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  1. Skills: useful or just for flavor?

    An Almost Live reference?! Damn, l loved that show. I've never heard anyone mention it before anywhere. Billy Kawn, The High-Fiving White Guys, Speedwalker that show was great. I'm glad Bill Nye (and Joel McHale) went on to bigger things, but lots of actors in the show deserved to have better careers.
  2. Not sure how to rule on this power

    I hate players like this. Just tell him he can put as many points as he wants in the power, make his builds as complex as he likes, but in the end he will only ever do/roll one attack that does 8 DC. Even if the build comes out at 10 DC or 20 DC, you don't care. He will only do 8 DC. It is your game. He either goes by the cap or he doesn't play or he is just wasting points.
  3. Westworld's Hosts in Hero System terms

    I could see the bullets being "smart" so that they can do either STUN or KILLING Damage when they hit a target, but not sure about the guns firing them being "smart", as people and Hosts shooting could miss a target and the bullet hits a different Guest/Host standing behind them and the bullet would still react doing the correct type of damage. Good point about the Man in Black being shot at the end, I assumed the renegade Hosts were using Park Security guns which can hurt/kill both Guests and Hosts, but maybe it is a programming change that Ford implemented when he started the new story. This does make sense since Dorlores was able to kill him with her normal in-park gun.
  4. Westworld's Hosts in Hero System terms

    Well there are a few issues here and unfortunately the show doesn't really explain things too well. First there are two types of Hosts. The old ones that are robots with skin covering them (basically like Terminators) and the newer ones that are more like Replicants from Blade Runner, but to be honest both types seem to react the same to injury and damage from what we've seen so far. The bigger question (to me at least, and this may only apply if you are planning on running a game set in a Westworld setting) is how do the weapons work? My person feeling is that the Hosts actually don't "take damage" from being shot with a gun from inside the park, rather they are built to mimic what damage from being shot would be like, probably with tiny micro-charges under their skin that explode when they are shot. The reason I think this is that we've seen Humans shot by the same gun as a Host in the same fight, in fact one shot right after the other, yet to the Humans the effect is only like getting hit by a paintball but to the Host standing next to him/her shot by the same gun it causes "normal" gunshot damage. To me that means that the "bullets" in the gun are fake low-velocity slugs that turn to powder when they hit a target and it is the Hosts body that produces the damage to mimic a gunshot where the "bullet" hit them. I can't see any other logical reason why Humans shot by the same gun as a Host suffer no real damage. You might say that all the clothes the humans wear in the park are super bulletproof but that seems too risky for the park to allow, since a random bullet might miss a target and hit a human in the head, hand, etc... killing or injuring them. Plus we've seen Humans going around naked/topless so that would also mean it can't be the clothing that is bulletproof. So I think that the only logical explanation is that the guns in the park are all fake and that it is the Hosts that are built to "self-damage" when they are hit. If this is true, then it opens up a lot of possibilities that the damage we see the Hosts take is pretty much all cosmetic in most cases, made to look bloody and deadly, but easy to fix overnight in the repair shop. Its all "movie magic/special effects" in a sense. Obviously knife wounds and blunt force trauma (head crushed by rock) cause more significant (possibly permanent) damage, but if I remember right we only saw one Host that was so badly damaged (from blunt force trauma to the head) that it was irreparable. Even Hosts shot at point blank range to the head were repaired by the following day, and this is partly why I believe the damage they take is mostly fake and the injuries they sustain mainly for show and part of their programming. This obviously all applies only to the guns that are part of the game/park. It is shown that the security guards are using real guns with real bullets that can really damage/kill the Hosts and Humans. Now the real question raised by the show is how to explosives work in the park. We've seen them used a lot, but the only time a Human set one off we see that it had to be authorised by the park control centre (in real time) and they allowed/triggered the explosion themselves, ( I assume after making sure no Humans were close enough to be hurt in the blast or by shrapnel.) but still that is a massive amount to control the park has over every aspect to the game world and makes you wonder if a Host wanted to set off an explosive close to a human and no authorisation was given by the control centre then would the explosive not go off? Are all the explosives just as fake as the bullets? So the dynamite isn't really dynamite, just a fake substance made to look like it and lighting it with a match would do nothing unless the control centre triggers it to explode. The only other solution to these problems that I can think of is that everything we've seen so far on the show is in a "the matrix" like virtual world so it is all programmed so that bullets and explosions don't hurt the Players, but only the Hosts. But that would be such a horrible twist/copout that it is not worth even thinking about.
  5. Weapon Speed

