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  1. Site Upgrade

    For myself, I find that the main page (news) doesn't remember me but as soon as I move to the forums it does. No login required. See if you find the same...
  2. Hi there


    I'm interested in your game, but have never played either PBP or PBEM.


    What are the guidelines for becoming involved?



    1. PhantomGM2602


      go to the club and follow the house rules i've listed on the Team Alpha game board.

      then download your fillable CS that's right below the intro and create your PC using the HERO system.

      join the club and join the campaign by introing your pc.

      That's all oh and enjoy being a Teen hero [make sure you refer to TEEN Champions when you're making your PC]


  3. 2u 4) Change Environment 8" radius, MegaScale (1" = 1 km; +¼) (25 Active Points) 2 What is this supposed to do? make a blinding area?
  4. Dropping an item mid move

    Can someone list the page number of Strafe and in which books one would find it?
  5. Young Strangers

    Good storytelling!!
  6. Brick



    This is Brick from the Vipers Nest adventure from many years ago. Updated to 6th Edition
  7. I redid Brick into 6th. I will find the character file and repost it here. I couldn't figure out how to link the file in this post so I added it to the downloads section.
  8. Traits of an Emerging Powers Campaign

    My current champions game started off with them as science geeks, and we ran a few sessions that turned into a year of play time before they got powers, but they enjoyed that aspectof getting to know who they were!!
  9. CC p210 has Find Weakness as Armor Piercing with an Analyse roll. for 10 CP.
  10. Gravity and Desolid

    Steve Gives a reference to p 218 in SH... What is SH?
  11. And now, for your daily dose of cute...

    "I said... No Croaking!!"
  12. Comments and suggestions on a build

    Or add personal immunity?
  13. We had to walk uphill to school through 3 feet of snow both ways!!!
  14. Magical Base/Sanctum

    Where did you buy the bundle?
  15. Name a RPG system you can't stand.

    Me too. this way you avoid the Lucky rollers over the unlucky ones. So I invoke the newest Apple product... iConcur.