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  1. Damage on the Low End

    Some of this was hit upon, but I want to lay out my assumptions 1) You're only landing 62.5% of your blows, as the Gadfly pointed out 2) Sensible folk block blows and use the momentum to go first next phase, forcing their opponent to block as well, dropping the average to 1 attack per turn and 1 defense, and the attack having more like a 23.5% chance of landing after the 11- block is allowed for. 3) All it takes is one die to come up a 6 to without the other being a 1 to get BODY through (25% chance of > 2 BODY) So you're only taking 1 shot a turn, you're landing the blow one time in four, and one in four of those hits does 1 BODY or so, you never get to STUN being remotely endangered, but 160 turns(!) later, you're both fresh as daisies and on the brink of bleeding to death from internal injuries. I did forget to take into account the hit location table - a few lucky random rolls there could definitely end a fight in a hurry, but the hypothetical average match-up sure does rely on dice luck to break out of that rut.
  2. Damage on the Low End

    So, this is really only relevant at pretty low levels I imagine, but in a low powered game full of normal folk it might come into play... Two combatants with base stats (STR, CON and BODY 10, CVs at 3, PD/ED 2, REC 4, 20 STUN and 20 END) 1) Under most circumstances, the fight will have to go on a LONG time before Long Term END use starts to kick in. Otherwise, we're firmly in able to fight forever territory 2) Average hits do 2 BODY and 7 STUN, which causes 5 STUN. It'll take a long time even with above average rolls, to get to 0 STUN, let alone -11 where a person'll stay down for a sec. 3) Every below average hit (0 or 1 BODY) is just as irrelevant, but every above average hit (3 or 4 BODY) slowly whittles away at the BODY score, which doesn't recover during combat. So two untrained guys beating each other up leads to nobody ever getting worn out, knockouts requiring a remarkable string of luck to happen at all, and the vast majority of fights ending with fully conscious characters beating one another to death. What am I missing?
  3. Building a Light spell is harder than I thought

    I'm not sure how to stat that using 6e - there's no option that I recall for minor environmental effect. Might be an idiosyncrasy of the version though.
  4. Input on some House Rules ideas...

    On Unstoppable - do you mean for it to include Dive for Cover, as mentioned above? I can see this being applicable to a power that only needs to make contact, like an electrical attack that, even if you block it, you're getting jolted, but it doesn't quite match up with that end goal if you include Area Effect powers and don't allow people to still dive for cover. So I'm curious. Liking the spirit of the "extra BODY from too much STUN" but strangely need help in the other direction. Put two STR 10, PD 2, REC 4 guys into a brawl and one of them is going to wind up dead before either one is unconscious, more often than not, and ain't nobody running out of END.
  5. Building a Light spell is harder than I thought

    FWIW, in my own game, I think I'll go back to the old ways: Change Environment: +4 to PER rolls for Normal Sight, Area Effect (4m, +1/4), 10 active points Even that's pretty steep, but a few handy limitations and it's in cantrip territory for a fantasy game, or you can go with the 16m line instead of the area and it's a flashlight.
  6. Building a Light spell is harder than I thought

    The standard build in Hero 6th, at least everywhere I've encountered it including Champions Powers, is the Images build: Game Information: Images to Sight Group, +4 to PER Rolls, Area Of Effect (16m Radius; +¾) (38 Active Points); Only To Create Light (-1). Total cost: 19 points. Which, fine, sure, it gets the job done but sure feels like an "official kludge" to me. GURPS ran up against a similar thing, with people trying to argue over how much energy you needed to Create with the Create power to generate enough light to see by. So they did an official kludge as well and made it a one-point perk. My gut definitely says it should be a Change Environment power for all the reasons folks have listed above, and it was at least as far back as 4th edition, though to be fair Change Environment was super loosey-goosey back then. CHANGE ENVIRONMENT A character with this Standard Power can cause minor changes in the environment. The character could, for example, create light in a certain area, change the temperature, or set up an intense (but non-damaging) magnetic field. But also... Change Environment cannot be used to duplicate existing effects (like Darkness); moreover, it does not have any direct effect on combat. However, Change Environment can be used to affect Power Limitations or character Disadvantages like Susceptibilities. At the GM’s option, Change Environment can have a slight effect on combat (small minuses to PER Rolls, OCVs, etc.), according to the special effect and the exact circumstances. Clear as mud, and essentially boiling down to "ask your GM..."
  7. Building a Light spell is harder than I thought

    Does the "Images to Normal Sight" build take into account the "flashlighting" effect - that is, something outside if your radius you might not be able to see, but by god they can see you and you're a really juicy target for a ranged attack from surprise?
  8. Fantasy Hero Complete Now Available

    I, too, have sung the praises of this (and Champions Complete) far and wide. It's a wonderful distillation of the rules into something more manageable for a newcomer, with les space invested in covering every possible corner case, and a general focus on the specific genre of Fantasy role play. Can't recommend it enough
  9. Genre-crossover nightmares

    Yes, an occasionally interesting and always strongly opinionated blog, if I recall correctly.
  10. Genre-crossover nightmares

    I know I'm late to the party (333 pages!) but has anyone done anything with Dungeons and Drag Queens yet?
  11. What Have You Watched Recently?

    Doctor Who - all seven seasons of the modern edition, over a span of about three weeks. Moments of brilliance in there amongst the still-cheesy monsters and time travel shenanigans.