    As a spin-off of STR Min for weapons, should some weapons have a DEX Min? Or maybe a DEX Min instead of a STR Min? For example, using a Rapier effectively isn't so much about STR, as it is to swiftly and accurately position it. Same with a Whip and various other light, "fast" weapons. In these cases maybe the weapon should have a DEX Min the user must meet or exceed to use effectively, rather then a STR Min. Taking it another step further, maybe extra damage with these weapons should be calculated by how much the users DEX exceeds the DEX Min, in the same way excess STR above the STR Min currently adds to damage. Maybe break your weapons up into two categories, STR based weapons and DEX based weapons. STR based weapons are done as normal. Dex based weapons to their extra damage based on how much the users DEX exceeds the DEX min of the weapon. Better yet, give all weapons a STR and DEX Min and the character can choose which one he is using for each attack. That way he/she could hack with a rapier (using STR) or go for finesse and use the DEX method for extra damage. In fact, just make the STR Min also the DEX Min to save time, so low STR Min weapons (a dagger) in the hands of someone with a high DEX can be just as deadly as in the hands of someone with a high STR, just in a different way. High STR Min weapons are obviously heavier, so require more DEX to accurately use so most time it is best to just use STR for attacking, but possibly a chracter with very high DEX could accurately use a two-handed sword for more then just hack and slash. That way both strong and dexterous characters have their own style/feel to them.
  6. Training Mundane Animals

    Maybe have the normal animal free (like horses, etc...) but any improvements paid for by the character as a special ability. For example: Animal Attack Command: +1 OCV (5 Active Points); Only with Animals character has spent time training (-1), Requires A Roll (Animal Handler Skill roll; -1/2), Usable On Other (-1/4), Grantor can only grant the power to others, Recipient must be within Limited Range of the Grantor for power to be granted, Recipient must remain within Line of Sight of Grantor, Incantations (-1/4), Gestures (-1/4) RC:1 This way any normal (non-follower) animal the character trains over the course of the campaign can be commanded to attack better then normal, but only when the character is giving the commands.
  7. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    I know this thread (pardon the pun) has run its course, but I've still been thinking about other ways of making this ability. So here is another way that might work: Detection Webs: +6 PER with Normal Touch, 100m area (+1) (12 Active Points); Physical Manifestation (-1/4), Conditional Power Can be avoided by a successful Acrobatics or Contortionist roll (-1/2), Costs Endurance (Only Costs END to Activate; -1/4) This is the most "realistic" version of the ability. The Character (Spider) has to make the webs first (thus the cost END to activate), then if something touches one of the webs it feels the touch and it gets +6 to its PER check to notice and locate the intruder.
  8. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    I agree. Just look at the builds for stuff like Motion Detector from the Skill Book. It is built as a Detect Moving Person or Object 15-, with a Change Environment -6 to Security System Checks. And the description includes: This clearly shows that Stealth can't be used to hide motion as with the better models even a Stealth check won't help prevent detection. Also, from the Eyebeam trap: This shows that Stealth definitely can't be used to avoid some senses (IR or UV Vision in this case). You can't just Stealth by something detecting with those senses, you need to physically avoid them (unless you have a power of ability that makes you invisible to those senses). This is just a couple of examples, but their are numerous other examples in the books of Detects that can't be avoided by Stealth checks, only by Security System rolls or Powers and Abilities. Another example is the Pressure Sensor in a floor. It detects weight/pressure (so movement for a physical character across it). Stealth can't avoid that, that is why their are talents like "Trackless Stride" that specifically allow you to avoid ground based pressure and motion traps and detection.
  9. I Can Feel You Through The Web

    I personally wouldn't build it as a Sense. I think it sounds more like a Barrier (with 0 BODY, 1 PD, 1 ED, Vulnerability to Fire, Nonresistant Defences, and other Limitations including Conditional: Can be avoided by Stealth/Acrobatics roll ) covering a large area. And then a Linked - Detect: Damage to the Barrier. Or a Triggered Clairsentience with Physical Manifestation (and other advantages and Limitations) Also check out Pg. 289 of the Skill Book (well the whole security skill section of the book), specifically the Taut-Wire Switch which is very close to what you are trying to build.
  10. ALIENS!!!

