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  1. What is the modifier against a character facing away from his attacker? If an attacker is attempting a disarm against an offhand weapon and the defender does not have offhand defense, is there a penalty to his OCV to defend against the attempt to disarm? Is there a penalty to switch a melee weapon from off hand to primary hand? Like a -1 OCV in that round, or is it just a half phase action with no consequence. I cannot find this one in the rules, but I THOUGHT I remembered from an old edition that if you half moved and attacked you got a -1 OCV for that round. Or is that just me totally misremembering.
  2. Heroes vs Krampus: help?

    If you're going to play on a dark version of Santa, he should be able to cast ribbons as Entangles that tie the PC's up in large bright red bows. Very difficult to break out of, but can easily be pulled like a bow string and unravel by another PC (to make it a team effort to free the hero). Elves maybe could have transform attacks that turn OAF into toy versions that only do maybe 2-3 D6 and shoot foam darts or bubbles. Dark Santa should also be able to lay down ice patches that will impede movement of be like entangles, but do not affect him or his minions. Sonic "Ho HO HO!" blast that does NND sonic damage? Thrown glass christmas decorations that shatter and do small RKA damage? He should take slightly more damage from fire attacks. Which reminds me - evil snow men with cold snowball attacks!
  3. How much do you use Millennium City?

    I did pull up Google Earth and check it against at least one major boulevard and they matched name and direction. I intend to do more comparisons, just to get a better handle on things. cptpatriot - I hear what you're saying, but also, it sounds like the city was nearly completely obliterated and huge numbers killed. I'm moving forward with the thought that there prorbably weren't enough survivors to negatively impact the rebuild, BUT that those who survived did their best to re-settle in familiar areas, causing most of the neighborhoods to be repopulated similarly to the way they were before the city was destroyed. I'm also making the assumptions that the pristine city of the future has now begun to fall on slightly harder times and that the super clean techno city has already begun to age, that standard city corruption has snuck in under the radar, and that some of the more ambitious technologies, like self-driving microchipped cars are no longer being supported. It doesn't do any good to have Millennium City be a perfect town. But I'm starting to make some progress.
  4. I'm running a pbem for a friend, and I want to really drill into Millennium City. I have the source book and the map, but what I'm really wondering if anyone knows is this: How much does the map layout differ from Detroit? i'd really love to be able to lift street names and maybe some city details based off google earth to get some realistic street level details. Stuff that if the player got curious and decided to go looking they would find that, 'Holy Smokes, there is a hospital there' But I'm wondering if I'm better off using the RPG book map and embellishing and staying more vague, or if I should just use Google Earth? What would really be fun is if someone with skills made a Millennium City overlay that could be put on top of Detroit with all the Champions based POI. I think that might be a bit beyond my skillset though.
  5. Great to know I'm not the oldest on here. Though, with how long Champions has been around, I guess I'm not surprised. Been playing RPG's now for well over half my life and I have no intentions of stopping now!
  6. Thanks for the response gang! It's fun getting back into the game, but man, I've got a lot to learn. I started with 1st ed and the books that looked like they were all just typed by hand (probably were). I guess that was somewhere near 1985. I'm an old man now (49) and just getting back to doing play by mail with an old friend, with a drive towards putting our game onto Roll20 which I've been playing in a pathfinder game for a few years. Anyway, I hope to have opportunity and reason to keep showing up on the boards here. It looks like a pretty friendly group.
  7. Just built my first character in HD6 after returning to the game from like 20 years ago. Long process, but I got the character all done, and have the base points listed, as well as the complications points. When I advance the experience points counter, it does not increment the unspent experience points. Also, I can just spend spend spend on the character sheet and it does not stop me, even though it would push me past the total points spent. For example. 200 base points, 150 points in complications. No experience points... But I can go to any other tab and say, increase an attribute, or add a power, or skill, and it will let me do it, even though there are no points available (at this point it would need to be expererience points I think, unless I changed the totals). Is this the way the program works? Or does it lock down based on how many points should be available for usage?