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  1. Star Wars using Hero...?

    I had to quote the whole thing. Brilliant! When I started thinking of the game and the idea of a jedi being able to also buy a lot of gear, I imagined Darth Vader as a PC. His player was like, "I want all the force skills. And armor. And I'm the best pilot. And I have bionic limbs."
  2. There are a number of threads on the forum regarding using Hero rules to play Star Wars. I have browsed them, using Google searches to find them. I was wondering about how to handle the different power levels of the characters, like say a smuggler versus a jedi. My thoughts are to have the characters buy everything with points like in a Champions game, so that way you could have a 200-point bounty hunter with nifty armor and lots of skills, or use those points to buy jedi powers and a lightsaber etc. Does this make sense to the posters here? I don't have the Star Hero rules in front of me, but IIRC you use money to buy weapons, gadgets, armor etc. but I think a Champions approach would be better in this situation? Does anyone have experience with this idea I'm toying with? I do like all the Hero stuff that has been made for Star Wars, but I plan to have a more natural approach where the players throw together what they think their jedi can do (using a multipower) and I just adjudicate whether it seems to be Star Wars-y rather than require some kind of conversion from d20. Let me know what you think! Any thoughts are welcome. PS: I plan to use 5th but I might use 6th--I think the discussion fits with either ruleset.
  3. RIP Aaron Allston

    Aargh! I can't believe this! I miss you Aaron Allston! Terrible. Long live Strike Force. This is the worst news.