    Nice! I always loved Living Steel and all the Phoenix Command stuff. Glad to see it hasn't been completely forgotten.
  11. Bolas

    My build was more going for a real weapon in a Fantasy setting, rather then the official "Super Hero gadget" build. I also think that the real weapon version could also be built to include the additional ability of choking the Target if the Attacker chooses to target the Target's head/neck with the bola, so if the bola wraps around the targets neck it could begin to strangle them and cut off their air supply until it is removed.
  12. Bolas

    I might build it like this: Bola: (Total: 17 Active Cost, 4 Real Cost) Blast 1d6 (5 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Range Based On STR (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4), STR Minimum 5 (-1/4), Extra Time (Delayed Phase, -1/4) (Real Cost: 1) <b>plus</b> Entangle 1d6, 1 PD/1 ED, Entangle And Character Both Take Damage (+1/4) (12 Active Points); 1 Recoverable Charge (-1 1/4), Set Effect (Hands OR Feet Only) (-3/4), Can Be Deflected (-1/4), Extra Time (Delayed Phase, -1/4), Range Based On STR (-1/4), Real Weapon (-1/4), STR Minimum 5 (-1/4) (Real Cost: 3) -The Delayed Phase is because the attacker needs to spin it to get it up to speed to make it work effectively. -Set Effect (Hands OR Feet) is based off the normal Entangle modifier, but reduced in value because a bola could effect one or the other, With this build an Attacker could just simply throw the Bola to do damage, but if they target their Target's limbs (with the appropriate OCV modifiers so they hit the arms or legs) then they would do the damage, plus the Entangle would take effect.
  13. Small character bonuses

    Hi all, Just wondering about how you handle small characters in your campaigns and the bonuses they get. As per the rules, characters at 1/2 the normal size are harder to hit, so the attacker gets -2 OCV. But characters (Players or NPC's or Monsters) that are small buy their smaller size as a Complication and from what I can see this is usually a 5-10 pt. complication, so the free bonus of "giving" the -2 OCV to anyone attacking them is of at least equal (if not more) value then the Complication that provides it. Not much of a Complication (at least in combat) in that regard. Also, most builds for small characters (gnomes, halflings, etc...) that I see in the books also include a +2 DCV (that the character pays for) for a total "swing" of 4 CV (Character has +2 DCV and Attacker gets -2 OCV). This seems a bit excessive. What do you do in your games? Ignore the "-2 OCV for the attackers"? Not allow the "+2 DCV" purchase for the characters? Allow both but make the Complication worth 0 pts? Or just allow small characters to be rarely hit?
  14. Fringe benefit

    This is why I generally don't allow Wealth in Fantasy campaigns where "big treasure" gains are not only possible, but kind of part of the genre (thanks to D&D). The issue I have with using wealth like you described is that the "jump" between Destitute and Poor is far less then between Wealthy and Filthy Rich. Yes, they are both a 5 point jump, but Destitute ( less then $3000 per year) to Poor (Less then $10,000 per year) is a lot different then Wealthy(10) (Less then $5,000,000 per year) to Filthy Rich (Unlimited income, more money then they can spend). Yes, both are a 5 point jump, but because of doubling effect the 5 points at the high end has a much great in game effect. In a "normal" Fantasy Games (adventuring, questing, etc...) if a character should be Wealthy (the Noble fringe benefit or the like) I generally treat it as a background perk, meaning they don't spend points on it, and they also don't get direct access to that money either. Yes, they are rich, but all that gold is back in the family castle or lands, and it is not like they can just make a phone call and have the money deposited in their bank account. If they aren't carrying it on them, then it might as well not exist for the most part. They would need to somehow send a message by courier across the continent (taking weeks or months to get there (if ever)) then the gold would need to be delivered by armed guards also back across the continent back to them (taking more weeks or months) with the hope that bandits don't capture it. So if the Perk of being Wealthy doesn't have any in-game effect, then they shouldn't need to pay character points for it. If the characters do buy the Fringe Benefit of being a noble or business ranks or the like, then I do give them better gear and extra gold at the start of the campaign (based on how high they bought the Perk) because they have spent points on having that as their background, but once the campaign starts and they are far away from their home or business then they are on their own and at the mercy of what they can acquire in game.
  15. Fear!

    A little late to the conversation, but this is how it is described in Fantasy Hero 6th ED: I personally feel that if you do a Change Environment build like you have shown, it should be a PRE roll to resist not EGO, as PRE is the characteristic used for Fear, Awe, etc... and by changing it to EGO any Player who has built a Character believing their PRE score would help against Fear attacks will be annoyed that it is EGO instead that they have to role (unless you tell them right at the begnning of the campaign when they are building their characters that it will be an EGO check in your game, not PRE)