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    Veteran gamer (player & GM) of 29 years.
    GM of 15+ campaigns, several complete, many HERO-based starting with 3rd Ed. Justice Inc, Danger International, Fantasy Hero and Champions.

    Worked on conversions to and from HERO, and tool-kitting of HERO to facilitate different character creation elements, including some random elements and a 'Life-path' method.
  1. Turakian Age World Map

    Version 1


    A black/white world map - this is as high a resolution as I have. I have been working on overlaying the colour versions of the map but the scales are different - perhaps the source files will be able to allow someone to do this - I don't have Adobe Illustrator nor Photoshop.
  2. Turakian Age maps 1

    Version 1


    This is a zip of the TIF files used in the book itself.
  3. What "Pulp" have you read lately ?

    Several from the pages of Pulp Fiction: The Villains & Pulp Fiction : The Crimefighters Not to mention a couple of Black Mask and a Lone Ranger tale I came across.
  4. Encyclopaedia Turakiana

    It is really useful and served as a basis for my (ever) expanding reference for my Turakian campaign.
  5. Dealing with a lethal campaign using character trees

    We just play characters with whatever EP they have earnt. Some characters have more EPs than others - but so have people in life - we even discussed this again more specifically. We all agreed that we don't mind either way, we trust the GM to keep things as 'in-line' as they feel necessary. The lower point characters typically get higher EP rewards per scenario and _can_ catch-up. There are all sorts of other 'natural' ways that total character points can differ and/or be controlled without necessarily having to use gaming-fudge. Something similar to the initial topic that we discussed recently was to give players a point 'pool' and require 3 characters to be built from this with max and min spends. This was primarily for a Champions game and was seen that it could allow for more flexibility on character concepts. Playing sessions would be put together (by the GM and players (at least in part)) to require different characters, or to be chronologically parallel or other to get a rotation or characters. Every player would 'buy in' to this idea and accept that there would be character point differences.
  6. Issues Executing .jar Files Under Windows

    I suspect it is a Java update specifically. I have an outstanding update for that, but recently updated W7 and my HD is still working.
  7. Speed Calculator

    Just wanted to say that I used this in a Champions game I ran at the weekend to work out how fast (in hexes) a meteor was travelling. Nothing to worry about the flying brick managed to intercept it and help it into the sea.
  8. 6eHTML_UltimateCharacterSheetv1_4.hde

    Thanks HM. There are a couple of other tweaks that could be nice in the template, but my initial thought was to get the math correct then work on the other bits.
  9. 5eHTML_SupersUltimate_CS_v1_1.hde

    I don't seem to be able to replicate this, if there are skills in HD then they will pull through to the HTML, do they appear there but not on your print out - is that what you mean?
  10. 6E HTML The Ultimate Character Sheet by desaturated

    I have uploaded a new version (v1.4) of this file; http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/168-6ehtml-ultimatecharactersheetv1-4hde/.
  11. Version v1.4


    6E HTML The Ultimate Character Sheet v1.4 This version 1.4 has been updated and a few corrections to some broken maths by lou_tennant, 14th May 2014. This character export sheet looks different than the plain black and white sheets. It is styled to match the colours of the rule books and is done in a fun highly legible style. It has the functionality of the default character sheet, but has the following differences: Collates all combat information including Attack Powers, Defense Powers, Sensory Powers, Equipment and Martial Maneuvers in a special page block. Along with useful combat stats, combat values, combat modifiers, and hit locations tables. Powers, Equipment, Talents, Martial Arts, Skills, Perks, and Complications are in a wider single column format. Any notes you've included in the Hero Designer will be now be visible! Respects any formating you've done to your powers or abilities. Numbered list titles and numbering. Skills, abilities rolls, and Endurance costs clearly visible along the left hand side. Point costs on the right. Split into 4 pages for cleaner printing. The character image is on the 1st page with characteristics, personality, quotes, background and descriptive information. The recommended picture size: 288px wide. The image should be anywhere from 352px to 442px tall. The file "herologo.png"; needs to be included in same directory as the export file. If the character has an image associated with it and you want to have that image included in the HTML output, you will need to save that image into the same directory as the HTML file when you export (the export wizard will prompt you to save the image). --Earlier versions (v1.3-) of this character sheet were modified from the Default character sheet by desaturated. v1.3 can be found here: http://www.herogames.com/forums/files/file/66-6e-html-the-ultimate-character-sheet-by-desaturated/.
  12. 5eHTML_SupersUltimate_CS_v1_1.hde

    I will have a look Hyper-man, thanks for the heads-up.
  13. 5eHTML_SupersUltimate_CS_v1_1.hde

    Logo - yep, as mentioned, I need to work some space in to include the logo. Manoeuver block was in the other one, I have mixed thoughts about it, useful feedback, I will see what I can do.