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  1. Negative Combat Skill Levels

    Looked at that and never saw it. Thx.
  2. Negative Combat Skill Levels

    5th edition I notice that NCSL is a minus to opponent's OCV/DCV/ECV. What if I want it to be a minus to my own OCV, and not the opponent's. I'm asking because I want to build it into a weapon. For an example, see War Hammer on page 481 Revised.
  3. New Skills from Ultimate Skill 5th edition

    You are right. It is rather complex. I would like to make a suggestion about the Custom Skill: could you make it so that we have the option of using it with base characteristics? Maybe a checkbox with a drop down list? My reason is it would make custom skills autocalculate when there's a characteristic increase (or decrease).
  4. I noticed that all of the new skills in chapter 2 (starting on page 354) is listed in HD except Divination. Is this an oversight? Maybe? I have the absolute latest version of HD.
  5. Change Environment Area

    Thx for the clarification.
  6. Change Environment Area

    See my page reference in my first post.
  7. Change Environment Area

    For each inch in radius, it is two inches for any other shape of area.
  8. Change Environment Area

    How can I modify Change Environment's radius to a line? (Hero System 5th edition non-revised page 91, area effect of effect paragraph)
  9. HD Updates

    Is there a place where it lists all the bug fixes, etc. for each new update?
  10. Naked Adder in 5e

    I'm trying to figure out how to add a "Naked Adder" (as opposed to Naked Advantage) in 5e. I'll use the following as an example: Suppose I have a power Teleportation 20" but I only want the Increased Mass adder to work in certain situations. Normally I would by Teleporation 20" then Increased Mass separately, but HD doesn't have Naked Adder as a power (like Naked Advantage). The question is: How do I add a Naked Adder as a power? What I would like to do is buy Teleportation at 0" (which HD does not allow), then buy the adder on 0". P.S. Custom Power doesn't give me the flexibility to add levels of Increased Mass (or Noncombat Movement) without manually calculating the points for the total multiple of mass (or noncom movement). P.P.S. Don't tell me to add a script as a template because I don't know how and the documentation is not explicitly clear enough.