might be "While In Combat Or Resisting". Said entry also only permits an Inaccessible focus to "be taken away from an unresisting target out of combat (or... otherwise be deprived of its use) in 1 Turn" (CC 105). So per RAW, no attempt to take away, or otherwise deprive a character of the use of an inaccessible focus is legal if that character is in combat, resisting, or takes less than 1 Turn. So the aforementioned UAA Teleport should also have at least 1 Turn of Extra Time at well.
  12. This is the most correct answer.
  13. How to Teleport a target out of armor?

    I justified Minor on the basis that you really only need to make a minor change to the function of a suit of armor to remove it. For example: unbuckling all the straps on a suit of full plate, or triggering the emergency release catch on a suit of Powered Armor. If a Minor Transform is good enough to turn a Dagger into a Sword (literally one of the examples from 6e1 304), than it should also be good enough to unbuckle straps or pop releases. The wording on that section is a little janky in 6e1. But you appear to be correct. CC also stipulates that "When granting abilities with Transform, (CP Granted)/5 is added to the targets BODY..." (It omits the bit about Complications, but the important part is that it never mentions Removing abilities). I must have misread it earlier. Thanks!
  14. Training Mundane Animals

    I think it is important to remember that one of the "thrills" of Heroic Fantasy is amassing things that make you more powerful. Finding ways to give/take away "Experience In The Form Of Loot" is just a basic part of how a GM maintains game balance in a D&D-like Campaign. So sure, a War Falcon you've spent precious downtime training over the course of months (possibly both in and out of character) with multiple Success Rolls at various steps might be worth a fair few points. The same could be said of a unique Magical Sword you forged by leading the party on an epic quest to gather it's materials and find a place suitable to perform the forging... Or the Ring of Invisibility you plucked from a Dragon King's in an daring heist. Any of which could be lost at a moments notice if the plot called for it (or if they were disrupting game balance in an unfun way). What is important is that everybody is getting rewards that make them equally happy, not exactly how we give them out (or what they are worth objectively).
  15. Full Power

    The Hero System doesn't function very well if your GM behaves like a machine with no subjective judgement, critical thinking skills, inclination to interact with the system, or authority over their own table (if that is what you are looking for, I suggest joining the Pathfinder Society). Likewise I don't think you can have a productive discussion of this system while operating under such harsh hypothetical assumptions. Even if a GM is adhering strictly to the RAW (few do), the Limited and Conditional modifiers provide enough metrics to make reasonable evaluations most of the time (When they can't, there are trolls Herophiles like us on the internet). Further, trying to ban or dismiss the use of using any game elements that require the GM to make a decision is far more drastic than simply performing the basic auditing and adjudication the RAW assumes you are capable of as GM. We did not dodge your inquiry, it was answered it with the RAW that are available. I'm sorry you didn't like the answer.