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  1. In other news...

    I can't find the reference right now, but there's a verse in the Old Testament somewhere that manages to mess up counting to six.
  2. Wonder Woman

    Okay, I'll admit that I was hasty, and wrong, in drawing that conclusion. I apologize for throwing that label around.
  3. Jokes

    A Roman soldier walks into a bar and says, "I'd like a martinus, please." "You mean a martini?" asks the barkeep. "If I wanted a double, I would have asked for one," replies the soldier.
  4. Wonder Woman

    The pic I posted got a downvote . . . looks like we found the pro-fascist.
  5. Wonder Woman

    This thread seems like an appropriate place to share this pic:
  6. More space news!

    We should really go out and catch it. I suppose it's not feasible to mount such a mission on such short notice, though . . . especially allowing for the fact that we don't actually have the tech to DO that at the moment.
  7. In other news...

    I sometimes wonder if offering a humane execution to life-sentence prisoners might be a small kindness that we could afford to give them. If you agree that someone should literally die in prison, doesn't it make sense to allow them the form of death that they feel involves the least suffering? If, on the other hand, you would use that as the argument against giving them the choice of death . . . well, when you're explicitly choosing to cause more suffering to the convict, I would suggest that perhaps you've shifted from "justice" to "revenge".
  8. Enough zombies?

    On the contrary, I feel that a "bio-zombie" is quite scientifically plausible. If the "zombie" is in fact a live human suffering from a disease, then the functioning digestive and metabolic systems you mention would be expected. There are already known diseases, such as rabies, which affect the brain and cause aggression and loss of cognitive abilities. To me, it seems frighteningly plausible to imagine a new disease emerging which could cause near-complete loss of higher brain functions and mindless aggression. The most implausible aspect of such a disease would be the victims surviving more than a few days after reaching such a state, IMO.
  9. Enough zombies?

    I agree, there's really no life left in zombies.
  10. Wonder Woman

    I have to wonder about this. I can only speak for myself, but I thought it was obvious from the beginning that Ludendorf was not Ares. Maybe I caught those "subtle hints" more clearly; maybe I'm just cynical enough to go directly to "humans don't need any help to be violent bastards", but at no point did I think that Ludendorf was Ares, or that the audience was ever intended to think that. Do we have an official answer from the film's creators on this? Does it even matter in these "death of the author" days? Edit: to put the subtext of this post into text: Is it just me? Am I wrong here?
  11. Order of the Stick

    It took me a second viewing to notice that the Dwarven baby has a beard.
  12. "Neat" Pictures

    Whoa, flashbacks to my biology class twenty years ago where I learned that sea urchins do that. That's right, that sea urchin has deliberately piled those things on itself! Uh . . . including the skeleton of a deceased relative. That's a little macabre.
  13. Cool Guns for your Games

    It's an adorable little baby BRRRRRT.
  14. Odd Robot Personalities

    I enjoyed the robot personalities in "Interstellar". TARS was a good character.
  15. Lord Liaden, thanks for trying to keep things civil and not intending to offend. I don't understand how you can have trouble seeing that a fun, friendly sporting activity where everyone goes home with all their parts intact is very different from deliberately killing people. It's always possible that we're having a massive failure of communication here and not talking about the same things. However, it's hard for me to avoid interpreting statements like that in an uncharitable light. What am I missing here?